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New ARENA regulations support CCUS as priority low emissions technology
Scientists show single catalyst can perform first step of turning CO2 into fuel in two very different ways
Algorithm helps probe connections between stream chemistry and environment
Pulsed lasers in liquids speed up hunt for effective catalysts
FSU researchers find oxygen spike coincided with ancient global extinction
Researchers find oxygen spike coincided with ancient global extinction
Stinkweed could make cleaner bio-jet fuel, study finds
Solar-powered microbes to feed world?
Scientists reveal aspects of mosquito vision that guide host recognition
Chemists discover key to greener food production
David Sholl: Driving decarbonized energy system
Could residential heat pumps be part of climate solution?
New regulations take effect on ARENA’S expanded scope
Carbon Reduction Tech Boosting Job Creation In Valley
Advanced engineering strategies enable more sustainable biomanufacturing industry
FSU researchers find La Niña increases carbon export from Amazon River
Past abrupt climate changes provide ‘early warning signals’ of cascading tipping points
Metabolic Phenotyping Facility Offers University-Wide Technology Services, Expertise
New approach to preventing human-induced earthquakes
‘Less than 1% probability’ that Earth’s energy imbalance increase occurred naturally, say Princeton and GFDL scientists
Synthetic Fuels: Successful Coupled Operation of Container Plant System at KIT
Turning diapers into sticky notes: Using chemical recycling to prevent millions of tons of waste
Researchers Unlock Genomic Secrets of Gutless Deep-sea Tubeworm
How crushed rocks can help capture CO2
Anthropogenic climate change already affects production of marine plankton populations
Harnessing oceans for energy
China’s carbon-monitoring satellite reports global carbon net of six gigatons
Scientists uncover fatal flaw in green pigmented concrete
Household waste and sewage to be used in jet fuel production as government makes world-leading sustainable aviation fuel commitments
California’s carbon mitigation efforts may be thwarted by climate change itself
$1M NASA grant to improve carbon monitoring in East Africa
Forum held on Urban Energy Internet Development and Cooperation Under Goal of Achieving Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon
Scientists set their sights on new catalyst technology to help achieve net zero
Lincoln Laboratory convenes top network scientists for Graph Exploitation Symposium
Researchers offered using methanol in power generation for electric cars
Zero-dimensional molecular sieve membranes enhance gas separation selectivity
Treatment with endothelial cells reverses emphysema in model
Reducing emissions by decarbonizing industry
LLNL and collaborators improve electrochemical reactor performance through 3D printing
Self-administered high-flow therapy for COPD and type 1 respiratory failure
Biodiversity, climate change and fate of coral reefs
Role of Amazon as carbon sink declines: Nature study
With only 2% of governments’ recovery spending going to clean energy transitions
Climate impact of wild pigs greater than million cars
Global satellite data shows clouds will amplify global heating
Horizontal winds become major movers of CO2 during cold fronts
Ocean microbes team up brilliantly to gather food when it’s scarce
Canada invests $2.6 million to improve alfalfa growth and develop grassland carbon offset system