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No “one size fits all” solution to treating early psychosis
Bad batches of bipolar and epilepsy drug are being distributed in Australia
Trends in antiepileptic, antipsychotic, and opioid prescribing to nursing home residents with dementia
Research pinpoints genetic mechanism linking brain chemical to schizophrenia
Treatment resistance in mental health under microscope
Schizophrenia may increase dementia risk by 2.5 times
LSD-like molecules counter depression without trip
Dementia rates over 20% higher among black adults than UK average
Anti-diarrhea medication may help treat core autism symptoms
Psychotic symptoms in kids may have genetic cause, reveals study
Could ‘virtual nurses’ be answer to aged care staffing woes?
Cells that control hunger affect brain structure and function
New study provides greater insight into Australians living with younger onset dementia
South Australian Psychiatrists are Asking if Restraint Should be Used to Give Forced Electroshock
Pictures speak louder than words: pioneering psychosis therapy trial launches
Smell of food blocks life extending effect of restricted diet. These drugs may unblock it
Take herbal supplements with dose of caution
New advances in brain region targeting may support future research in treating visual hallucinations
How our brain’s sensorimotor processing areas could flag psychosis risk
Ticking time-bomb of diabetes
Genetically determined levels of inflammation linked to neuropsychiatric illness
Quality costs more. Very few aged care facilities deliver high quality care while also making a profit
How does weight gain from antipsychotic medications affect patients?
Review highlights risk factors associated with violence in schizophrenia
Postnatal psychosis is rare, but symptoms can be brushed aside as ‘normal’ for a new mum
New research aims to make prescribing of medication safer for people in prison
3 Teens with Covid Developed Sudden Severe Psychiatric Symptoms. Why?
Research reveals long-term injectable medications combined with counseling improves adherence and symptoms
Breakthrough PBS listings to benefit thousands of Australians
Improving Australia’s mental health system
Fragile X syndrome: human brain organoids model disorder more closely than mice
Machine learning approach for predicting risk of schizophrenia using blood test
Lipidomics research provides clues for drug resistance in schizophrenia
Specialist Dementia Care for Severe Behaviours
FDA-Approved Schizophrenia and Bipolar I Disorder Treatment Includes Compound Discovered at Rensselaer
Young Adults with Schizophrenia Have Highest Suicide Risk
New study shows flies mutant for schizophrenia-associated genes respond well to anti-psychotics
Long-term care infrastructure must be re-imagined in a post-pandemic world
COVID-19 pandemic leads to rapid uptake of remote consultations in mental healthcare
Every older Australian to be protected by a pharmacist: now is time for action
Protein sequences provide clues to how SARS-CoV-2 infects cells
More reliable pain diagnosis tools needed in people with dementia
Can Early Drug Intervention Prevent Weight Gain in Mentally Ill Children?
No, your birth control won’t cause depression
Prescriptions of Antipsychotic Medications in Young Children is Declining
Woman’s difficult final days inspire trial testing CBD and THC as end-of-life treatment
New UB-IDIBAPS study on origins of autoimmune psychosis
Antipsychotics for Treating Adult Depression Linked with Higher Mortality