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Sonac Australia- have your say
Council adopts new Biosecurity Plan
Pony in stable condition after rescue
New agreement with Cumberland Council Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter
Victorians encouraged to bake for a cause this Cupcake Day
Captive breeding brings new hope for Smoky Mouse
Koala sighting highlights benefits of pest animal control
Pet registration renewals are on way
Lyrebirds: nature’s ecosystem engineers
Donors help chronically unwell 13-year-old dog spend her golden years full of love
Council installs signs to help turtles cross road safely
Sea lion with heart trouble receives CT scan at Oregon State University veterinary hospital
Eye of a fly: Researchers reveal secrets of fly vision for rapid flight control
This previously malnourished mum and her tiny pups are almost unrecognisable now
Tahr Control Operational Plan released
RSPCA Victoria prepares for high numbers of kittens this season
Annual check of Kapiti Island traps reveals island is still pest free
NSW border closure no longer acceptable for agriculture
RSPCA Victoria announces new patrons
A neural circuit that makes rodents go into a hibernation-like state found
Chair appointed for Tasmanian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
Governments Help Ontario Food Processors become more Innovative and Competitive
Neurons at laboratory can be integrated into human brain tissue
Bill gets balance right and strengthens cat management
Police charge four with illegal hunting, trespass offences at Walgett
Quokka Birthday expanded as Perth Mint commemorates world’s happiest animal
Art educators develop K-12 arts enrichment website
Changing ties that naturally bind
Increase in Citizen Scientists during COVID-19
Investigation opened into acquisition of Wallace’s North Island rendering assets
CopRice applies for Works Approval
Changes made to winter grazing regs to make implementation more practical
Before Eyes Open, They Get Ready to See
New user-focused guide for establishing or changing levies
Council barking mad at number of dog incidents
Magpie swooping season begins
Responsible Pet Ownership Program Moves Online
Animal grazing reducing biodiversity around world: study
New Online Resources to support Farmers in North Coast
Five tips for using breeding values
Stone tools reveal how island-hopping humans made
RSPCA Victoria issues brief to German Shepherd breeder
How to get started with breeding values
Archaeological discoveries on a remote Indonesian island provide vital clues about people living there 17,000 years
Researchers find way to speed up nerve regrowth for trauma patients
VMD web services will be unavailable from Sat 22 to
Bad behavior isn’t what leads dog and cat owners to relinquish their pets
Court outcomes highlight dog owner responsibilities