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Two Cambridge researchers awarded Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies
Christmas trees and sustainability: Fake or real
Recycle right over festive season
U-Michigan team recycles previously unrecyclable plastics
Drugs from Plastic Waste
‘Blue Bioeconomy’ Centre Awarded Industry Collaboration Prize
Fantastic plastic? It’s all in chemistry
Experts urge action on medical test kit waste
Victoria University & Chinese researchers team up to fight plastic pollution with seaweed
Victoria University and Chinese researchers team up to fight plastic pollution with seaweed
Meeting climate targets through circular bio-based solutions
Music industry is going green. Will it make difference?
Suck it Up: Using Cellular Nanosponges to Fight Infection
Seaweed ‘plastic’ startup shortlisted for Earthshot Prize
Syngenta ANZ scores ‘Market Leading’ 6-star NABERS Energy rating for head office and warehouse
New nanoparticle to act at heart of cells
Nobel Prize chemistry in more sustainable version
Environmentally friendly ‘biofoam’ could address plastic pollution crisis
Leached chemicals from plastic pollution kill key marine microbes: study
Plant fibers for sustainable devices
Innovation in Food | Tomato growers Flavorite
60% of home ‘compostable’ plastic doesn’t fully break down, ending up in our soil
New innovations to help solve plastic waste in Indo-Pacific
Focus on wool-growing set in stone: past, present and future
More plastic bans starting November
Project to analyse microplastic pollution in cities
Research finds wastewater treatment plants can catch cold
Imperial entrepreneurs showcase their startups at London Demo Day
Research group led by Prof. Seung Hwan Ko, in Dept. of Mechanical Engineering in Seoul National University
Adult incontinence products cause more waste than baby nappies
Right now, more adult incontinence products than baby nappies go to landfill
Scientists use cellulose to develop slow-release fertilizer and self-fertilizing propagation pot
Disposable, eco-friendly sensors for precise wearable dosimetry
Bringing custom microbes to business of recycling plastic
World wide web: global spider silk database boon for biomaterials
Oregon State, U.S. Dept. of Energy researchers take key step toward big gains in plastics recycling
New treatment for deadly condition
Accurately tracking how plastic biodegrades
Papyrus Australia invited to attend 2022 UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt
Insect larvae may contribute to microplastic pollution in rivers by gnawing through litter, research suggests
KAIST develops biocompatible adhesive applicable to hair transplants
Merino yarn about nature
Collaboration to develop biodegradable oceangoing bioplastics receives Convergence Accelerator Phase 2 funding from NSF
Toorak’s Newest Sustainable Brunch Spot Launches by Offering $2 Coffees to Combat Cost of Living
Combining photochemistry and bioengineering to tackle waste and global energy issues
Success in synthesizing biodegradable plastic materials using sunlight and CO2
Surprising Swiss-Army-knife-like functions of powerful enzyme
System to create bioplastics