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AMA says AstraZeneca vaccine critical to combat growing Covid-19 Delta outbreak
National Conference starts Wednesday
AMA continues campaign against Honeysuckle Health authorisation
One week until AMA National Conference 2021
National standard for labelling dispensed medicines
AMA calls for stricter lockdown of Greater Sydney region
Government to ease restrictions on telehealth
Additional telehealth support for Australians in COVID-19 hotspots
GP telehealth services reinstated
AMA welcomes decision to allow patients in COVID hotspots access to safer consultations with GPs over phone
AMA calls for more support for GPs in lockdown areas
AMA says federal government can no longer afford to ignore climate emergency
AMA National Conference 2021
COVID-19 Vaccination resources for GPs 15 July
Mandatory reporting of National Immunisation Program vaccines to Australian Immunisation Register commenced on 1 July 2021
Prime Minister to address National Conference
Climate emergency must not be ignored
Doctors must stop being targeted in Myanmar
Telehealth needs to be more than a temporary service
Prime Minister to address AMA National Conference
AMA calls for NSW to keep restrictions in place to protect all Australians
AMA calls for NSW to stay course for all Australians
AMA welcomes National Cabinet roadmap to opening up
COVID-19 Vaccination resources for GPs 8 July
Resource for GPs – small business cyber security guide
AMA secures No Disadvantage Guarantees for all affected BMP/MRBS Opt In Participants
AMA welcomes roadmap on opening up and learning to live safer with COVID
AMA welcomes no-fault indemnity scheme for GPs
AMA provides a clear and consistent voice in a week of confusion
AMA continues to raise concerns about a drift towards US-style managed care
RACMA ‘Leadership for Clinicians Program for AMA Members’
National Conference examines how medicos talk about climate change
National Cabinet adopts AMA proposal for vaccine indemnity
Message from AMA President
Changes to COVID-19 Telehealth Services for GPs from 1 July 2021
COVID-19 Vaccination resources for GPs 1 July
Commencement of Indigenous Dose Administration Aids Program from 1 July 2021
World Health Organization Polioviruses and potentially infectious materials survey 2021 1 July
Guaranteeing Medicare
AMA proposal for vaccine indemnity adopted by National Cabinet
RACS backs AMA calls to block US style managed care coming to Australia
AMA calls for immediate lockdown of Metropolitan Sydney to tackle new COVID strain
‘No disadvantage’ for affected Bonded Medical Program participants
AMA National Conference tackles doctors’ health
AMA redoubles efforts to stop Honeysuckle and nib introducing US-style managed care
New MBS items for GPs involved in COVID-19 vaccine rollout
Update ATAGI advice on administering seasonal influenza vaccine
Resources for GPs from Veterans’ MATES