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Study shows biological clock influences immune response efficiency
When disease threatens animals, predators might provide remedy
Tiny, biocompatible nanolaser could function inside living tissues
Cats, like children and dogs, develop attachments to their caregivers, study shows
Researchers resolve how fungi produce compounds with potential pharmaceutical applications
Digging deeper into liquid crystals
All of Us Research Program enrolls more than 200,000 core participants nationwide
Academics awarded prestigious fellowships
What colour were fossil animals? HKU palaeontologists evaluate fossil colour reconstruction methods
Scientists laminated titanium implants to protect against corrosion
Persistent headache or back pain ‘twice as likely’ in presence of other
University of Michigan Museum of Natural History opens next phase with major exhibits, hands-on labs
Cornell Neurotech lecture to feature Caltech scientist
National Emergency declared for deadly brain disorder
Engineering Bacteria Into Beneficial Drug Delivery Tools
New Algorithms Shown to Accelerate Biopharmaceutical Process
Biological medicine quality to receive major boost
Acoustic energy harnessed to soften shear-thickening fluids
Signing up to a stronger relationship with Dstl
A Matter of Concentration
Scientists Find Biology’s Optimal “Molecular Alphabet” May Be Preordained amino acids
3D super-resolution helping scientists take a closer look
Researchers build microscopic biohybrid robots propelled by muscles, nerves
Is Copper a Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease?
Youth come together in China to share their commitment for biodiversity
Breakthrough in harnessing power of biological catalysts
Stakeholders involved in environmental disputes related to Lapland rarely find common ground
Somerset landowner kills fish by tipping chemicals on ground
Chiral geometry regulates stem cell fate, research shows
‘Soft Tactile Logic’ Tech Distributes Decision-Making Throughout Stretchable Material
How well do you know your nodules?
Oases have appeared in Arctic from permafrost thawing
Salt marshes’ capacity to store carbon may be threatened by nitrogen pollution
Unique research environment in Innovation and Glycoengineering
Type 2 diabetes is not just about insulin
There’s no place like home: butterflies stick to their burbs
Grant recipients work to improve reconstructive ACL surgeries
Optical lace gives robots heightened sensory ability
Genetics Society awards for two Exeter Academics
Study: Want more investors for your startup? Better make an impassioned pitch
World’s largest and most powerful Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer arrives at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Sugar alters compounds that impact brain health in fruit flies
TSU zoologists have identified a previously unknown breeding site
Genes associated with left-handedness linked with shape of brain’s language regions
Volunteers from 5 countries worked at TSU
Generational study looks for biological links between adverse childhood experiences and self-harm
Study: no link between “extreme” personal grooming, STDs
Neutrons-Lighting up liquid crystals