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New plan is road map for pets and people
Ag-tech heats up at Coolindown
Brain Scan Study: Anxious Dogs Have Different Brains
Backyard feeding aids chickadee survival: Western prof
UBC Zoologist: Acknowledge Climate Change for our Sake
Flamingos Prefer Socially Similar Friends
Aging Population Loses Connections, Cohesion
Robotic bird created to study animal communication
Giant Dinosaur Footprint Found in Yorkshire, Biggest Meat-Eater Yet
Seasonal, Circadian Genes Mapped Across Human Body
Killer whale mums pay high price for raising sons
Killer Whales: Mothers Sacrifice for Sons
Cat Welfare Improved Through Playtime Activities
Playtime is purr-fect for your cat’s welfare
Scientists Analyse Cat Videos to Distinguish Play from Fighting
Australia’s first comprehensive Pet Behaviour Centre launches
Society Undervalues Impact of Zoos
Light pollution disturbs glow and reproduction of glow-worms
Native Beetle Babies: Don’t Kill Curl Grubs in Garden
Social learning is possum-able, world-first research suggests
81 Cats Surrender in Large-Scale Operation Following Warrant Execution
Pet Aggression Influenced by Life, Owner: Study
Invasive rats transform reef fish behaviour
Rats Trigger Changes in Reef Fish Behaviour
Ethics of Animal Research: Multiple Perspectives
Sharp increase in dog attacks on Posties
Genetic research confirms your dog’s breed influences its personality – but so do you
Australian photographers shine at Wildlife Photographer of Year Awards, London
Female monkeys ‘actively reduce’ social network as they age
Extended transition period: ACM40321 – Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training
That siren-imitating lyrebird at Taronga Zoo?
Knowledge of animal behaviour contributes to conservation
Dog is Man’s Best Friend – Are we theirs?
How these 3 neighbourhood ‘pests’ deal with rainy days
Farm safety calendar competition winners from Darling Downs and South West congratulated
Outstanding collection of Joseph Wolf animal drawings at risk of leaving UK
Can pets help solve crimes?
Why our Animal Care Campus will be downsizing it’s onsite acomodation
7 ‘creepy crawlies’ you don’t need to be afraid of this spooky season
Research reveals bumble bees ‘play’
Fairy-wren personalities put to test
Bumblebees revisit favourite flowers as sun sets
Neurodegeneration can be studied long before symptoms arise
Raül Andero receives Leonardo grant from BBVA Foundation
Mapping disease risk at human-wildlife ‘hotspots’
Albury Animal Care Centre receives funding to enhance redevelopment plans
Browse, graze, mate: Food and company help animals in captivity
Family ties give animals reasons to ‘help or harm’ as they age