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92nd Session of CRC Closes with Observations on 7 Countries
WHO Releases Landmark Docs on Leishmaniasis
Committee on Rights of Child Holds 14th Informal Meeting with States
Online Trade in Jaguar Parts Poses Widespread Threat: WCS
Oman Praised for Human Rights Reforms, Experts Question Birth Reg. & FGM
Oman Praised for Human Rights Reforms, Experts Question Birth Reg. & FGM
Warwick University will help Bolivia become “energy cell of world”
Argentina’s Rights Examined in UPR Review
Volker Türk Opens 92nd Child Rights Committee Session
Child Rights Committee to Review 7 Nations
UN Watch’s Top Tweets in December 2022
330+ Fish Species Found in Bolivian Park, 35 New to Science
WMO: Warning Signs of Extreme Weather Globally
Climate and weather extremes in 2022 show need for more action
2022: Droughts, Floods and Climate Emergencies Expected
Probe Peru Protest Deaths, Injuries
UN Watch’s Top Tweets in November 2022
16 Days of Activism: Global Effort to End Violence
ICTP, IAEA Launch E-Learning Course on Fusion Applications
Annual workshop reviews progress in implementation of Article XI
Human Rights Council elects Václav Bálek of Czech Republic as its President for 2023
International Mountain Day 2022: FAO aims spotlight on gender equality
Amid coup, counter-coup claims – what really went down in Peru and why?
Goddesses, demons, witches and spirits feature in groundbreaking exhibition exploring feminine power
Arrests follow investigation into Bolivian people-smuggling ring
UNHCR, IOM and partners appeal for US$1.72 billion for refugees and migrants from Venezuela
IOM, UNHCR and Partners Appeal for USD 1.72 Billion for Refugees and Migrants From Venezuela
Biodiversity in Africa and Latin America at risk from oil palm expansion, new report warns
Biodiversity in Africa and Latin America is at risk from oil palm expansion, new report warns
Human Rights Council Establishes Fact-finding Mission to Investigate Alleged Human Rights Violations
Popular strategies for reducing gasoline use aren’t getting chance to work
Dust transport in upper levels of atmosphere
Strengthening Capacities of Andean Community Member States to Collect Road Traffic Crashes Data
Remote-controlled microscopes bring complex biology education to students worldwide
Climate crisis and anthropic pressure are destabilizing Pantanal
Bolivia: dried up lake and community on precipice
Biodiversity economics research programme awarded £1m
Fire in Amazon is associated more with agricultural burning and deforestation than with drought
Indonesia’s human rights record to be examined by Universal Periodic Review
5 things you might not know about Día de los Muertos
New Global Health Research Centre will strengthen healthcare and build capacity in research for non-communicable diseases
We must respect bodily autonomy of women and girls throughout their lives Cross-regional statement
69% average decline in wildlife populations since 1970, says new WWF report
These stunning satellite images look like abstract art – and they reveal much about our planet
Climate change and deforestation may drive tree-dwelling primates to ground
Orbis and UC Davis team up to train eye care teams from Latin America
Communities at centre of orchestrated emergency response to monkeypox in Peru
Human Rights Council Adopts Six Resolutions, Appoints Special Rapporteur on Situation of Human Rights