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Live antibiotic resistance news and developments with the latest updates. Check out current antibiotic resistance news stories and find out what happened, what is going on with antibiotic resistance. Recent news updates about antibiotic resistance
Björn Olsen on coronavirus: “We need smart strategies”
Metals could be link to new antibiotics
Novel compound sparks new malaria treatment hope
Metals could be link to new antibiotics
Lab-free infection test could eliminate guesswork for doctors
New research demonstrates safety of phage therapy in patients
Artificial intelligence yields new antibiotic
Pediatric researchers in Montreal unite to tackle infection and immunity on two different fronts
Hot topics in UW Medicine science at AAAS meeting
Second antibiotic no advantage for treating super-bug Golden Staph
Bacteriophages may play a role in childhood stunting… and be able to help treat it
Change Agent: Paul Plummer
Study: Urgent care, ER physicians overprescribing antibiotics for dental issues
Researchers discover new strategy in fight against antibiotic resistance
Next generation wound gel treats and prevents infections
Majority of children needlessly avoid common antibiotics
Physical forces affect bacteria’s toxin resistance, study finds
Think you’re allergic to penicillin? Maybe not any more
Cluster of drug-resistant gut bacteria found in gay men
Bacterial Lifestyle Alters Evolution of Drug Resistance
Limited oversight of antimicrobial use in aged care puts all Australians at risk
A Lego-Like Approach to Improve Nature’s Own Ability to Kill Dangerous Bacteria
EW Nutrition, Awarded 2019 Outstanding Contribution Award for Reducing Antibiotic Resistance
Better tests needed for urinary tract infections
Finding weakness in bacterial protein to fight anti-biotic resistance