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Misheard ATC instruction resulted in Airbus A380 turning left instead of right
Elevated CO levels likely resulted in shark patrol crew’s partial incapacitation
ATSB investigation into Serpentine light aircraft accident to examine engine, propeller and fuel system components
Low-altitude marine operations contributes to fatigue cracking and engine failure on take-off
Post-training supervision of powerline stringing pilot ineffective
Men escape helicopter crash with minor injuries at Orange
Pilot likely became spatially disorientated after encountering poor weather
ATSB continuing investigation into Ballina separation occurrence
Kakadu helicopter accident highlights importance of maintenance inspections and need for effective management of risks
R44 helicopter’s main rotor struck fuselage in flight, preliminary report details
Increased workload, time pressures contribute to runway incursion incident
Aviation incident, Porcupine
Helicopter operator addressing one problem inadvertently created another
Engine flame-out following fuel flow regulator failure resulted
Ambiguous temporary airport works lighting contributes to night landing runway undershoot
Unclear communications lead train driver to enter track danger zone without sufficient worksafe protections
Hawkesbury floatplane accident highlights insidious danger of CO exposure
Road coach struck by freight train after stopping foul of tracks on level crossing
Emergency landing at Parafield Airport, South Australia
Unsecured insulation blanket results in pressurisation warning and emergency descent
Overgrowth contributes to helicopter tail rotor strike on landing
Out of gauge freight train wagon damages platforms
Controlled flight into terrain accident near Coffs Harbour highlights importance of pilot and flight preparation
ATSB releases progress update from on-going investigation into Carcaor collision with terrain accident
Freight train derailment leads to improvements in rollingstock inspection and maintenance
Undetected empty wagon leads to derailment and collision between coal trains
Repaired engine component contributes to engine failure and forced landing incident
Mud hole, hot weather contributes to freight train wagon derailment
ATR flight crew inadvertently lines up and commences take-off roll on incorrect runway
Freight train’s dislodged steel jumbo coil highlights risks of track obstructions
Overcharged light right vehicle battery
Two die after helicopter crashes – Southern Highlands
Uncommanded Trent 1000 engine shutdown on descent into Perth due to a blocked inlet filter
Light aircraft crash at Stanley
Two people die in light plane crash – Central West
Aviation Occurrence Statistics report update
Don’t cross it, stop it. Stop bars are now in use at five capital city airports around Australia
Government agencies jointly support Airport Safety Week
Training aircraft enters steep dive during pitch trim demonstration
Automatically raising alarms when aircraft approach and land without warning
Sudden control input to prevent overspeed results in injuries to cabin crew
Police investigating after plane crash at Cootamundra
In-flight break-up of high-altitude pseudo-satellite UAV
ATSB welcomes appointment of new Commissioner
Australian Government welcomes aboard new ATSB Rail Commissioner
Weather, aircraft performance and operating procedures among areas of focus for on-going C-130 large air tanker
Applications now open for Graduate Certificate in Transport Safety
Uncommanded engine shutdown highlights importance of clear and unambiguous maintenance procedures