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Enzyme research could help target antibiotic resistance
Research finds characteristics of Covid spike protein
Research Snapshot: Researchers derive new cancer therapies to decrease risk of heart damage
Biosensors embedded in bandages could monitor diabetic foot wounds to prevent amputations
Fetal development of brain identified down to smallest detail
Predicting drug absorption in miniatured human liver
Moeller wins Heyrovsky Prize for electrochemistry
Researchers receive more than $13m in Health Research Council funding
Researchers develop tool to drastically speed up study of enzymes
Alzheimer-linked enzyme complex ‘buckles up’ for safe trip through cell
How promiscuous protein droplets regulate immune genes
New method predicts COVID-19 severity, could help with hospital triage
Child with rare genetic syndrome successfully treated in less than two years
Small molecule induces readthrough of cystic fibrosis CFTR nonsense mutations
Research finds monoclonal antibodies that may neutralize many norovirus variants
Don’t Restrict Valid Pathogen Research, ASM & Partners Warn Congress
How cells control mitochondria
Impairments found in neurons derived from people with schizophrenia and genetic mutation
5D imaging of ultrafast phenomena
OMI hosts NM Sen. Heinrich
WVXU: Blueprint for reproductive hormone might aid infertility treatment in women
MaxDIA — taking proteomics to next level
Tetanus toxin fragment may treat depression, Parkinson¿s disease and ALS
Next generation of STEM leaders
Penn State Behrend opens new biomedical research lab
Protein’s ‘silent code’ affects how cells move
Tiny tools: Controlling individual water droplets as biochemical reactors
Beyond CAR-T: New Frontiers in Living Cell Therapies
Brown to fund four biomedical technologies with potential for patient benefit, commercial viability
Metabolomics Lab’s Analysis Finds Near-Meat and Meat Not Nutritionally Equivalent
Nobel Prize winning microscopy technique uncovers mechanisms of bacterial antibiotics resistance
Study shows laboratory-developed protein spikes consistent with COVID-19 virus
A specific protein complex from plant stem cells regulates their division and response to stress
Synthetic biology circuits can respond within seconds
Technology Networks: Protein blueprint could help to develop infertility treatments
Hot Nights Confuse Circadian Clocks in Rice, Hurting Crop Yields
Cooked crustaceans, cannabis and a budder way
Human molecule able to block toxic forms of protein triggering Parkinson’s disease identified
Two studies by CU Cancer Center researchers explore link between inflammation and leukemia
Maternal diets rich in Omega-3 fatty acids may protect offspring from breast cancer
New study sheds light on evolution of photosynthesis
Twenty receive awards recognizing inclusive excellence
Clinical trial with virtual patients shows great potential
Crown ethers improve perovskite solar cell stability
How University of Toronto grad Chelsea Chioma Anthony changed plans, found her passion and got involved
Tricking Cellular Powerhouse to Circumvent Chemotherapy Resistance
Researchers Solve a Puzzle to Design Larger Proteins
New findings on body axis formation