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Bird droppings carry risk of antibiotic resistance
New understanding of immune cells could help us fight infection without antibiotics
New technique in which drugs make bacteria glow could help fight antibiotic resistance
Cleaning tips from a chemist who researches disinfectants
Global deal follows UQ superbug drug discoveries
China: New Project to Reduce Risks of Emerging Infectious Diseases through a Multisectoral Approach
Funding for research of antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis
New technique for engineering living materials and patterns
Revealed: how cancer develops resistance to treatment
UVA Creates Important New Tool for Developing COVID-19 Treatments, Vaccines
Record number of countries contribute data revealing disturbing rates of antimicrobial resistance
Bacteria breakthrough could lead to new biomaterials
Scientists identify chemicals in noxious weed that ‘disarm’ deadly bacteria
Insight into mechanism of treatment-resistant gonorrhea sets stage for new antibiotics
Why Phototherapy Will Be Next Frontier in Combating Antibiotic Resistance
Study finds some reductions in community antibiotic resistant infections and dispensing
Four new projects announced for National Drug Discovery Centre
Light drives injection
Plasma medicine research highlights antibacterial effects and potential uses
State-of-the-art imaging method provides new insights into how bacteria move and exchange genetic information
No new cases of COVID-19 5 May
New insight into bacterial surface architecture revealed
MIT conference reveals power of using artificial intelligence to discover new drugs
Researchers look to ‘trap and zap’ coronavirus
Researchers reveal mechanisms behind a natural bacteria killer
‘Directing’ evolution to identify potential drugs
Now metal surfaces can be instant bacteria killers, thanks to new laser treatment technique
FRQS to fund new structural biology centre at McGill University
Lifestyle trumps geography in determining makeup of gut microbiome
Highly topical training in infection control and hospital hygiene
Graphite nanoplatelets on medical devices kill bacteria and prevent infections
UWA set to fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Getting back to chemistry basics: How simple soap saves lives
Nanostructured rubber-like material with optimal properties could replace human tissue
Researchers working on mastitis test that could save milk producers millions
Björn Olsen on coronavirus: “We need smart strategies”
Metals could be link to new antibiotics
Novel compound sparks new malaria treatment hope
Metals could be link to new antibiotics
Lab-free infection test could eliminate guesswork for doctors
New research demonstrates safety of phage therapy in patients
Artificial intelligence yields new antibiotic
Pediatric researchers in Montreal unite to tackle infection and immunity on two different fronts
Hot topics in UW Medicine science at AAAS meeting
Second antibiotic no advantage for treating super-bug Golden Staph
Bacteriophages may play a role in childhood stunting… and be able to help treat it
Change Agent: Paul Plummer
Study: Urgent care, ER physicians overprescribing antibiotics for dental issues