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Debate Needed Over Generative AI’s Healthcare Impacts: ChatGPT
Covid conspiracy theories that spread fastest focused on evil, secrecy
‘Evil, Secrecy Main Themes of Fastest-Spreading COVID Conspiracies’
Paul G. Ramsey Endowed Deanship created at medical school
Should we tax robots?
Seeds have germinated
Do acquisitions harm acquired brand? Identify conditions that reduce negative impact
On batteries, teaching, and world peace
IAEA’s Grossi Makes Appeal for Nuclear Power as Ministerial Ends Amid Dire UN Climate Report
Conspiracy theorist “worldview” and language of their argument
Conspiracy theorist worldview and language of their argument
Conspiracy “worldview” and language of their argument
Why do Covid conspiracy theories persist on social media?
Monkeypox misinformation on TikTok follows familiar pattern, study shows
COP26 President Alok Sharma to attend IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings
Conspiracy theories thrive on YouTube, new study
Bill Gates’ climate fund invests in two Dutch spin-offs TU/e
Harvard community and colleagues from around world look back at Farmer’s contributions and
Pittsburgh Clean Energy Forum Puts Nuclear in Spotlight, IAEA Grossi Attends
Cracking carbon removal challenge
Climate crisis is real – but overusing terms like ‘crisis’ and ’emergency’ comes with risk
McGill launches Sylvan Adams Sports Science Institute to advance world-leading research into sports science and human performance
Feeney Way: UQ landmark to honour philanthropist
Address to Science meets Parliament 2022 gala dinner
New Accord to Improve Health and Vaccine Equity for 1.2 Billion People in Lower-Income Countries
Private Sector Sends Powerful Market Signal to Commercialize Zero-Carbon Tech, as Key Coalition Tops 50 Members
Pfizer Launches ‘An Accord for Healthier World’ to Improve Health Equity for 1.2 Billion People Living
Health Leaders Stress Need for Coordinated Global Response to Tackle Pandemics
Award-winning comms specialist joins Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Executive Team
Financial institutions need to keep up with changing economy
Home-based flu tests comparable to clinical testing
False claims about Covid must be repeatedly debunked, study finds
Fact checks on Covid misperceptions are effective initially but do not stick over time
Reducing methane emissions at landfills
What’s good for heart is good for brain
Breakthrough infections spur strong antibody responses
Breakthrough COVID infections spur strong antibody responses
In support of G20 presidency, Gernas BBI campaigns electric vehicles
Laying groundwork: Can Congo build its own stock market?
Fortescue Future Industries takes to global stage at COP26
‘Curiosity and courage’: Pearson scholars eager to make their mark at University of Toronto
Australian Way
Prime Minister and Bill Gates launch £400m partnership to boost green investment
Investors pledge almost £10bn at UK Global Investment Summit
Lavish wealth tolerated more for individuals than groups
People love billionaire, but hate billionaires’ club
Nursing care-focused Tokyo Tech Glocal Summer School 2021 completed
Covid hampering TB and HIV treatments