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Using gene editing, neuroscientists develop a new model for autism
New test to help drivers affected by sleep apnoea
Dust in wind: North Pacific Ocean fertilized by iron in Asian dust
Bacteria such as E. coli detected in minutes by new technology from University of Warwick
Dolphins form friendships through shared interests just like us, study finds
“Interdisciplinary research takes time”
AlpVision to Offer First Online Biological Neural Networks Servers Subscription Services
Male dolphins like sponging for mates
An Unnatural Way to Make Natural Products
McGill University’s Centre of Genomics and Policy Receives Funding to Create Ethics
From one MSRP generation to next
Conference examines diversity in youth development programs
Experiments reveal physics of evaporation
Griffith greats recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours List
Getting oil out of water
Queen’s Birthday honours for seven Academy Fellows
Mapping ocean’s unseen heroes, one microbe at a time
NIST Infrared Frequency Comb Measures Biological Signatures
Queen’s Birthday Honours for Dstl staff
NASA Opens International Space Station to New Commercial Opportunities, Private Astronauts
Is sex primarily a strategy against transmissible cancer?
Study finds fruit juices may be as bad for peoples’ health as soft drinks
1 in 2 people in NSW’s coastal community don’t think sea level rise will impact them
Striped maple trees often change mating types, with females more likely to die
Scientists edge closer to root causes of multiple sclerosis
Disease-tolerant trees to be planted in UK’s ‘ash tree archive’
New Preprint Server for Health Sciences Announced Today by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
NTU Singapore scientists uncover binding secret behind protein ‘superglue’
Why does Al Gore keep denying science?
Molecular bait can help hydrogels heal wounds
Scientists unlock genetic mystery of why corals reject life-saving algae
Symposium honors nanofabrication pioneer Harold Craighead
WSU scientists unmask humble earwig as an apple-protecting predator
Physics could answer questions about breast cancer spreading to bones
Tenured engineers of 2019
Cutting edge bio-tech system to clean A38 water run-off in Devon
Kinsey Institute names Justin Garcia, international leader in sex research
$1.8M NIH grant will fund research on how a bacterium stops mosquitoes from spreading
New findings reveal how microbiome is disrupted during disease flare-ups
Authorities removing legal protection from nature reserves: study
Flemings’ $10M gift to establish molecular engineering lab
A simple, yet versatile
WSU researchers tease out genetic differences between cannabis strains
Call to consider raising minimum legal length of tailor in NSW
New study identifies patterns of growth in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Patterns of chronic lymphocytic leukemia growth identified
HGF-inhibitory macrocyclic peptide – mechanisms and potential cancer theranostics
Biosciences research and education boosted by new leader