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New study programme targeted at biotech, pharma and food
Medscape: Development Mutations May Be Present in Only One of Monozygotic Twins
Filling a crucial gap in aquafarming: ion beam breeding to rescue
Highly endowed EU grants for research at TUM
Triggering antiviral immune response in certain breast cancers
Examining Therapeutic Targets for Kidney Disease
MIND and Mediterranean diets associated with later onset of Parkinson’s disease
Lipid biomarkers in urine can determine type of asthma
Researchers discover one of our cellular building blocks acts as a gel, not liquid as previously believed
Innovative serotonin sensor to improve neurological drug development
Antibiotic resistance from random DNA sequences
Scientists develop a cheaper method that might help create fuels from plants
Chip on a card would detect COVID-19 antibodies in a minute
‘Junk DNA’ plays a key role in regulating our circadian clocks
Stanford single-dose nanoparticle vaccine for COVID-19
How to Identify Heat-Stressed Corals
Scientists at Tel Aviv University Developed a Gene Therapy for Deafness
Researchers discover a new biomarker candidate to diagnose ALS cases in early stages
$37.6M grant awarded to develop innovative COVID-19 treatment
How a large protein complex assembles in a cell
Researchers take leadership role in COVID-19 vaccine development
Like tentacles catching fish
Higher oil production in plant leaves could revolutionize vegetable oil industry, University of Missouri researcher finds
Novel principle for cancer treatment shows promising effect
New use for an old drug: How does ketamine combat depression?
Turning seaweed into profits
Researchers Report Longest-lived Aqueous Flow Batteries
FIU’s Global Forensic and Justice Center awarded nearly $7 million in federal funding
National Academy of Inventors names Gordon Freeman a 2020 Fellow
Lyme Disease Ticks Produce Antibiotic That Protects Them From Human Skin Bacteria
Three FAU researchers receive ERC Consolidator Grants
UVA Aims to Battle Disease by Understanding Exercise’s Whole-Body Effects
How a simple smell test could curb COVID and help reopen economy
50 years of technology transfer for Max Planck Society
Andrea Ghez delivers Nobel Lecture, will receive Nobel medal Dec. 9
UW researchers honored as inventors
How to build an ‘it’ team to take on world’s deadliest viruses
Veteran’s Role in Class Action Leads to UConn Law
A recipe for protein footprinting
New fundamental knowledge of “abdominal brain”
White blood cells may cause tumor cell death — but that’s not good news
Seeing deeper inside cells
Laboratory upgrades on track to protect State’s biosecurity defences
Biomining study could unlock future settlements on other worlds
Hidden structure found in essential metabolic machinery
$10 million gift for new Nanoscience Institute in Oxford
UvA awards honorary doctorate to biochemist and microbiologist Jan Potempa
Tackling tropical diseases