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Antipsychotics Effective Beyond Brain, Impact Whole Body
Psychiatric Medications Have Effect Below Neck
Antidepressant Withdrawal Study Overlooks Long-Term User Risks
Antipsychotic Drug Breakthrough Curbs Weight Gain
Nightmares May Predict Autoimmune Disease Flare-Up: Study
Nightmares May Signal Autoimmune Disease Flare-Up: Study
Augmented Brain Stimulation Suggested for Major Depression
Racial Inequity in Dementia Diagnosis, Drug Use: USC Study
New Standard Bolsters Mindful Use of Psychotropics for Cognitive Impairments
Managing Risks in Emergency Maternal-Fetal Health Care
Trial Successfully Reduces Antipsychotic Prescriptions for Elderly
Underserved Area Nursing Homes Overuse Antipsychotics
Dementia Patients At Risk From Antipsychotic Drugs
Dementia Antipsychotics Linked to Higher Harms Than Thought
Dementia Antipsychotics More Harmful Than Once Believed
Dementia Antipsychotics Cause More Damage Than Reported
Dementia Antipsychotics Found More Harmful Than Thought
Stanford Study: Two Critical Brain Systems Linked to Psychosis
HKUMed Platforms Swiftly Detect Covid Impact, Find Therapies
HKUMed's Tech Tracks Covid Impact, Identifies Therapies
Research: Ketogenic Diet Enhances Mental Illness Recovery
Hospice Care Fails to Meet Dementia Patients' End-of-Life Needs
Predicting Child Weight Gain from Second-Gen Anti-Psych Meds
Research Calms Fears Over Antipsychotics During Pregnancy
Research Urges Policy Overhaul in Antipsychotic Drug Control
Cognitive Issues Vary in Newly Diagnosed Psychosis Patients
Probing Gut-Brain Link in Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia
EBRAINS Project Pursues Personalised Mental Health Treatments
Bowes Biomedical Investigator Targets Cellular Communication Code
Risks of Mixing Alcohol with Certain Medications
2024 US Elections: Human Rights Perspective
Antipsychotic Shots Tied to Reduced Hospital Readmissions
Anti-Psychotic Meds Cause Heart Rhythm Disorders in 10% Patients
Antipsychotic Use Requires Vigilant Cardiac Risk Monitoring: Doctors
AI-Generated Clinical Predictive Models Show Specificity, Accuracy
Clinical Prediction Models Struggle with Trial Data Generalization
Quest for personalized medicine hits snag
Personalized Medicine Quest Encounters Setback
Understanding Insight's Role in OCD Treatment and Neuroimaging
Unraveling Crucial Receptor in Substance Use, Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Doctors Warn About Dangers of Trip-Killers for Drug Users
Doctors Warn of Trip-Killers Risk Amid Emergence of Bad Drug Trips
Peer Support Crucial for Severe Mental Illness Medication: Study
Risky increase in antipsychotic drugs for children
Clozapine blood tests can be reduced after two years
King's College, Partner for Advanced Brain Cell Models
Scientists Reveal How Meth Binds to Brain Receptor TAAR1
WHO Updates Treatment Guidelines for Mental, Neurological Conditions