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Monitoring “journey” of microplastics through intestine of a living organism
Music alliviates collective grief
Excessive sports training may have negative effects on mood state
Research on impact of micro- and nanoplastics on health and environment just click away
Virtual Exhibition about Captured Korean Potters in Seventeenth Century Japan
Workshop on YERUN’s Digital Humanities 29 April
New treatment reduces inflammation in multiple sclerosis mice models
Three ERC Advanced Grants for UAB researchers
Marine mollusc shells reveal how prehistoric humans adapted to intense climate change
MAGIC telescopes detect vampire star nuclear explosion
United States and European Union are responsible for majority of ecological damage caused by excess use of raw materials
UAB ranks first among generalist universities in Catalonia and Spain for Horizon 2020 funding
Synchrotron light for faster and more effective tooth whitening treatments
UAB host meeting with One Health specialists
GreenSCENT: empowering citizens to achieve European Green Deal
International meeting to boost collaborations between universities and their surroundings
New findings on peculiar sex chromosomes of marsupials
Study of skin biopsies offers potential as new diagnostic marker for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
“Advanced” countries’ wealth depends on appropriation of resources and labour from global South
Scientists unveil distribution and capacity of bacteria to mercury detoxification in ocean
Researchers study how gene expression changes in brain in Alzheimer’s disease
Moon¿s orbit proposed as gravitational wave detector
High pollen levels expected in spring, with normal values returning in summer
Agreement to develop neurotechnology patented by six public research institutions
Workshop on YERUN’s Digital Humanities
Novel and clinically validated optical biosensor enables rapid and quantitative serological testing of Covid
Roman Empire’s Emerald Mines May Have Ended in Hands of Nomads as Early as 4th Century
Nations are overusing natural resources faster than they are meeting basic human needs
“Catalonia’s Veterinary Heritage” on exhibit
New online database can aid in learning Chinese
Joan Martínez Alier to receive Balzan Prize in Rome
Annual flu shot campaign underway
Humans guilty of breaking an oceanic law of nature
Spanish Astronaut Pedro Duque visits MELiSSA Pilot Plant
Diet restricted size of hunter-gatherer societies
First face-to-face meeing of SMART-ER project
UAB awarded 13 “Proof of Concept” grants for R&D&i projects
ECIU University to organise a “creathon”
African Sahelian farmers diversify crops to adapt to climate change
“Society needs a cultural change to make technology accessible”
Climate change from nuclear war’s smoke could threaten global food supplies, human health
Climate Change from Nuclear War’s Smoke Could Threaten Global Food Supplies, Human Health
Meat-heavy diets restricted hunter-gatherer population sizes
Potential therapeutic target to treat cerebral blood alterations
Scientists urge to re-think global economic policies to avoid climate crisis
Researchers identify new genes linked to longer reproductive lifespan in women
It has been described how chromosomes are positioned during sperm differentiation
UAB to take part in new project for boosting innovation and enterpreneurship