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Combination Therapy Treats Vancomycin-Resistant Bacterial Infections
Emory innovators step into spotlight
Immune System Could Lessen TB Antibiotic Use
Bacteria Cell Division Halted By Blocked Wall Formation
France Reports Extensively Drug-Resistant Shigella Strain Emergence
Funding Boost Advances Hope for Sepsis Breakthrough
Designing more useful bacteria
Bypassing antibiotic resistance with combination of drugs
Team Raises £2M to Speed Up Antibiotic Prescriptions
New Method to Rapidly Test Virus Proteins for Antibiotic Potential
Rice labs seek RNA programming for ‘smart’ antibiotics
SMART researchers create new therapy for vancomycin-resistant infections
Pitt Lab’s Study on Phage Attacks
Harmful bacteria can elude predators when in mixed colonies
Research: EHR Interventions Reduce Unnecessary Urine Cultures in Hospitals
Crocodiles could save us from deadly infections
Evolutionary Thinking Transforms Medicine: Anti-Antibiotics to Extinction Therapy
Superbugs: Can We Stop Climate Change Before We’re in Danger?
Prizes for biomedical research in Lake Geneva region
Limit Livestock Antibiotics to Curb Human Resistant Infections
FDA Grants Pfizer’s RSV Vaccine Candidate Priority Review
Could ChatGPT replace GPs in infection consulting scenarios?
Doxycycline Ineffective in Preventing STIs for Women
Plasmids – host manipulation discovery challenges biology textbooks
Bacteria communicate like us – and we could use this to help address antibiotic resistance
Catastrophic Rise in Antibiotic Resistance Due to Iraq Conflict
Decades of Iraq War Fuel Catastrophic Rise in Antibiotic Resistance
Bacteria Chatting Like Humans Could Combat Antibiotic Resistance
UN Urges Global Pandemic Warning System: GA Hears Call
Synthetic Compartments Block Antibiotic Resistance Gene Sharing
AlphaFold AI Uncovers New 3D Proteins with Open Data
Novel method to design new peptide therapeutics pioneered
Esteemed Ludwig Scientific Advisor Christopher Walsh Dies at 79
Synthetic Compartments Block Antibiotic Resistance Gene Spread
Structure of Protein Unveils Mechanism of Antibiotic Resistance DNA Replication
How bacteria compete in gut of newborns
Silver Nanoparticles Show Potential vs. Antibiotic Resistance
Common antidepressants can increase antibiotic resistance
EU Gives £1.76m to Strengthen Antibiotic Effectiveness
New study into Tuberculosis membrane molecules will aid drug delivery
Lack of investment leads to sewage overflows, research reveals
Bacteria Recycling Made Easier with New Transporter
New spray fights infections and antibiotic resistance
Spray Fights Infections, Antibiotic Resistance: Study
Testing Enterobacter Species for Antibiotic Resistance Targeted
Soil Life Keeps City Parks & Gardens Thriving
Aston University Builds First-Ever Complete Virus Model
£1.6m Project Aims to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Infections in Post-Pandemic World