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Ozone Disinfection Could Safely Allow Reuse of Personal Protective Equipment
Gene yields insights into causes of neurodegeneration
Baylor University Recruits Rising Cancer Researcher, Baylor Alum with $2 Million Grant from CPRIT
Scientists pinpoint surprising new function for histones
How good gut bacteria help reduce risk for heart disease
New ways to keep proteins healthy outside cell
Bad E. coli we know, but good E. coli?
Eight Cambridge researchers elected as members of European Molecular Biology Organisation
KNCV Gold Medal for Patricia Dankers
Feeling need for speed?
How do bacteria build up natural products?
Antioxidants in corn line could aid human IBD protection, therapy
Discovery of new disease-susceptibility gene for steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome
Study by University researchers reveals how bacterial toxins might evolve to cause new illnesses
Pandemic injects new urgency into coronavirus collaborations
Unusual blue woodlice may help develop new antiviral materials
Servier and Autonomous University of Barcelona collaborate to accelerate research into Parkinson’s disease
Cartwheeling light reveals new optical phenomenon
Engineered immune cells recognize, attack human and mouse solid-tumor cancer cells
Scientists could help government achieve UK’s net zero carbon target in groundbreaking £7.25M project
Emory, Georgia Tech participate in six-year exercise research study
Nine McGill COVID-19 projects to receive CIHR funding
New approach drives bacteria to produce potential antibiotic, antiparasitic compounds
Novel function of platelets in tumour blood vessels found
Heart research to be revolutionised thanks to $8 million funding boost
Unexpected spectrum of mental illnesses found in patients with rare genetic disorder
Successful exploration applicants announced
Dana-Farber researcher receives highest honor from Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer
This Enigmatic Protein Sculpts DNA to Repair Harmful Damage
Fungal pathogen disables plant defense mechanism
Happy 100th Lesley Falloon OAM
Cloning Stem Cells to Find a Cure for Crohn’s Disease
Earth’s Species Have More in Common than Previously Believed
CSATS receives $1.3 million grant to implement SHAPE MATTERS project
Relationship of proteins
Phil Knight, UO philanthropist, icon to receive honorary degree
Redesigning Hand Sanitizer and Donating 7,000 Gallons to Fight Covid-19
‘Everyone needs at least one person who cares’
Diluting blood plasma rejuvenates tissue, reverses aging in mice
A Flight to Weightlessness from Dübendorf
Swinburne community recognised in Queen’s Birthday 2020 Honours List
New pathway to attack tumor cells identified
RedHUMAN: Deciphering links between genes and metabolism
Unlocking secrets of a plastic-eater
Robert Zatorre wins major international award
Predicting evolution of COVID-19 to help manage future outbreaks
Bacteria perform mass suicide to defend their colony
Geneviève Deblois and David Knapp become IRIC researchers