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Leading digital health researcher awarded MBE in Queen’s Birthday Honours List
Research by Dstl supports race to improve antibiotics
National honour for Australia’s first Aboriginal surgeon
U.S. FDA Approves PREVNAR 20, Pfizer’s Pneumococcal 20-valent Conjugate Vaccine for Adults Ages 18 Years or Older
Trained viruses prove more effective at fighting antibiotic resistance
From meat-production to urinary tract infections
Vigorous political efforts needed for new antibiotics
Antibiotics no help for mysterious lung-scarring disease, large trial finds
Future Pandemic? Consider Radically Altering Animal Agriculture Practices
Bacterium causing rabbit fever remains virulent for months in cold water
Weill Cornell study: New species are all around us
Fight Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Has a Glowing New Weapon
Increase in antibiotic-resistant E.coli infections
How antibiotic-filled poop helps ‘bessbug’ beetles stay healthy
Imperial launches a new era of digital chemistry
Pfizer Initiates Study Exploring Coadministration of Its 20-valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Candidate Along With a Third Dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
Kwon named committee vice chair by epidemiology society
In slow motion against antibiotic resistance
Research reveals ancient people had more diverse gut microorganisms
Ancient gut microbiomes may offer clues to modern diseases
Findings reveal insights about evolution of gut microbes in response to diet and environment
UK to lead way on animal welfare through flagship new Action Plan
Improving smoking cessation counseling and blood pressure quality metrics in primary care
New material can protect against resistant bacteria
NSW jobs surging to full health
Molecular tweezers that attack antibiotic resistant bacteria developed by Ben-Gurion U
Finding alternatives to traditional antibiotics aim of $11 million grant
Rooted tree key to understanding bacterial evolution, new study suggests
Awards & Accolades 6 May
Fundamental regulation mechanism of proteins discovered
Testing tool can quickly distinguish between viral and bacterial infections
‘Last resort’ antibiotic pops bacteria like balloons
UN Deputy Secretary-General launches new Global Development Hub at Imperial
EMBL and Tara Ocean Foundation sail forward with formalised cooperation
Vaccinated Europeans now outnumber those infected by COVID, but ‘threat remains present’
Rapid evolution and host immunity drive rise and fall of antibiotic resistance during acute infection
Using nanobodies to block a tick-borne bacterial infection
Better corona tests with CRISPR
Volunteers’ vital role in ‘scooping poop’ for science
NIAID grants $11 million to Emory for investigating stealthy form of antibiotic resistance
Antibiotics protect apples from fire blight, but do they destroy native microbiome?
Toothache sufferers turn to antibiotics for ‘cure’ on social media
Continued support for Uppsala Antibiotic Center in fight against antibiotic resistance
Drug development platform could provide flexible, rapid and targeted antimicrobials
Helping Iraq’s Ministry of Health battle antimicrobial resistance
Grants to fund research into antibiotic-resistant bacteria, bio-powered fuel cells
Global shortage of innovative antibiotics fuels emergence and spread of drug-resistance
Good dental health may help prevent heart infection from mouth bacteria