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Immunotherapy after bladder cancer surgery may reduce recurrence, study shows
Force-sensing PIEZO proteins are at work in plants, too
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Gender stigma hinders endometriosis diagnosis & treatment in Australia
New resources to help people with rare and less common cancers
Study of mosquito protein could lead to treatments against life-threatening viruses
Yarning towards life after stroke
Soft robots use camera and shadows to sense human touch
We’re more like primitive fishes than once believed
MD Anderson and UroGen Pharma announce strategic research collaboration to advance investigational treatment for high-grade bladder
Loss of anti-tumor protein may cause resistance to certain cancer therapies
Australian-first study on new precision prostate cancer treatment
Female fighter pilots test modified ATAGS “G-suit”
Study finds 1 in 8 patients with cancer harbor inherited genetic mutations
Novel bioresorbable, tissue-healing surgical device approved by FDA
$1.6 Million Grant to Reverse Urinary Incontinence
Australian first relieves prostate issues
Grazing management in above average rainfall
Liverpool-led study shows first known effective treatment for rare genetic disease
Study identifies genomic predictors of outcomes in high-risk bladder cancer
From streets to a loving home, Binna warrior Terrier defies all odds
Saved from a lifetime of pain, this golden retriever is now a ray of sunshine for her fur-mum
Cigarette smoking associated with worse outcomes for bladder cancer patients after surgery
Endometriosis: no cure, but diagnosis could avert surgery
Examining Side Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Drugs
Two different techniques can effectively treat lower tract symptoms
Ludwig study shows free-floating circles of DNA are common across cancers and drive poor patient outcomes
Overcoming ‘leaky bladder’ in groups
Closing gap in tissue engineering
Lasers to destroy bladder stones in animals
Innovative Compression Underwear Assists with Mild Urinary Incontinence and Prolapse
Endometriosis provides answers for Bridget Hustwaite
Cancer cells make blood vessels drug resistant during chemotherapy
Prostate Artery Embolization: ‘It Was a Game-Changer’
HKUMed introduced and carried out Asia’s first Water Vapour Thermal Therapy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Seniors Warned Invest in Continence or Risk Retirement Plans
Aspirin reduces long-term colorectal cancer risk in genetically predisposed individuals
Marine protection consultation recommences
Immunotherapy improves survival in patients with advanced bladder cancer
Unusual Immune Response in Bladder Appears to Drive Repeat UTIs
3 Questions: Harnessing wave power to rebuild islands
Video seminars a healthy source of information for seniors during COVID-19 pandemic
Plant extract combo may relieve hangover symptoms
New option for treating upper tract urothelial cancer
Researchers unravel protein mystery of three brain diseases
Using alveolar epithelia as a model for corona infection
Marine protection consultation postponed
New surgical technique prevents stoma complications after appendicostomy