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ERC Grant Awarded for Research on Molecule Interactions
Antibody May Treat Serious Liver Disease: Study
Structure of Amyloid Protein Offers Clues to Rare Disease Cause
Gene Therapy Model Examined with Zinc Finger Proteins
Bacteria-Made Protein Nanowire Offers Solutions to Climate Change
Mays Cancer Center Studies Lead to FDA Approval of Innovative Breast Cancer Drug
Soil Diversity Key to Soil Health in Rubber Plantations
Eliminating partners of cancer
Rice lab uncovers dynamics behind protein crucial in breast cancer
Concordia’s Vuckovic Wins 2023 Beamish Award from CSC
ML IDs Drugs That May Help Smokers Quit
Zinc Finger Model Promises Gene Therapy
AI Tool Enables Fast Gene Editing
COVID has increased trust in genetics, study finds
Study shows how cells prevent harmful extra DNA copies
Essential Protein For Cell Skeleton Discovered
Evolutionary Tuning of a Cellular “Powerhouse”
Mapping Cell’s Protein Powerhouse Unveiled
Universal Flu Vaccine Possibility Seen in Computer Model
UK & Hebrew U Join Forces to Uncover Brain Power
Covid increased public trust in science, new survey shows
Blueprint of Viral Genome Replication Revealed
Cells Found to Protect Against Unwanted DNA Copies
Mirror Image: FSU study lays out chirality flipping theory
Pancreatitis treatment target offers new hope
Ocean-Derived Molecule Could Combat Parkinson’s: Chemists
W.M Keck Foundation Funds $1.2m Brain-Fat Tissue Link Study
Mutation Affects Protein Movements in Autism Cases
Scientists Revise FDA Equation for More Accurate Drug Interactions
Research Uncovers Link Between Phosphorous Deficiency and Plant Color
How to Choose Diet That’s Right for You
Shapeable Sensors Find Pathogens and Toxins in Environment
Chemical Toolkit Expands Biomolecular Analysis Capabilities
Exploring air we breathe
Computer Models Assess Drug Candidate’s Protein Binding Ability
Scientists Refine FDA Equation for Drug Interaction Predictions
New Levers Found to Control Plant Biochemistry: Study
Octopus Device Optimizes Growing Mini-Organs in Dish
Texas A&M Seeks Better Lyme Disease Diagnostics
Cells Cooperate to Increase Lifespan
Scientists Unveil How Mitochondria Create Pores
Database of 200,000 Cell Images Unlocks Interior Design of Our Cells
CAU Researchers Enhance Image Sensor Performance with Noise & Signal Detection
When antibodies do pirouette
Researchers Uncover Evidence of ‘Hidden State’ Involving Common Ion
Test Detects Alzheimer’s Neurodegeneration in Blood
New Biomarker Test Can Detect Alzheimer’s Neurodegeneration in Blood
Researchers Uncover Water-Based Sex Reversal in Humans