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Rainforest trees may have been dying faster since 1980s because of climate change
Satellite images reveal dramatic loss of global wetlands over past two decades
Dramatic loss of globe’s wetlands
How does forest restoration affect water cycles?
At COP 15, IFAD calls for immediate long-term investments in land restoration and climate resilience to ensure global food security
Land-building marsh plants are champions of carbon capture
GW4 Generator Award: Seven collaborative research communities awarded £125k funding
Accurately monitoring subsurface carbon dioxide storage
It’s pore that counts
Neural network can read tree heights from satellite images
Declining nitrogen availability in our nitrogen-rich world
Scientists find declining nitrogen availability in nitrogen rich world
Researchers find declining nitrogen availability in nitrogen-rich world
Deforestation drives climate change that harms remaining forest
How much, how fast: Research on carbon storage
CSIRO’s future science to tackle energy storage, carbon locking, immune resilience and bioeconomy
Carbon flow through inland and coastal waterways, implications for climate
U.S. trees may provide over $100 billion dollars in savings via environmental benefits – but face growing threats
We can halve emissions by 2030 but time to act is now: IPCC
Major research effort to save future of European peatlands
Bushbank To Regenerate Habitats And Drive Jobs
Nature-based carbon removal has critical role to play in reducing global temperature rise
Nature-based carbon removal can help protect us from warming planet
Planting seed for new soil carbon systems to address climate change
Citizen scientists predict cherry blossom peak
Vegetable oil emissions study reveals urgent need for greener growing solutions
Northern forests help curb climate change, but only if we preserve their diversity
Setting carbon management in stone
Forest restoration must navigate trade-offs between environmental and wood production goals
Planting for sustainable future
Increased tree cover in savannas provides limited benefit in climate fight
How Indigenous burning shaped Klamath’s forests for millennia
Solent’s underwater meadows get boost
Huge forest fires don’t cause living trees to release much carbon, OSU research shows
Huge forest fires don’t cause living trees to release much carbon
Why seaweed may not be a silver bullet for carbon storage after all
Triple-isotopic oxygen record finds global productivity during last eight glacial cycles
Relocating farmland could turn back clock twenty years on carbon emissions, say scientists
Stalagmites trace climate history and impact from volcanic eruptions
Human-induced disease outbreak in animals causes cascading ecological effects
Amazon rainforest losing resilience
Research shows CO2 could be stored below ocean floor
‘Working with Earth’: University of Toronto’s Andrei Swidinsky finds climate change solutions beneath our feet
Research maps stress changes around fault activated by hydraulic fracturing
England’s largest seagrass restoration continues in Plymouth Sound
Trees may benefit from earlier start of growing season in cold humid areas
New research areas cause name change for research centre
CO2CRC and K-CCUS Association sign key international partnership to enhance CCUS development and deployment