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Food and space focus for newest Forrest PhD Scholars at Curtin
Could we harness energy from black holes?
Researchers discover earliest supermassive black hole and quasar in universe
Building a Giant 2D Map of Universe to Prepare for Largest 3D Map
Possible first hints of low-frequency gravitational waves permeating cosmos
Glimpse of a blazar in early universe
Virtual Pompey Stargazing 2021
£4.3m for Nottingham quantum projects to solve universe’s mysteries
£7.2m quantum network will develop technology to probe Universe’s mysteries
Astronomers discover most distant quasar
“Old Faithful” cosmic eruption shows black hole ripping at star
Galaxy mergers could limit star formation
NASA Highlights Astrophysics Missions at ‘Super Bowl of Astronomy’
Royal Astronomical Society honours team behind first picture black hole with 2021 Group Achievement Award
Top MIT research stories of 2020
‘Do not only focus on impact on outside, but also on inside’
Scientific highlights 2020
Colliding stars reveal fundamental properties of matter and space-time
Compressive Fluctuations Heat Ions in Space Plasma
EROSITA finds large-scale bubbles in halo of Milky Way
ERC Consolidator Grants for four Leiden researchers
Leading astrophysicist receives Swinburne Lifetime Achievement Award
A technique to sift out universe’s first gravitational waves
Andrea Ghez delivers Nobel Lecture, will receive Nobel medal Dec. 9
Research shows Black Holes can grow ‘hair’ when spinning
Sky survey reveals newborn jets in distant galaxies
What impact does UN’s Refugee Convention have in states that never signed it?
Using ancient minerals from deep within Earth’s crust to measure cosmic radiation
Australian telescope creates a new atlas of Universe
Earth Faster, Closer to Black Hole in New Map of Galaxy
NWA-ORC for neutrino observations
4.9 milion euros for unraveling mysteries of black holes
Researchers have developed a new theory for observing a quantum vacuum that could lead to new insights into
NSF to decommission Cornell-designed Arecibo telescope
Wolfgang Peter Schleich Named 2021 Herbert Walther Award Recipient
3 Questions: Hsin-Yu Chen on treading lightly when dating universe
Birth of magnetar from colossal collision potentially spotted for first time
Combining electronic and photonic chips enables new record in super-fast quantum light detection
Swinburne consolidates standing in global rankings
Scientists riding high with new gravitational waves
Researcher an Architect for Astronomical Survey Making Observations Toward a New Understanding of Cosmos
Next-gen astronomical survey makes its first observations toward a new understanding of cosmos
Next-generation astronomical survey makes its first observations
Scientists detect 39 new gravitational wave events
Bumper crop of black holes in new gravitational wave paper
Researchers reveal origins of merging black holes
Designing new mirror materials for better gravitational-wave detection
Australian researchers’ achievements recognised with Prime Minister’s Prizes