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Fast food diet before pregnancy can impact breast milk and baby’s health, say scientists
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Cardiovascular risk factors and low physical fitness associated with decline in social cognitive functions
US$ 500 Million Project will Help to Strengthen Egypt Food and Nutrition Security
New research indicates sugar-free beverage may erode tooth enamel
Microbe protects honey bees from poor nutrition, significant cause of colony loss
90% of 6-12 months old receive inadequate iron
Vitamins, supplements are ‘waste of money’ for most Americans
HKUMed-QMUL research team identify biomechanical and molecular signals that trigger early progression of atherosclerosis
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Low glycaemic index diet helps heart patients lose weight
Low glycemic index diet helps heart patients lose weight
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Research shines light on inequalities in gestational diabetes research
School meals off menu for children in Sri Lanka as economic crisis bites
Study identifies exact amounts of extra vitamin C for optimal health
Backyard chicken welfare
Excess weight almost doubles risk of womb cancer
Half of parents regularly give kids dietary supplement
Insomnia could increase people’s risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds
Where you live affects your dementia risk
Trial Testing Cocoa Flavanol Supplement Shows Promise for Reducing Cardiovascular Risk
Creating new diets to feed healthy old age
Creating new diets to extend healthy old age
Eating protein from greater variety of sources may lower risk of high blood pressure
Republic of Korea contributes US$ 7.8 million to improve health and nutrition of school-aged children
Australian Beef launches new partnership with Brisbane Broncos
Eating vegetables does not protect against cardiovascular disease, reveals large-scale study
Most people giving birth in U.S. have poor heart health prior to pregnancy
Most people giving birth in US have poor heart health prior to pregnancy
World Pulses Day leverages power of youth to transform agrifood systems
Natural mineral may reverse memory loss
NSW new keep lunches cool as kids head back to school
Top 3 with Dr Ruth Vine – mental health and COVID
Balanced diet can mitigate negative impact of pests for bumblebees
Nutritional value of huhu grubs assessed for first time
Maternal Deaths Caused by Chronic Hypertension Continue to Rise
Balancing oat kernel size and fiber content
Patients encouraged to keep their teeth healthy over Christmas break
Higher fasting ‘hunger hormone’ levels from healthy diet may improve heart health and metabolism
Study highlights importance of heart health for preventing diabetes
Future fertility of obese boys may be protected by early weight loss