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Creating and studying radioactive molecules advances nuclear structure and fundamental symmetry studies
Quarks and antiquarks at high momentum shake foundations of visible matter
In trap: New method for cooling charged particles
Cool new technique allows easier measurements of key particle property
Two-trap cooling promises antimatter precision
Successful installation of CMS Pixel Tracker
Making sense of cosmos
Antimatter from laser pincers
Two dark matter detector heavyweights join forces to build new observatory
Leading xenon researchers unite to build next-generation dark matter detector
NWO-Vidi grants worth €800,000 for 13 UvA researchers
New clues to why there’s so little antimatter in universe
From antimatter to heavy isotopes, data-taking in physics facilities is resuming at CERN
Hunting for big game in physics with a small trap
Bevatron Site Recognized for Historical Contributions to Physics
LHCb measures tiny mass difference between particles
Why LHC magnets are blue – and other colourful accelerator questions answered
AMS, a decade of cosmic discoveries
ALPHA cools antimatter using laser light for first time
Canadian-built laser chills antimatter to near absolute zero for first time
Radioactive Molecules May Help Solve Mystery of Missing Antimatter
CERN approves two new experiments to transport antimatter
New result from LHCb experiment challenges leading theory in physics
Doubling creation of antimatter using same laser energy
A look into mysteries of proton structure and dynamics of antiquarks and gluons
Study finds unexpected antimatter asymmetry in proton
Lack of symmetry in qubits can’t fix errors in quantum computing, but might explain matter/antimatter imbalance
AEgIS on track to test free fall of antimatter
A new tool in search for axions
Compelling evidence of neutrino process opens physics possibilities
BASE opens up new possibilities in search for cold dark matter
Light-controlled Higgs modes found in superconductors; potential sensor, computing uses
Physicists get closer to examining symmetries underlying our universe
90 Years of Neutrino Science
A New Data Milestone for CUORE Experiment in Italy
A transportable antiproton trap to unlock secrets of antimatter
Vreeswijk appointed Professor of Experimental Physics
CERN activities capture public’s interest at “Fête de la science”
LS2 report: waiting for antiprotons
Seven new COVID-19 NFB short films premiere online at Curve
Greene wins APS’s Bonner Prize for Nuclear Physics
LHCb sees new form of matter-antimatter asymmetry in strange beauty particles
Timing life of antimatter particles may lead to better cancer treatment
CERN meets quantum technology
Big Answers from Tiny Particles
Nondestructive positron beams probe damage, support safety advances in radiation environments
Scientists Successfully Demonstrate a New Experiment in Search for Theorized ‘Neutrinoless’ Process
Particle physicists update strategy for future of field in Europe