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3D Visualization and Quantification of Bioplastic PHA in Living Bacterial Cell
How crushed rocks can help capture CO2
Extreme heat, dry summers main cause of tree death in Colorado’s subalpine forests
California’s carbon mitigation efforts may be thwarted by climate change itself
Restoring forest biodiversity in Scottish Highlands
Ecologist Ruby Harris-Gavin reflects on Ireland’s ‘conflicted national relationship with trees’
Rise in Southeast Asia forest clearance increasing greenhouse gases
Researchers: Let crop residues rot in field – it’s a climate win
LLNL, other labs to study hydrogen storage
CO2 storage through dead plant material
Biodiversity 3.0 metric launched in new sustainable development toolkit
Gulf Coast Ready to Develop Carbon Storage Hub
$15 million boost for carbon farming projects
Soil, carbon sequestration and fight against climate change
Floods may be nearly as important as droughts for future carbon accounting
Fungi embrace fundamental economic theory as they engage in trading
Cornish farmers could unlock ‘natural capital’ worth millions
A wilder future for Yorkshire
Transforming barren landscape into a nature haven
Leading scientists warn of global impacts as Antarctic nears tipping points
Improving Habitat for Pollinating Insects
Sevilleta project uses past data to predict future
Science, Solar Arrays Launch on NASA’s SpaceX Cargo Mission
What could such a green spring mean for fire season?
New Tree Health Pilot to launch this summer
People prefer ‘natural’ strategies to reduce atmospheric carbon
Researchers lead £4.5m study on sustainable technology to remove CO2 from air
Forests and climate change: ‘We can’t plant our way out of climate crisis’
Research shows why some pockets of conifer survive repeated forest fires
New simplified tropical forest assessment tool is highly effective at estimating forest condition
Federal Budget – Some ticks but new levy a blow to Australian jobs
In soil, high microbial fluctuation leads to more carbon emissions
Brazilian Amazon released more carbon than it stored in 2010s
Loss of fauna in tropical forests impedes achieving Sustainable Development Goals
Satellites reveal ocean currents are getting stronger, with potentially significant implications for climate change
Stress test finds cracks in resistance of harmful hospital bugs
New major study shows importance of nature in hitting net zero
Tropical Forest Soils Capture CO2 Under Elevated Nitrogen Deposition
Carbon neutral from paddock to plate
Environmental researchers uncover story of Amazon’s understory
Overlooked importance of urban soils
Carbon account shines light on opportunity
University research supports byelaw to protect inshore waters
Soils or plants will absorb more CO2 as carbon levels rise, but not both
New documentation: Old-growth forest carbon sinks overestimated
Federal Government commits to unlocking forest industries’ carbon storing potential to tackle climate change
Genetics and vegetation part of carbon neutral recipe 25 March
A Sustainable Ocean Economy is Key to Indonesia’s Prosperity