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Satellites reveal world’s most famous ‘mega iceberg’ released 152 billion tonnes of fresh water into ocean as it scraped past South
Labs in Antarctica and Cambridge Receive Sustainability Award
BAS scientist awarded Gold Medal by Royal Astronomical Society
Grant awarded to predict future impacts on atmosphere
Opportunities for Antarctic research – Apply now 11 January
Invasive species ‘hitchhiking’ on tourist and research ships threaten Antarctica’s unique ecosystems
Invasive species ‘hitchhiking’ on ships threaten Antarctica’s unique ecosystems
Jurassic Giant – Largest Marine Reptile Skeleton Ever Unearthed in Britain
BAS researcher involved in discovery of ‘sea dragon’ fossil
New polar research ship embodies ‘spirit of Shackleton’
Abundance of life discovered beneath an Antarctic ice shelf
British Antarctic Survey’s 2021-2022 field season is underway
RRS Sir David Attenborough arrives in Antarctica for first time
Winners announced in British Antarctic Survey and University of Cambridge net zero hackathon to decarbonise UK Antarctic Research
Threat from Thwaites: retreat of Antarctica’s riskiest glacier
Antarctic seabird faces declining populations
RRS Sir David Attenborough arrives in Falkland Islands
From Scotland to Antarctica: trial construction of new Antarctic communications tower in Kintore
Power of Green Zone at COP26
Antarctica experiences rare total solar eclipse
Project to make climate projections in Polar Regions more reliable
Space technology and artificial intelligence to monitor whale mass stranding events
RRS Sir David Attenborough makes maiden voyage to Antarctica
UK researchers join forces to put science at forefront of climate solutions
Take part in Ice Worlds Festival and explore RRS Sir David Attenborough online
New polar ship makes London debut
New report outlines importance of Intentionally Inclusive Spaces in STEM
New surveys show an abundance of humpback whales on their South Atlantic feeding grounds following whaling ban
Walrus From Space – Animal Spotters Wanted to Join Mass Survey
DEEPICE: Network of young researchers to unveil past climate change in Antarctica
Frozen in time: climate change challenge to be showcased at upcoming sustainability conference
UK takes vaccines to Antarctica
Early human activities impacted Earth’s atmosphere more than previously known
Falkland Islands Government and British Antarctic Survey work together on forthcoming Antarctic summer research season
Immersive science-art exhibition opens at Glasgow Science Centre
Are humpback whales good bioindicators of Antarctic mercury pollution?
Chaotic formation of genetic islands among marine molluscs
‘MRI’ scan reveals spectacular ice age landscapes beneath North Sea
Artificial intelligence to help predict Arctic sea ice loss
RRS James Clark Ross sold
Significant geothermal heat beneath ice stream
Warming Western Antarctic Peninsula waters impact plankton community
Report on first phase of Diversity in UK Polar Science Initiative
UK Government boosts UK resilience against climate change
Plastic pollution and ocean acidification reduce Antarctic krill development
Climate change risk to emperor penguins
BAS Shortlisted for British Construction Industry Awards
UK and Australian new polar research ships rendezvous on sea trials