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Lost and Found: UH Geologists ‘Resurrect’ Missing Tectonic Plate
Creative Computing Club
Creative Computing Club
Seven new COVID-19 NFB short films premiere online at Curve
Changing attitudes to soil health
Virtual reality training for space exploration
Flinders/CDW shoot to global top
Hailed as a landmark in personal VR storytelling. Randall Okita’s powerful NFB virtual reality production Book
Imperial scientists help artists re-imagine ‘Albertopolis’
Filmmaker Jeff Palmer tells Native Americans’ untold stories
Lack of diversity means box-office blues for Hollywood films, UCLA study shows
National Recycling Week Schools Competition
NFB makes a strong showing at FNC 2020 with five innovative productions and co-productions. Bold works that use
Bluey returns for season 3
Animation to bring clarity to dense breasts
Riddoch films live action VR video clip
My Paintings Speak For Me visits Riddoch
Fully stocked qantas 747 bar carts set to Fly out door
NFB XP lets creators explore and experiment at legendary English Animation Studio in Montreal
Staying safe for 2020/21 swim season – Wollongong
Puppets, animation and song breathe new life into endangered language
New Business Advisory Group collaborating with Council on COVID-19 recovery
Keeping Young Minds Active And Engaged These Holidays
Iwi community hub opens in Murupara
ArtLab to host four nights of open-air cinema
Screen Queensland Announces Support for Virtual and Live Screen Culture Events
Celebrate Granny Smith Festival this October
Surveillance testing set to begin Sept. 3
IAEA Data Animation: Game-Changing Power of Nuclear Energy to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Victorian developers at top of their game as Film Victoria announces recipients of latest games funding
FSU film school ranks as one of best in nation 27 August
UConn Avery Point Offers Open Air Art and Film Exhibition
Young filmmaker’s light vision catches judges’ votes
Young filmmakers get a chance to show their talents
Canadian lockdown stories unlocked-40 NFB creators give a voice to millions. NFB presents Curve
Universal Filmed Entertainment Group and Microsoft Azure announce partnership to accelerate live-action
Solving puzzle of a previously unseen pathogen
Found in translation: jewellery design that tells a cross-cultural narrative
Out of isolation came forth light – art for today goes on show at major exhibitions
Six teams to Skip Ahead with Screen Australia and Google Australia
Agence brings storytelling, AI and interactivity to Venice Film Festival. Transitional Forms/NFB co-production
Simulating crash into asteroid reveals its heavy metal psyche
Sleep researcher Matthew Walker wins Carl Sagan science prize
Screen Australia announces development funding for 42 projects
Spin Wave Detective Story Redux: NIST Researchers Find More Surprising Behavior in a 2D Magnet
Recipients Announced for FNQ Screen Industry Mentorships
Nät av potatisskal kan ge mer ålgräs
In August, even more new works will be available free on Get set for world premiere of interactive story…