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Underground search for dark matter in universe relies on UW expertise
Dark matter detector completes startup operations
Man dies in housefire at Lake Illawarra
How UCLA’s Alvine Kamaha helped build world’s most sensitive dark matter detector
In underground mine in South Dakota, researchers unravel mysteries of dark matter
With major contributions from Brown team, massive dark matter detector is up and running
LUX-ZEPLIN Dark Matter Detector at Sanford Underground Research Facility delivers its first result
Unlocking mystery of Universe: sensitive dark matter detector comes to life
Researchers mark successful startup of LUX-ZEPLIN dark matter detector at Sanford Underground Research Facility
Powerful, extremely sensitive LUX-ZEPLIN experiment is poised to search for dark matter
Berkeley Lab Researchers Record Successful Startup of LUX-ZEPLIN Dark Matter Detector
Successful startup of particle detector aims to pin down dark matter
Prime Minister has appointed four trustees to Science Museum Group
University shines in world rankings
Multi-layered strategies needed to protect public health from oil and gas drilling impacts
Capturing California’s biodiversity for future of conservation
Overcrowding, Old Buildings Fueled COVID Surge in California Prisons
UCLA will expand its worker justice programs thanks to new annual state budget increase
Significant weather event update
Weather conditions and impact update
Weather and ocean condition and impact update
Working through wet – Wollongong
Bacteria for Blastoff: Using Microbes to Make Supercharged New Rocket Fuel
Digging into detail of Infrastructure Delivery Program – Wollongong
Scientists find trigger that sets off metastasis in pancreatic cancer
Kerry Emanuel: climate scientist and meteorologist in eye of storm
New single-mode semiconductor laser delivers power with scalability
Exploring emerging topics in artificial intelligence policy
Republicans and Democrats see their own party’s falsehoods as more acceptable
Selenium removal from industrial wastewater focus of new research
Breaking strongest chemical bonds with laser shock compression
Discovery of molecular switch in pancreatic cancer cells that triggers metastatic disease
“Unprecedented workshop” highlights new infrastructure delivery methods
Giant Bacteria Found in Guadeloupe Mangroves Challenge Traditional Concepts
UVA Engineers Identify Material That Can Both Insulate and Cool as Needed
SLAC physicists Natalia Toro and Philip Schuster win DOE’s prestigious E.O. Lawrence Awards
Theoretical calculations predicted now-confirmed tetraneutron, an exotic state of matter
Two LLNL scientists earn E.O. Lawrence Award
New ultrathin capacitor could enable energy-efficient microchips
Researchers harness power of new solid-state thermal technology
PNNL Scientist Jie Xiao Honored with E.O. Lawrence Award
Pets Help AIDS Survivors Through 2 Pandemics
Biden- Harris Administration Combatting PFAS Pollution to Safeguard Clean Drinking Water for All Americans
Astronomers may have detected ‘dark’ free-floating black hole
An astrophysicist in biomedical universe
Multi-lab High Performance Storage System collaboration marks 30 years of data storage
Artificial intelligence finds never-before described 3D structure in rotavirus spike protein
American Astronomical Society honors seven MIT affiliates with 2022 awards, prizes