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Extreme snowfall in West Antarctica driving sea-level rise
Antarctic Ice Sheet Sheds 3000+ Billion Tons of Ice in 25 Years
Billions of tonnes of ice lost from Antarctic Ice sheet
Giant Iceberg Photographed on Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica
Research to Investigate Gulf Stream’s Impact on Climate and Carbon Cycle
NERC update on polar research planning
Geomagnetic storm sounds inspire new album
Underwater robot helps explain Antarctic glacier’s retreat
New close-up view of melting beneath Thwaites Glacier
Close-up Look at Thwaites Glacier Melting Revealed
Scientists Uncover Forces Behind Retreat of Thwaites Glacier
Oldest ice drilling campaign reaches key milestone
Scientists begin flying campaign to improve climate modelling
New funding to predict future sea-level rise in Antarctica
RRS Sir David Attenborough begins polar science trials
Dame Jane Francis Appointed Trustee of Natural History Museum
Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica calves giant iceberg
New emperor penguin colony discovered
Tracking of Vulnerable seabirds reveals difference in foraging patterns
‘Walrus detectives’ sought for conservation science
Scientist Wins Astronomy Award
Scientists use Navy data to assess stability of underwater volcanoes
Ozone Layer Recovery on Track Thanks to Montreal Protocol
Opportunities for Antarctic research – apply now 3 January
PM Thanks Public Servants with Christmas Calls
Cost-Effective Antarctic Biodiversity Conservation Roadmap by 2022
New roadmap to cost-effective conservation of Antarctic biodiversity
Flying campaign to future-proof Antarctic sea ice measurements from space
Fieldwork starts on Thwaites Glacier
New refit yard announced for RRS Sir David Attenborough
UK Government awards £45 million to maintain flagship scientific research vessels including RRS Sir David Attenborough
Beyond EPICA Deep Drilling Campaign Begins in Antarctica
New season begins for Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation programme
Biodiversity unbalanced as ice-free Antarctic areas grow
‘Sounds’ of sun inspire extraordinary new album
Warming and acidification threatens organisms
Calcifying organisms, threatened by combination of ocean warming and acidification
Research shows ‘danger zones’ for wandering albatrosses
Calling for ‘Walrus Detectives’ on World Walrus Day
Underwater tsunamis created by glacier calving cause vigorous ocean mixing
Drones survey wildlife populations in remote Sub-Antarctic island
RRS Sir David Attenborough departs for Antarctica
AI tool to revolutionise polar ship navigation
British Antarctic Survey at COP27
British Antarctic Survey’s 2022-2023 field season begins
Antarctica drawing competition launches
Climate change to increase lifetime of space pollution
Oldest marine DNA discovered in Antarctic sediments