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AFWERX Seeks to Invest, Innovate at Yokota AB
UK Invites International Partners to Improve Info Sharing
Dentists must also be trained in patient encounters
3D-printed revolving devices can sense how they are moving
Freo’s newest creative corridor
NICE Council Meeting Recap
Spark Tank 2023 Finalists Showcased at AFA Symposium
KAIST Researchers Develop Tech for Ultrahigh-Resolution LED Production
Weld Australia Urges Govt to Boost Women’s Workforce Participation
Phone-based Measurements Provide Fast, Accurate Info on Forest Health
Phone-Based Measurements Offer Quick, Accurate Forest Health Data
What is the future of book publishing?
Festival of Digital Play Explores Tech Opportunities & Challenges
Townsville TAFE to offer renewable energy training
Augmented Reality Offers Real-Time Needle Guidance for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Researchers uncover physical limitation in haptic holography
Bright Sparks Invited to Illuminate NT Science Week
Calling all bright sparks to light up NT National Science Week
Augmented reality headset enables users to see hidden objects
Canada Funds Tourist Recovery in SW Ontario
Visit Barracks to Take Trip Back in Time
Smart Contact Lens Enables AR-Based Navigation: Researchers
Canada Backs Rejuvenated Toronto Holocaust Museum
Extreme Reality Telemetry for First Responders
CityU Develops Wireless E-Skin for Virtual Touch Communication
Voting Begins for Air Force Spark Tank 2023 Finalists
Explore edible insects at free SA pop-up events
Upskill on biosecurity with new digital tool
Vodafone sets new 5G high-speed score at Sydney Cricket Ground
Murdoch University unveils world-class Boola Katitjin building
Optus, Ericsson Showcase 5G Network at Tech Day
Researchers Pioneer Process to Stack Micro-LEDs
U-M launches three XR-enhanced courses
More homework needed to fix ag’s workforce crisis
3D printed bug to raise awareness of invasion threat
Artificial Skin: Can it Outperform Human Sensors?
New funding for Tech Central research
Landmark Report: Interoperability, Value Creation Key for Future Metaverse
Turning robots into skilled waiters
Nanowire LEDs to Power AR, VR Displays?
App Explores Bristol Sites Linked to Enslavement History Through Art
Meta-Optics: Disruptive Tech on Horizon
2023: What’s Ahead in Work, Love & More
Research improves robot/human relations using augmented reality
Top 5 NIST PSCR Articles of 2022
CityU Researchers Create Wireless Skin VR for Vivid Virtual Touch
Pilbara RED Grants to diversify regional economy 14 December
“Google Earth on steroids” gives a boost to urban development