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Asia Spotlight Series: India prepares for G20 presidency
Canada to Aid Canadians During 2023 Wildfire Season
Fiona Simson Named Director of WFO: AFPA Congratulates NFF Chair
China’s Gracilaria Cultivation to Double Annual Carbon Sink by 2030
City’s Carbon Storage Equal to Forest, Study Finds
Research Team Publishes Review on Interfacial Solar Evaporation
UNFPA urges end to alarmist narratives on population growth, recognition of women’s rights
Shift to ‘flash droughts’ as climate warms
Mapping Technology Boosts Land Managers’ Carbon Trading Options
Mapping Technology Helps Land Managers Protect Landscapes and Benefit from Carbon Trading
Purdue ViPER Group Develops Long-Life Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Scientists enhance recyclability of waste plastic
Scientists Make Waste Plastic Easier to Recycle
Could bamboo homes stand tall against climate change?
GRDC updates deliver research to growers’ doorsteps
Carbon Shipping Emissions Pose Global Sustainability Challenge
Port MOU to drive energy opportunities with Japan
Advisers Urged to Aid Net Zero Emissions by ’50
South Asian Black Carbon Accelerates Tibetan Glacial Loss
Nitrides of Transition Metals: HER Activity Examined
South Asians’ Black Carbon Causes Glacier Loss on Tibetan Plateau
Allens advises on Australia’s largest wind farm
World Bank Vice President Visits Bhutan, Reiterates Continued Support
Exploring Extreme Heat Wave Events
Passenger rail commitment welcomed
New Year’s fireworks to illuminate skies over Northern Beaches
How Anthropogenic Disturbances Drive Inland Water CO2 Emissions
Protected areas buffer climate change for biodiversity
Assessing environmental impact of future ‘Higgs factories’
Long-awaited solution for hard-to-abate sectors?
Climate Group launches EV100+ to tackle world’s most polluting road vehicles
New report highlights alarming lack of hydrogen training
Allens advises ARENA on Australian-first renewable hydrogen plant
Mexican mangroves have been capturing carbon for 5,000 years
Colorado School of Mines BHP announce founding partnership for Global Energy Future Initiative
OCBC Bank and NUS collaborate on nationwide electric vehicle adoption study
Solid Oxide Electrolytic Cells Facilitate CO2 Electrolysis under Intermittent Renewable Energy Power
Climate Active certification will drive increased use of ACCUs by Australian businesses
“Pulsed Joule Heating” Technology Enables Ultra-Efficient Snow, Frost and Ice Removal from Renewable Energy Devices
Estonia: focus on structural reforms will underpin and boost recovery
Rio Tinto: First ore delivered at Gudai-Darri iron ore mine in Pilbara
UK Statement on Space ‘2030’ at UN Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Partners team up with Stagecoach to give Sellafield lift
Soil Microbial Community Structure and Microenvironment Jointly Drive Soil Respiration Component Patterns
Climate Dynamics Needs to be Considered to Achieve Carbon Neutrality
Yarra’s advocacy priorities for Federal Election
Fireworks to ring in New Year on Northern Beaches
Financing climate action in India – Priorities and reflections on COP26 by Indian states