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Scientists confirm bacteria’s genetic ‘Swiss army knife’ is key driver of antibiotic resistance
A safer way to deploy bacteria as environmental sensors
Microbes are perhaps more manageable than we thought
Teaching young people about antibiotic resistance raises dilemmas
Globetrotters spread super bacteria more than assumed
Feeding superbugs: Why we need to wash our hands of antibacterial soaps
What is Mycoplasma genitalium, common STI you’ve probably never heard of
Researchers discover bacteria can make DNA using urine
How bacterial traffic jams lead to antibiotic-resistant, multilayer biofilms
Evolved to Stop Bacteria, Designed for Stability
Stressed-Out Bacteria Provide Insights to Antibiotic Resistance
2021 J G Russell awardees receive funding to further support their research
New model can predict how bacteria develop antibiotic resistance
Fighting antibiotic resistance through new diagnostics
Study unravels antibiotic resistance in MRSA ‘superbug’ infections
European Medicines Agency Accepts Pfizer’s Marketing Authorization Application for Its Investigational 20-valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine for Adults 18 Years
Single mutation set off recent COVID-19 variants expansion
Belowground biodiversity in motion
Scientists use Doppler to peer inside cells, leading to better, faster diagnoses and treatments of infections
Exposure to superbacteria among visitors to tropics proved much more extensive than previously thought
Mouse study shows bacteriophage therapy could fight drug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae
Reflecting on allyship as women in science
Two low-tech solutions making healthcare strides in Tanzania
Metabolic mutations help bacteria resist drug treatment
Antibiotic tolerance study paves way for new treatments
Grant to help fill gaps in how livestock manure management affects antibiotic resistance
Hospital wastewater favors multi-resistant bacteria
A new tool to investigate bacteria behind hospital infections
Copying Foreign Genes Helps Bacteria Withstand Test of Time
New nano-weapon against resistant bacteria
John Innes Centre research attracts global health charity funding
Toxin-antitoxin function fuels antibiotic-resistance research
Detecting trace amounts of multiple classes of antibiotics in foods
As More Bacteria Grow Resistant to Antibiotics, Scientists are Fighting Back
New theory about spread of antibiotic resistance
Research establishes antibiotic potential for cannabis molecule
DNA test can quickly identify pneumonia in patients with severe COVID-19, aiding faster treatment
Superbugs have an arsenal of defences – but we’ve found a new way around them
Antibiotic resistance from random DNA sequences
Where antibiotic resistance comes from
Response to infection therapy better understood thanks to a new technique
Like investors, bacteria, viruses and cancer cells hedge their bets
With COVID-19 exacerbating threat of superbugs, researchers ID new weapon
With COVID exacerbating superbug threat, researchers ID new weapon to fight them
‘Trojan horse’ bacteria could help defeat antibiotic-resistant infections
Institute for Glycomics awarded $2.66 million in NHMRC funding
Bateman, Diamond, Hultgren named to National Academy of Inventors
Cutting edge Nobel tool in practice at Chalmers