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Excessive CO2 emissions cost Global North $170T
Research: Global North Owes $170 Trillion for Excessive CO2 Emissions in Climate Justice Issue
UAB joins two new MSCA-Doctoral Networks 2022
UAB Leads Creation of European Cluster on Migration Research
Research on Extremist Narratives in Europe to Combat Them
Project BioFINE to improve bionic prostheses
Garrotxa Volcano Activity Ceased 8,300 Years Ago
University invites proposals for sustainable Mediterranean ecosystem
Call open for DocFam+ MSCA-COFUND doctoral positions
Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Modulates Emotional Predictions
Late Holocene Canoe Populations in Chile’s Magallanes Region Uncovered
Psychologist Alex Taylor Joins UAB with ERC Grant
Hypocaloric Diet Slows Age-Related Memory Loss in Brain
UAB Joins 6th Season of Universo Sostenible
Researchers to study megalithic phenomenon in Osona
170 Participants Identify Endangered Lichen in UAB’s 2nd Bioblitz
Menorca Yields First Proof of Prehistoric Drug Use in Europe
Conspiracy theories cause populism to rise
Discovery of Wt1 Gene’s Role in Formation of Coronary Vessels
CVC joins EIT’s Deep Tech Talent Initiative
UAB Leads Spanish Universities in European Patent Applications
Environmental catastrophe and what lies beyond
How ancestors of today’s marine fishes conquered oceans
New Biomethane Plant Uses Waste Sludge for LIFE NIMBUS Project
Neurotalent Games receives UAB’s scientific endorsement
Project to develop new precision antibiotics launched
Reducing Sleep Pill Use in Elderly: Patients & Caregivers Involved
UAB Offers 5 Microscopy Techniques to Euro Users via NEP Proj
Social Media Offers Sustainability Science New Horizons
Social Media Facilitates Sustainability Research
La primavera polínica llegará tarde, pero con fuerza
UAB forms part of European Network of AI Excellence Centres
New method for detecting nanoplastics in blood
Neix: Fighting Fake News in Nutrition with Science
Protein Nanoparticles Target SARS-CoV2: UB Barcelona Study
New Electron Microscope Centre Opens at UAB for Structural Biology & Materials Research
Scientists Uncover Bacterium’s Key to Surviving Pneumonia
Method for Measuring Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance Developed
Racism conditions life of migrant Chinese says InCom-UAB study
UAB Unearths Opera Liceu Masquerade Ball Sheet Music
Rethink Universities: Learning Based on Social Commitment
Male fertility falls to its lowest level in 50 years
Neanderthals in Guipuskoa Later Than Thought: U of Barcelona
Materials, Resources to Improve Education for Childhood Trauma Survivors
Smart valorisation solutions for rice husk ash to be developed
Structure of Amyloid Protein Offers Clues to Rare Disease Cause
Researcher Carlos Tornero awarded ERC Consolidator Grant
IA ayuda descubrir obra desconocida de Lope de Vega