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Research: Analgesics’ Effectiveness for Low Back Pain Unclear
Research: Caution Advised for Analgesic Use for Low Back Pain
Risk Factors Differ for Dementia-Related Depression
Exercise Lowers Suicide Risk in Ill: uOttawa Study
Antidepressants Help Stop Cocaine Use in Opioid Treatment
Psychedelic Therapies Require Secure Billing, Coding System
Think Before Going Off Antidepressants: Considerations to Make
Ketamine could be effective treatment for cocaine-use disorders
How Common is Depression After Stroke?
Ketamine could be effective treatment for cocaine-use disorders
Neurosteroid Deficits Linked to Depression
New Automated Tool Developed for Drug Detection: Researchers
5 Reasons Why Your Medicine May Be Making You Hotter This Summer
Antidepressants used for chronic pain on rise, but are they effective?
Medicare Reforms to Enhance Access & Reduce Costs for Patients
RACGP: Medicare Reforms to Boost Access, Lower Costs for Patients
Antidepressants use for chronic pain on rise, but are they effective?
Antidepressants Ineffective for Many Pain Conditions
Antidepressants for Chronic Pain: How Effective?
Common antidepressants can increase antibiotic resistance
Sleep Meds Linked to Increased Dementia Risk
Columbia Researchers Link Serotonin to Heart Valve Disease
Not just mood swings but premenstrual depression
ACP: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Antidepressants for MDD in Adults
Common Antidepressants Linked to Emotional Blunting: Study
Overdose Deaths Don’t Spike with Prescribing Ease for Buprenorphine
AI Could Help Ensure Safer Prescribing for People with ID and Epilepsy
Researchers Show Serotonin Can Contribute to Heart Valve Disease
Experts Urge Education, Surveillance Over Gov’t Regulation for Benzodiazepines
Blood Pressure Drug May Treat PTSD: Promising Results
6 amazing scientific achievements at Imperial in 2022
MIT Merges Storytelling and Tech with Conquered
Antidepressants, Infection in Pregnancy Linked to Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Mother’s Antidepressant Use, Plus Infection, Linked to Neurodevelopmental Disorders
UCLA-developed soft brain probe could be boon for depression research
Inflammation may explain antidepressants’ link to preterm birth
Support Found for Serotonin Deficit in Depression
Physician, heal thyself?
Patients with treatment resistant depression at higher risk of death
Patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression at Increased Mortality Risk
Scientists Warn of Poor Understanding of Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy
Pepper Center Study to Help Seniors Avoid Financial Fraud and Prolong their Autonomy and Independence
ADHD medication for amphetamine addiction linked to reduced risk of hospitalisation and death
ADHD medication for amphetamine addiction linked to reduced risk of hospitalization and death
Potential new lead compounds for treatment of depression and anxiety disorders
How Do SSRIs Like Prozac, Lexapro Really Work? Ask Fruit Fly
How Do SSRI Antidepressants Really Work? Ask Fruit Fly in Jill Venton’s Lab
Air Force reservist goes to ED with stomach pain, wakes up month and 12 surgeries later