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Underwater robot reveals how Thwaites Glacier is melting
End of giant iceberg A-68
Exploration of ocean currents beneath ‘Doomsday Glacier’ by an autonomous underwater vehicle
Fish eye lenses UK launches world’s largest ocean monitoring system to protect wildlife and biodiversity
Extensive underwater camera network to monitor and protect ocean wildlife and blue economies launched across ten UK Overseas
Antarctic homecoming – RRS James Clark Ross arrives in Harwich for final time
BAM Nuttall and Sweco in New Partnership to Upgrade British Research Antarctic Stations
Antarctic Science Hub Takes Shape Amid Complex Construction Season
RRS Sir David Attenborough – COVID impacts on ship into service timeline
New unmanned robotic for RRS Sir David Attenborough
Antarctica’s magnetic link to ancient neighbours
Albatros and petrels: roadmap to protect most threatened sea birds at sea
Drones ‘effective method’ for counting seabirds
Diversity in Polar Science – Race Impact survey report
Seabirds spend nearly 40% of their time in high seas
Rock lobsters habitats rocky future
RRS James Clark Ross makes final call to Falkland Islands
Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica calves
RRS James Clark Ross departs Antarctica for final time
Glaciers accelerate in Getz region of West Antarctica
Potential for life in lakes isolated beneath Antarctic ice
Lakes isolated beneath Antarctic ice could be more amenable to life than thought
Robotic gliders deployed on giant iceberg mission
Discovery of life beneath Antarctica’s ice shelves
RRS Sir David Attenborough heads to open sea for trials
Data from space could help protect endangered North Atlantic right whale
RRS Sir David Attenborough workboat wins international award
Evaluation concludes BAS research is ‘world leading’
Gentoo poo and satellite tracking shows way to sustainable krill fishery 20 January 2021
Penguins benefit from extended maritime zone
Opportunities for Antarctic research – Apply now
Construction Seasons Starts at UK’s Largest Antarctic Research Hub
Expedition to map biodiversity in Atlantic deep sea
BAS field season underway
RRS Sir David Attenborough registered to Falkland Islands
Giant iceberg mission
Southern Hemisphere westerly winds likely to intensify as climate warms
British Antarctic Survey takes delivery of RRS Sir David Attenborough
Modernisation planning begins for Australia’s Antarctic stations 28 November 2020
Krill provide a highway for ocean carbon storage
Krill provide highway for ocean carbon storage
Deserved medal: Alison Dean and leadership in Antarctic 27 November 2020
Do your PhD with British Antarctic Survey in 2021
Blue whales return to South Georgia after near extinction
University helps UK Overseas Territory become sanctuary for wildlife
First Polar Pride
Climate extremes drive changes in Antarctic Bottom Water
Unprecedented changes in deep ocean driven by recent climate extremes