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Perception-based nanosensor platform could advance detection of ovarian cancer
Ancient grains: Grant will help U-M researchers rethink Roman diets
“Growing end” of inflammation discovered
Cells take their ease in curves
Throwing antibiotic resistance for loop
Algae-powered computing: scientists create reliable and renewable biological photovoltaic cell
Researchers create reliable and renewable biological photovoltaic cell
Cooling speeds up electrons in bacterial nanowires
Discovery of cell protein that keeps Kaposi’s sarcoma herpesvirus dormant
Research with peel: FSU study on banana browning could help tackle food waste
Undergraduate biologists awarded 2022 Quatrano, Spector prizes
Artificial cell membrane channels composed of DNA can be opened and locked with key
Research duo brings breakthrough research to Western
How gene mutation causes higher intelligence
Chronobiologists identify key circadian clock mechanism in cyanobacteria
Researcher Uses Genomics and Gene Editing to Help Save Coral Reefs
Phospholipid found to play key role in epithelial cell adhesion
Class Acts: Gabriella Smith
Researchers investigate self-regulation of an enzyme with critical cellular functions
Scientists Develop Test That Easily Detects Variants Causing Covid
Plan to transform food processing waste would boost NZ economy and environment
Mechanism for its targeted stimulation discovered
How Herpesviruses Awaken
Researchers discover mechanism for its targeted stimulation
Fast Five with Dr David Chieng
In poplars, two plant hormones boost each other in defense against pathogenic fungi
Researcher probes mysteries of smell through disease-carrying insects
Better way to create compounds for pharmaceuticals, other chemicals
RNA: Star of 2020 Promises Repeat Performances in Scientific Breakthroughs
Nanotechnology enables visualization of RNA structures at near-atomic resolution
Why Do Some People Get Sicker than Others from COVID?
Unlocking cure for carbon monoxide poisoning
Stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy may hinder toddler’s cognitive development
Unlocked enzyme structure reveals how strigolactone hormone controls plant growth
Biological pathways found that drive genomic changes and bone metastasis in ewing sarcoma, rare childhood cancer
Multi-million euro grants from Brussels
“I want to pass on belief to be confident in yourself and your ability”
Research could lead to new Alzheimer’s treatments
New €2.8m project will seek insights into aging from pre-term births
Learning chemical networks give life chiral twist
UW Medicine-developed COVID vaccine effective in test
Tackling chemical synthesis and advocacy
Prothena and Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery collaborate on new Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics
Machine-learning model can distinguish antibody targets
Two new Master’s degree programs in Biology at Mainz University
FSU’s ‘Art in STEM’ returns for 8th year, highlights beauty and artistry of science
Widespread Brain Receptor Hides Surprising Mechanism of Action
Cornell Humphrey program director Peter Gregory to retire