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DNA test can quickly identify pneumonia in patients with severe COVID-19, aiding faster treatment
Superbugs have an arsenal of defences – but we’ve found a new way around them
Antibiotic resistance from random DNA sequences
Where antibiotic resistance comes from
Response to infection therapy better understood thanks to a new technique
Like investors, bacteria, viruses and cancer cells hedge their bets
With COVID-19 exacerbating threat of superbugs, researchers ID new weapon
With COVID exacerbating superbug threat, researchers ID new weapon to fight them
‘Trojan horse’ bacteria could help defeat antibiotic-resistant infections
Institute for Glycomics awarded $2.66 million in NHMRC funding
Bateman, Diamond, Hultgren named to National Academy of Inventors
Cutting edge Nobel tool in practice at Chalmers
Open-source toolkit helps developing countries meet demand for COVID-19 research and diagnostics
AI now sees and hears COVID in your lungs
Cell Membranes in Super Resolution
New lab-on-chip infection test could give cheaper, faster portable diagnostics
New FDI white paper tackles important issue of antibiotic resistance
Experimental evolution reveals how bacteria gain drug resistance
University Seeks Applicants for Two Research Seed-Funding Programs
Pet owners have a role in fight to preserve life-saving drugs
Alzheimer’s disease drug may help fight against antibiotic resistance
Presidential Message on Antibiotic Awareness Week, 2020
‘A threat greater than Covid’ – why we should be paying more attention to antimicrobial resistance
UK veterinary antibiotics sales among lowest levels recorded in Europe
Rapid testing for antibiotic resistance
Antibiotic resistance makes infections harder to treat
Dairy cows exposed to heavy metals worsen antibiotic-resistant pathogen crisis
Light shed on atomic resolution structure of phage DNA tube – a methodological milestone
Could SARS-CoV-2 evolve resistance to COVID-19 vaccines?
Algorithm reduces use of riskier antibiotics for UTIs
Scientists reveal an antirheumatic metallodrug drug can resurrect “last-resort” antibiotics to kill multi-drug
Helping Public Understand Science
Life Solved returns for new series
Research to examine antibiotic treatment for sepsis in Covid-19
Cardiff University-led study into antibiotic use wins research paper of year
Scientists pave way to reducing antibiotic resistance build-up in waterways
Animal health research boost for University of Calgary
Future-proofing Townsville against wastewater contaminants
Inexpensive and rapid testing of drugs for resistant infections possible
Drug-resistant bacteria responsible for Yaws comeback revealed by genomic data
Three from MIT receive National Health Institute Awards
There’s a reason bacteria stay in shape
A synthetic vaccine against meningococcus
A synthetic vaccine against meningococcus
A route to better antibiotics: understanding ‘stressed bacteria’
Something old, something new combine for effective vaccine against parasitic skin disease
Genome of Alexander Fleming’s original penicillin-producing mould sequenced
Optimising gut health helps to prevent antibiotic resistance