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Nations are overusing natural resources faster than they are meeting basic human needs
“Catalonia’s Veterinary Heritage” on exhibit
New online database can aid in learning Chinese
Joan Martínez Alier to receive Balzan Prize in Rome
Annual flu shot campaign underway
Humans guilty of breaking an oceanic law of nature
Spanish Astronaut Pedro Duque visits MELiSSA Pilot Plant
Diet restricted size of hunter-gatherer societies
First face-to-face meeing of SMART-ER project
UAB awarded 13 “Proof of Concept” grants for R&D&i projects
ECIU University to organise a “creathon”
African Sahelian farmers diversify crops to adapt to climate change
“Society needs a cultural change to make technology accessible”
Climate change from nuclear war’s smoke could threaten global food supplies, human health
Climate Change from Nuclear War’s Smoke Could Threaten Global Food Supplies, Human Health
Meat-heavy diets restricted hunter-gatherer population sizes
Potential therapeutic target to treat cerebral blood alterations
Scientists urge to re-think global economic policies to avoid climate crisis
Researchers identify new genes linked to longer reproductive lifespan in women
It has been described how chromosomes are positioned during sperm differentiation
UAB to take part in new project for boosting innovation and enterpreneurship
Anthropogenic climate change already affects production of marine plankton populations
New mathematical model assesses ICU patients’ mortality risk
Tetanus toxin fragment may treat depression, Parkinson¿s disease and ALS
Thermal waves observed in semiconductor materials
LSL60101 compound reduces neuroinflammation and improves cognition in animal models with Alzheimer’s
Human molecule able to block toxic forms of protein triggering Parkinson’s disease identified
A change of tune for chemical industry: VIVALDI turns CO2 emissions into sustainable bio-products
Research supports protestors’ concerns about future of Llobregat Delta
Homo sapiens “Linya” lived in northeast of Iberian Peninsula 14,000 years ago
European Performing Science Night, a project with involvement of UAB for European Researchers’ Night
Novel nano-encapsulation approach for efficient dopamine delivery in Parkinson¿s treatment
Pioneer EU project to investigate micro and nanoplastics impact and consequences on human health
Researchers reconstruct hake¿s evolutionary story
A peptide that allows cannabis-derived drugs to relieve pain without side effects
Alterations in 3D genome structure and effects on fertility revealed
Role of Asian hornet in decline of bees is confirmed
White roofs and more green areas would mitigate effects of heat waves in cities
Access to green space may protect against cardiovascular disease
Same drug can have opposite effects on memory according to sexual differences
Presentation of “Social Explorer”, a portrait of society through maps and infographics
New version of UAB Code of Good Practice in Research
Submarine groundwater discharge is essential for functioning of coastal ecosystems
Mar’s enormous spiral ice canyons are young and were formed by erosion
Soils or plants will absorb more CO2 as carbon levels rise, but not both
UB, leading institution in Spain in science-wide author databases published in ‘PLOS Biology’
Observed in vivo collective movement of nanorobots
Elite women may have ruled El Argar 4,000 years ago