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Hope for Bone Regeneration Restored with Wishbone Charm
Novel Regulatory Mechanism of Blood Clotting Discovered
Research Finds No Link Between Covid-19 Vaccine & Period Disruption
Pregnant Women Risk Birth Complications in Car Crashes
RSPCA pet first aid course ready for Easter
Fibroblasts Found to Aid Wound Healing and Clearing
McMaster Trials Potential Hemophilia Treatment
Michigan boy’s life and limb saved by UC Davis care team
Child with meningococcal disease 28 February
New Endocytoscopy: Diagnose Esophageal Cancers Without Biopsy
Dental Care For Kids: Urgent vs. Emergent Situations
CSL Plasma Collections Reach Pre-Pandemic Highs Thanks to Key Franchise
Gum Inflammation Parallels Novel “Cytokine Score”
Genetic Test Detects Deadly Bleeding Disorder in Dogs
Thrombectomy as Effective as Medical Mgmt for Stroke Treatment
FACEM Dr Akmez Latona receives EMF Leading Edge Grant
New Milestones Reached in Hemophilia Treatment
Tech that Turns Households into Touch Sensors Closer to Reality
Blood & Plasma Combo Bag Saves Lives: Study
No rocky start for bubs with return of First Aid for Babies
When Less is More: How Harnessing Power of Subtraction Can Add to Life
Police seek information on Firearm injuries – West Daly Region
Split-second of evolutionary cellular change could have led to mammals
FDA Approves Next-Gen Drug for Relapsed CLL After Dana-Farber Study
New Study: Omicron Linked to Milder MIS-C Cases in Kids
NSW: Be Aware of Rare, Serious Bacterial Illnesses Needing Urgent Care
Blood Test Can Forecast Placenta Accreta Risk: Researchers
Alaska Air Guard medevacs pregnant woman
Families of Hawke’s Bay homicide victims urge people to come forward
Absorbent Picker-Upper Triples Liquid Capacity of Paper Towels
Rapid Bleeding Control for Traumatic Wounds in Minutes
Secret Fails to Stop Bleeding After Heart Procedures
Heavy Periods: What to Do & When To Seek Help
Grants encourage vibrant theatre
Drug Improves Progression-Free Survival in CLL Patients
Tobacco use, incidence of adverse oral health outcomes
Targeted photothermal treatment for blood clots shows promise
Liver cancer study encourages caution with some gene therapies
Extending anti-clotting treatment after distal DVT reduces further clot risk
Extending anti-coagulation therapy after distal DVT further reduces clot risk
New dental President asks patients to reveal more to their dentist
New ADA President asks patients to reveal more to their dentist
Blood protein can reduce brain damage after stroke
New information about Hawke’s Bay homicide to feature on Cold Case
Inducing hibernation-like state in mice can protect organs during heart surgery
Cruelty charge – puppy allegedly killed with mallet
Inducing hibernation-like state can protect organs during heart surgery
Police update: Appeal for information: Armed assault, Goodna