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Single-cell ‘atlas’ finds origins of aggressive brain tumor
Autism-linked gene shapes nerve connections
New approach automates growth of brain tissue organoids on chip
Reflections on COP27
Scientists identify essential signalling pathway for neuronal connectivity during brain development
525-million-year-old fossil defies textbook explanation of brain development
Genes that control earliest social behaviors may hold key to understanding autism
Human evolution was not just notes, but how it was played
Human Evolution Wasn’t Just Sheet Music, But How it Was Played
More than million families to benefit from more affordable early learning and care
Drinking during pregnancy changes baby’s brain structure
60 Minutes Visits Duke Puppy Kindergarten, Sunday
Gene Mutation Leading to Autism Found to Overstimulate Brain Cells
Gene mutation that leads to autism has been shown to overstimulate brain cells
Brain organoids reveal in detail harms of prenatal alcohol exposure
UNESCO Member States commit to invest at least 10% of education budget on early childhood education
New Study Reveals Role of Retrosplenial Cortex in Regulating Sub-stage Transition During Rapid Eye Movement Sleep
Neonicotinoid causes ASD-like symptoms in chicks
Early Years Strategy and National Summit to ensure Australia’s children have best start at life
Hunt for disrupted brain signals behind autism
McMaster University researchers pinpoint potential treatment for lethal childhood cancer
Research finds key differences in brains of boys and girls with binge eating disorder
Genetic variation and diverse range of behaviors in autism
Consequences of early life adversity on brain
Stem cells used to generate mini brains of last male Sumatran rhino
Scientists Get Clearer Picture of Developing Teen Brain
Researchers get clearer picture of developing teen brain
Study shows differences between brains of primates – humans, apes and monkeys
Violence on TV: effects can stretch from age 3 into teens
Effects can stretch from age 3 into teens
Researchers to study effects of screen use in young children
Rice, Baylor to study how screen use affects young children
HUSHing repetitive-like elements contributes to normal brain development and function
Study finds gut-brain link tied to social development
Is your teen a night owl? Their sleep pattern could shape their brain and behaviour years later
Oxygen deprivation at birth could increase risk of cardiovascular disease
Inequality linked to differences in kids’ brain connections
New look at brain function and psychiatric disorders
Scientists Reveal Role of Key Brain Protein in Childhood Movement Disorder
Nibbling Synapses: Glial Cells Eating of Synapses May Enhance Learning and Memory
Scientists find gut-brain connection for social development
Study links Inequality to differences in kids’ brain connections
Research pinpoints genetic mechanism linking brain chemical to schizophrenia
Sites in brain where RNA is edited could help to better understand neurodevelopment and disease, researchers have found
Australian scientists develop world-first map showing gene activity changes
Young child’s brain, not age, determines nap transitions
Gestational exposure to flame retardant alters brain development in rats
Video gaming may be associated with better cognitive performance in children