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University of Helsinki Celebrates Anniversary with Speech on March 27, 2023
Timo Miettinen: Clear and Succinct Media Presence
UK Parliament approves trade agreement with Australia
Spring 2023 Finance Bill published
University of Manchester Start-ups in European Top Tech List
Event to explore role music played in ‘Troubles’
Biden, Varadkar to Hold Bilateral Meeting
Chancellor unveils Budget for Scotland’s Growth Benefits
Chancellor Announces Growth-Focused Budget
Lord Darroch of Kew discusses democracy in turbulent times
UK voters demand stronger checks on politicians
Proposed Rules to Boost HGV, Coach and Bus Driver Recruitment
Businesses urged to co-operate on environment – UK Gov
UK merger control in 2023
Charity begins at home as far as international aid is concerned
International Aid Starts at Home: Charity Begins
Worker strikes in United Kingdom: Will Australians do same?
Science, Tech Take Top Spot at Cabinet: UK Gov
British Voters Divided by Party over Misinformation Processing
Research to Examine Impact of Economic Turbulence on Work Experience
Chancellor Outlines Plan to Boost Economy Long-term
Sustainability – Exploring possible
Parliament Passes Legislation for British People
Think Tank Warns of Rights Risk for 8.6M UK Workers After EU Law Sunsetting
Sunsetting EU laws risks rights of more than 8.6 million UK workers
PM Unveils Plan to Create Innovative Econ
UK PM Outlines 2023 as Year of Better Future: 4 January
Life Sciences Council Unites for Med Device Reg Reform
Paul van der Heijden arbitrator for new Free Trade Agreement between United Kingdom and Japan
Edinburgh Reforms hail next chapter for UK Financial Services
Plymouth and South Devon Freeport given green light
London competition offering at Ashurst expands with new partner hire
Scientists chart course for more sustainable future for UK fisheries
Scientists chart more sustainable future for UK fisheries
Power of data science will help UK manufacturers cut energy bills, boost productivity and increase competitiveness
Trade deals with India and UK have passed Parliament
It is winner, not host, that provides financial boost
Preventing European cancer epidemic
Brexit and Covid could cause European cancer epidemic
My five-point economic action plan for G20
Urgent need for increase in visa cap for international doctors
How is economic and political turmoil affecting Britons?
Link between online and offline violence against women journalists
What happens to economy if you can’t pay your home loan?
Major decline in Irish-born people in England and Wales, latest Census figures reveal
New report provides snapshot of UK’s construction adjudication infrastructure
Trade agreements can ease pain of possible global recession
Bregulation rethinking regulation after Brexit