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On Nov. 1, join UCLA’s free hands-on science festival – online for 2020
NASA’s SOFIA Discovers Water on Sunlit Surface of Moon
Future leaders in space research recognised
2020 FSU Dirac Lectures to include Nobel Prize-winning physicist
NASA’s James Webb Telescopes will reveal hidden galaxies
Recipe for powerful quasar jets
Blinded by light no more: simulations show NASA’s James Webb Telescope will reveal hidden galaxies
Telescopes record last moments of star ‘eaten’ by a black hole
Star spotted being ripped apart by Black Hole
In eye of a stellar cyclone
Scientists find upper limit for speed of sound
Scientific American: Andrea Ghez and experiment nobody thought would work
2020 Nobel Prize in Physics: FSU astrophysicists break down winning work on black holes
Researchers find “missing link” between magnetars and rotation-powered pulsars
Two Nobel Prize wins
UC Berkeley played big role in Nobel Prize-winning work
UC Berkeley’s Reinhard Genzel awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
Mathematician Roger Penrose jointly wins Nobel Prize in Physics
Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez Awarded 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics
Congratulations to 2020 Nobel Laureates in Physics
Roger Penrose wins 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovery about black holes
Andrea Ghez ’87 wins a share of 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics
Reinhard Genzel receives Nobel Prize for Physics 2020
Could megatesla magnetic fields be realized on Earth?
Portrait of an exoplanet
Exploring heavy element creation in neutron-star mergers
On dusty roads through Universe
New international partnership launches Western into space
Canberra pharmacist on cutting edge of men’s health treatment
Penn State a partner in new NSF Physics Frontier Center
Shadow of black hole M87* is wobbling
New international partnership launches Western into space
A new spin on supermassive black holes
Wobbling shadow of M87* black hole
Ring around black hole glitters
Report fears UK could lose out to rest of Europe in crucial automotive battery recycling market
Top radio telescope in South Africa
IFAE and ICE are participating in proposal to build a new gravitational-wave observatory
Underinvestment puts Tasmania in deep state of ‘un-readiness’
New observations of black hole devouring a star reveal rapid disk formation
Quantum light squeezes noise out of microscopy signals
How to have a blast like a black hole
Researchers discover monster black holes 150 times heavier than sun
First ever detection of monster black hole collision
Biggest fish so far caught in gravitational waves
A ‘bang’ in LIGO and Virgo detectors signals most massive gravitational wave source yet
Mammoth collision of ‘impossible’ black holes detected
A “Bang” in LIGO-Virgo Detectors Signals Most Massive Gravitational-Wave Source Yet