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New breakthrough in ‘spintronics’ could boost high speed data technology
VIDEOS: Science Collaborations Find a Way During COVID-19 Pandemic
Study Gains New Insight Into Bacterial DNA Packing
Ultrafine Control: Researchers Discover Ferroelectricity at Atomic Scale
Record-breaking metalens could revolutionize optical technologies
Dance, Electron, Dance: Scientists Use Light to Choreograph Electronic Motion in 2D Materials
Improving global health equity by helping clinics do more with less
‘ Why words can do more harm than good when offering help, Stanford study finds
Helping consumers in a crisis
Woman remains critical; man charged over domestic assault – Central Coast
Woman found with critical head injuries; man arrested – Central Coast
Police charge man with domestic violence offences at Lake Illawarra
Young people’s trust in government damaged long-term by COVID-19
Off Scales: Fish Armor Both Tough and Flexible
Cigall Kadoch, PhD, to receive 2020 AACR Award for Outstanding Achievement in Basic Cancer Research
Some Lab Magnet Work Proceeds on Particle Accelerator Upgrade
Thinking Small: New Ideas in Search for Dark Matter
Pandemic could decimate environmental, outdoor science education programs
Diluting blood plasma rejuvenates tissue, reverses aging in mice
Physicists’ innovative model provides insight into behavior of black hole at center of our galaxy
Friedrich Bonhoeffer receives 2020 Gruber Neuroscience Prize
Man dies in workplace accident near Wollongong 12 June
Neuroscientist Emily Jacobs is awarded a $5M NIH grant to advance women’s health
Researchers receive funding to improve COVID-19 models
Unravelling Complex Brain Networks with Automated 3-D Neural Mapping
Fitful nightly sleep linked to chronic inflammation, hardened arteries
New Research Evaluates How U.S. Wind Plant Performance Changes with Age
Investigation into Fungi Food Choices Yields a Buffet of Information
World’s Forests Are Growing Younger
UO research explores how Native Americans used sea otters
Now Complete, Telescope Instrument is Poised to Begin Its Search for Answers About Dark Energy
Appeal for assistance after teen approached by men impersonating police at Berkeley
Berkeley Talks: Thirty-six questions to help us connect when we’re apart
Daya Bay Reactor Experiment Continues to Generate Data
Global Environmental Changes Leading to Shorter, Younger Trees
New awards to enable ‘quantum’ leaps in research
Astronomers create cloud atlas for hot, Jupiter-like exoplanets
Site of LUX-ZEPLIN Dark Matter Search Project Carefully Ramps Up Science Work
Drought ‘refuges’ protect young coho salmon from summer heat
DESI Team Prepares for Telescope Instrument’s Restart after Unexpected Shutdown
Scientists finally crack nature’s most common chemical bond
Pilot study to assess intranasal compound for prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection
Masks On, Ready to Work: Meet People Supporting COVID-19 Science
Teenaged girl dies after bike crash at Berkeley
New Research Launched on Airborne Virus Transmission in Buildings
Two injured when motorcycle and car crash at Berkeley
To climb like a gecko, robots need toes
Researchers probe violent storms, lightning on Jupiter