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Exercise hormone halts Parkinson’s disease symptoms in mouse study
New antibody reveals therapeutic effects with Alzheimer’s
Stem cell-gene therapy reveals promise in ALS safety trial
Research finds molecular brain changes linked to APOE4, main susceptibility gene for Alzheimer’s
How brain’s housekeeper malfunctions during bacterial meningitis
Researchers awarded Public Engagement grant by Centre for Medical Engineering to connect public with research
Surprising culprit worsens stroke, TBI damage
Buck Institute scientists uncover new role for blood-brain barrier in neuron function and damage
Reprogramming Brain’s Cleaning Crew to Mop Up Alzheimer’s Disease
Reprograming brain’s cleaning crew to mop up Alzheimer’s
New clinical trial underway for Alzheimer’s patients
Iron buildup in brain linked to higher risk for movement disorders
Cells that control hunger affect brain structure and function
Researchers find molecular clues behind acute and chronic phases of traumatic brain injury
Scientists Develop New Biomimetic Formulation for Treating Glioblastoma
Research reveals vaping cannabinoid acetate leads to formation of deadly gas
Whole blood exchange could offer disease-modifying therapy for Alzheimer’s
Emory neuroscientists aim to develop anti-inflammatory drugs for epilepsy patients
First-generation antihistamines – winter warning
Ultrasounds induce blood-brain barrier opening across sonolucent polyolefin plate in an
Cerebrovascular abnormalities in Alzheimer’s: adrenergic approach
Patrys’ full-size PAT-DX3 able to cross blood brain barrier
Could leak in blood-brain barrier be cause of poor memory?
Scientists breach blood-brain barrier for the first time