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‘Mine-hunter Boat Reaches Plymouth Port’
Royal Navy Backs Maritime Autonomy with Dstl, DASA Research
DoD Updates Directive on Autonomous Weaponry
US Air Force selects Howard University for science research partnership
U.S. Air Force Partners with Howard U for Science Research
Qantas Flight Mayday: Can Planes Fly on One Engine?
Autonomous crawling soft ‘ringbots’ can navigate narrow gaps
Pentagon, Japan MOD Sign Tech Supply Security Deals
Expert: Drone Tech Offers Flood Relief to Northern Aus
UK, US Labs Showcase AI Advances
Research partnership extended with Thales Australia
Caltech CAST to Collaborate with Abu Dhabi-based Technology Innovation Institute
Ghost Shark: A Stealthy Revolution
U.S. Department of Defense and Japan Ministry of Defense statement on Cooperation for Japan’s Next Fighter Aircraft
AUKUS Defence Ministerial statement
Dstl tests new technology at Army Warfighting Experiment
How to make future autonomous transportation accessible to everyone
UK scientists support British Army in US experiment in California
Machine learning of binary ‘yes / no’ systems may improve medical diagnoses, financial risk analysis, more
Ensuring AI works with right dose of curiosity
Defence specialist to lead Trailblazer
Defence specialist leads Trailblazer
New walking robot design could revolutionize how we build things in space
Expo showcases dogs of war
Autonomous systems on display at expo
Fostering collaboration to overcome innovation challenges
Strong WA contingent to attend Land Forces 2022
What future for humanity in society governed by AI?
What future for humanity in society governerd by AI?
Uncrewed boats put to test in Australian first
Virtual Labrador could help researchers tackle dog bites
Funding boost for protection systems for British Army
Germany and EU reclaim their position as technology leaders with sixth generation of mobile communications
Walking and slithering aren’t as different as you think
Army Robotics Expo – where big ideas are born
Helping Autonomous Vehicles Navigate Tricky Highway Merges
New mapping tools helping to protect seagrass in Dorset
Australia’s pursuit of ‘killer robots’ could put trans-Tasman alliance with New Zealand on shaky ground
Charging ahead quietly and cleanly
Project focuses on how autonomous systems deal with real world
Tech sector teams up with Army
Autonomous drone system could save lives at sea
Portsmouth helps UK space industry rocket
Robot learns to imagine itself
DTU Electro: Stronger collaboration between photonics and electronics
Can robotics help us achieve sustainable development?
Researchers identify how robotics and autonomous systems could both boost and threaten sustainable development
Robots doing what humans can’t at Culham