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Austrian Research Association Honors Wolfgang Lutz with Science Prize
Muscle Health Needs Lipid Synthesis
New Technique to Measure, Understand Multidirectional Polarization
Data Linking Can Benefit Nations: Study
Africa’s Youth Boost Climate Resilience Through Innovation
Project Improving Alpine Hut Sustainability Successful
Caffeine Molecule Linked to Gut Health Benefits
New Technique Streamlines Word List Creation
How microbiomes are influencing our planet’s health
University of Vienna Awarded Cluster of Excellence on Planetary Health
Safety Gate: Chemicals Top Health Hazards List for Non-Foods
Three Clusters of Excellence in Innsbruck
IAEA Launches Lise Meitner Program to Boost Women’s Nuclear Careers
British Embassy Vienna unveils plaque for Jewish refugees
Williams Lab Explores Protein Evolution
Certain Bugs Thriving in Urbanization, Impacting Insect Diversity
Two-dimensional quantum freeze
Canada and Europe connected via quantum satellite communication
Two Sides of Photoreceptors in Seed Germination Revealed
Quantum Chemistry: Molecules caught tunneling
Quantum Molecules Found Tunnelling: Chemistry Breakthrough
Austria Needs New Anti-Corruption Plan for Gov’t, Law Enforcement
Studies showcase long-term effects of drought
Predicting City Traffic: Guide
African Cities’ Energy Costs Triple with Population Growth
AFP Charges Third for Internal Drug Smuggling
High-performance computer with quantum coprocessor
Northern Bald Ibis Self-Sustainability in Sight
Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel, MD, Honored with Program and Exhibit
Autophagy: Self-Eating Controlled at Molecular Level
Stem Cell Transplant Restores Immune System: Process Found
Secretary Blinken Meets with Schallenberg in Vienna
Graphic Artist Nosyk Brings Science to Life with Zoological Illustrations
Detective work at sea: whale research via environmental DNA
Dog Owners Urged to Explore Wild Nature with Pets
Entangled atoms across Innsbruck quantum network
New Antibiotic Discovered in Moonmilk
Ants Outsmarted by Sneaky Germs: Reducing Natural Signals
Long-term measurements show: air quality models need revision
Australian foreign minister to visit Vienna
Bryophytes Show Differentiation at Molecular Level
Austrian Minister Visits IIASA for Education Talks
Netherlands to Host PEP Partnerships on Mobility
Performing Nazism: Why would you wear Holocaust like costume?
Underlying assumptions of air quality need to be redefined
Air Quality Assumptions Must Be Revisited
Blast Chiller for Quantum World
Fishes in ‘Twilight Zone’ Shrink as Ocean Warms