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Research: Reducing Anesthetics During Surgery Has No Impact On Patient Care, Decreases Emissions
Auckland Floods: City Needs Stormwater Fit for Climate Change
Bilge Yildiz wins Rahmi M. Koç Medal of Science
Hybrid Catalyst to Increase Ethylene Production Sustainability
New Technique Developed to Obtain Chemical Inputs Without CO2 Emission
Worms, bacteria and fungi help reduce carbon dioxide emissions
UK Overestimates Methane Emission Reductions – Other Nations Too
New species of microalgae discovered
Canada, Manitoba Invest $100K for Horticulture Facility Upgrade
Earth’s Climate Steered by Temperature-Dependent Weathering
Low Emission Energy Systems Can Cause Water Conflict
Unlocking Bacterium’s Inner Mechanisms
Mercury Helps to Detail Earth’s Most Massive Extinction Event
Humans Linked to Blue-Green Algae Growth in Lakes for Millennia
Cooling Particles
Exploring Origins of Cave-Forming Acid Revealed
Committee to Review Marine Pollution Protocol Amendments
Whales could be key to reducing carbon dioxide
Reducing steel corrosion vital to combating climate change
McGowan Gov’t Climate Laws Useless Without Ban on Kimberley Gas Projects
Capturing carbon with both hands
Carbon Captured More Effectively with New Catalyst Design: Researchers
Scientists Unveil Least Costly Carbon Capture System to Date
New Neuroscience Maps Brain Connections
Analysis reveals scale of tertiary education’s carbon emissions
Robot, Can You Smell This?
Red Sea Urchins’ Climate Change Vulnerability Depends on Location
Researchers Uncover Pathways for Zero-Carbon Fuel Synthesis
Increase in accommodation bookings during December
Oranges, Coffee & Seaweed Beat Cotton in Sustainable Fashion
In-Place Manufacturing Boosts Gas Sensor Production Speed
UEA’s Chief: We Can Beat Climate Emergency
Malformed Seashells Reveal Earth’s Ancient Past
Malformed Seashells Reveal Earth’s Ancient Past
Interlocking Molecules Create Tough, Flexible ‘Chain Mail’
How was solar system formed? Ryugu asteroid is helping us learn
Perseverance Rover Unveils Mars’ Rich Meteorology
Research Uncovers Chemical Makeup of Early Solar System from Comets
Cornell to help boost US supply of critical energy minerals
GIST Scientists Develop Protective Layer for Catalysts, Prolongs Life and Performance
Researcher Invents ‘Plant Factory’ for Urban Agriculture
Sharing Carbon Dioxide Removal Burden via New Approach
Regenerative farming tackles climate change
Soil Microbes & Climate Change: Future at Stake?
Exploring Cosmic Magnetic Fields in Lab Experiments
SEA Electric, MEVCO to Electrify 8.5K Hilux and Landcruiser for Mining
SRM 915c Calcium Carbonate Mass Fraction Standard
Increased atmospheric dust is masking greenhouse gases’ warming effect