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Can Black Hole Fire Up Cold Heart of Phoenix?
Rare encounters between cosmic heavyweights
Surviving Sun
Spinning Black Hole Powers Jet by Magnetic Flux
NSF Physics Frontier Center for neutron star modeling to include UW-Madison
Mystery gas discovered near centre of Milky Way
Are we still listening to space?
Dancing androids, chook-wire viruses, and future of beer
Bat poop, dark skies, making beer with algae, and defining rights of Moon
What Disrupted A Giant Black Hole’s Feast?
What Disrupted A Giant Black Hole’s Feast?
Record EOS measurement pressures shed light on stellar evolution
Sargsian’s milestone
Unequal neutron-star mergers create unique ‘bang’ in simulations
Largest 3D map of universe ever created
Astrophysicists fill gaps in history of Universe
Global hunt to detect collisions in space
No need to mind gap
Galaxy evolution research among most cited of past decade
In a first, astronomers watch a black hole’s corona disappear, then reappear
Breakthrough in deciphering birth of supermassive black holes
Finding NEMO – future of gravitational-wave astronomy
Researchers detect a type of unidentified astronomical object through gravitational waves
Peering under galactic dust, study reveals radiation at center of Milky Way
Hungry black hole among most massive in Universe
To find giant black holes, start with Jupiter
Excess neutrinos and missing gamma rays?
Penn State-IBM partnership accelerates search for elusive neutrinos
Discovery of second-most distant quasar shakes up scientists’ understanding of black hole growth
Scientists find mysterious astrophysical object in black hole collision
Black hole swallows much smaller mysterious object
Astronomers find mystery object in mass gap University gravitational wave group play key role
Black hole or neutron star?
LIGO-Virgo Finds Mystery Object in “Mass Gap”
A black hole with a puzzling companion
Impressive view of sky
Quest, PPPL’s annual research magazine, reports breakthroughs and discoveries during past year
Our deepest view of X-ray sky
Scientists develop new method for detecting black hole mergers
Resolving particle acceleration in jet of Centaurus A
A busy signal from outer space
Physicists’ innovative model provides insight into behavior of black hole at center of our galaxy
Capturing stardust
Black hole’s heart still beating
Imperial and France’s CNRS expand partnership with joint PhDs and data projects
Leaders in Laser Spectroscopic Sensing and Optical Imaging to Headline Plenaries at All-Virtual
Liverpool close to bankruptcy: how decades of stigma have pushed city into financial ruin
Large Simulation Finds New Origin of Supermassive Black Holes