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These geckos crash-land on rainforest trees but don’t fall, thanks to their tails
Largest study of its kind finds face masks reduce Covid
Check in for playtime and exercise – Wollongong
Two men from Sydney fined for breaching Public Health Order at Illawarra
How much wildfire smoke is infiltrating our homes?
Long-lasting disinfectant promises to help fight pandemics
Early Covid shutdowns helped St. Louis area avoid thousands of deaths
Submission on Zambia to Committee on Rights of Child
“You’re surrounded by a community that cares about you”
Salinas Valley teens find green cleaning is worth hype
New approach creates an exceptional single-atom catalyst for water splitting
Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, Caltech to Build Quantum Network Testbed
People often avoid feeling compassion for others, feel it’s lot of effort
Researchers explore how people respond to wildfire smoke
Updated state-of-the-art computer code could advance efforts to harness fusion energy on Earth
New Report Shows Technology Advancement and Value of Wind Energy
Is Gravity Quantum Force?
Oil palm plantations reshape human hunting
AI Algorithm Matches Cardiologists’ Expertise, While Explaining Its Decisions
NASA sweetens pot: Team wins competition to make space sugar
Police lay charges after inquiries into deliberately lit car fire at Lake Illawarra
Turn down heat
OSU research shows scale models effective for predicting storm damage to wood-frame buildings
Physicists find room-temperature, 2D-to-1D topological transition
Mountains of Data: An Unprecedented Climate Observatory to Understand Future of Water
CU Boulder receives $1.1 million in EPA grants to reduce public exposure to wildland fire smoke
Berkeley Lab mathematicians build an algorithm to ‘do twist’
How wildfire can create healthier forests
Talented 12: Chemical & Engineering News announces its 2021 rising stars in chemistry
University of Toronto moves up one spot to 22nd globally in latest Shanghai university rankings
This Exotic Particle Had an Out-of-Body Experience; These Scientists Took Picture of It
Groundbreaking visualization of atomic movements
Exploring quantum gravityâ for whom pendulum swings
FSU researcher nets $4.4M grant to advance quantum systems
2021 Frontiers in Optics and Laser Science Conference Transitions to an All-Virtual Event
Magna Group mini-bond companies shut down
Soft Matter scientist’s squishy quest to understand how life began
Designing better batteries for electric vehicles
Scientist at Berkeley Lab Played a Hand in “Inescapable” COVID-19 Antibody Discovery
Berkeley Lab science snapshots
Evaluation of data from large-scale Covid surveillance study reveals that comorbidities predict positive RT-PCR testing. Study
Searching for multiplicity, in computer science and daily life
Bright idea: new LEDs can detect off food and lethal gases
Fast, accurate system for quickly solving stubborn RNA structures from pond scum, SARS-CoV-2 virus and more
Research disrupts venture capitalist assumptions about tax benefits of corporations
‘Stroke Belt’ battle: $30M study from UNC, Wake Forest targets blood pressure
Expanding Renewable Energy Planning
Researchers Discover Gustatory Receptor Tuned to Sinigrin in Cabbage Butterfly