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Cardiff University-led study into antibiotic use wins research paper of year
Scientists pave way to reducing antibiotic resistance build-up in waterways
Animal health research boost for University of Calgary
Future-proofing Townsville against wastewater contaminants
Inexpensive and rapid testing of drugs for resistant infections possible
Drug-resistant bacteria responsible for Yaws comeback revealed by genomic data
Three from MIT receive National Health Institute Awards
There’s a reason bacteria stay in shape
A synthetic vaccine against meningococcus
A synthetic vaccine against meningococcus
A route to better antibiotics: understanding ‘stressed bacteria’
Something old, something new combine for effective vaccine against parasitic skin disease
Genome of Alexander Fleming’s original penicillin-producing mould sequenced
Optimising gut health helps to prevent antibiotic resistance
Customizable Synthetic Antibiotic Outmaneuvers Resistant Bacteria
Safe thresholds for antibiotics in sewage needed to help combat antibiotic resistance
Three LUF grants for talented Leiden Science researchers
Leap Forward in Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance
Discovery of natural compound may help fend off antibiotic resistance of hard-to-treat infections
Honey better than usual care for easing respiratory symptoms, especially cough
Discovery promising for millions at risk from antibiotic resistance
SA Tall Poppies pursue a prescription for safer aged care
A novel strategy for using compounds as ‘anti-evolution’ drugs to combat antibiotic resistance
AI May Offer a Better Way to ID Drug-Resistant Superbugs
NTU Singapore develops peptide that makes drug-resistant bacteria sensitive to antibiotics again
Company Co-Founded by Caltech Researcher to Participate in COVID-Testing Push
UConn Researcher to Lead New Sustainable Poultry Production Project
Medieval medicine remedy could provide new treatment for modern day infections
Genetic mutations help MRSA to become highly resistant to antibiotics
ASM Microbe Online 2020 Press Room
Scientists discover key to restricting antibiotic resistant bacteria
New cell profiling method could speed TB drug discovery
Beautyberry leaf extract restores drug’s power to fight ‘superbug’
Changes in senior roles at EMBL
Tackling COVID-19: Professor Gordon Dougan
Bird droppings carry risk of antibiotic resistance
New understanding of immune cells could help us fight infection without antibiotics
New technique in which drugs make bacteria glow could help fight antibiotic resistance
Cleaning tips from a chemist who researches disinfectants
Global deal follows UQ superbug drug discoveries
China: New Project to Reduce Risks of Emerging Infectious Diseases through a Multisectoral Approach
Funding for research of antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis
New technique for engineering living materials and patterns
Revealed: how cancer develops resistance to treatment
UVA Creates Important New Tool for Developing COVID-19 Treatments, Vaccines
Record number of countries contribute data revealing disturbing rates of antimicrobial resistance
Bacteria breakthrough could lead to new biomaterials
Scientists identify chemicals in noxious weed that ‘disarm’ deadly bacteria