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Wise Tool Modifies Microbes
Some Salt Marshes Keeping Pace with Rising Seas
Coastal Salt Marshes Keeping Pace with Rising Seas
Global Warming Reduces Wetland Carbon Storage Capacity
Tropical Forest Recovery Offsets Only 25% of Carbon Emissions
Best foot forward from Greenpeace to blue carbon
UN 2023 Water Conference: 5 Things to Know
Underwater Giant Waves Impact Ocean Carbon Storage
Giant Waves Impact Ocean Carbon Storage
Brazil’s Climate Goals Depend on Dry Forests, Savannas
Digitised greenhouse gas calculator launched for producers
Diverse Approach Key to Carbon Removal
CSIRO launches CarbonLock to tackle climate change
Moose Contribute to Global Warming: Study
Norwegian Royal Plenary session
DOE Backs Gulf Coast Clean Hydrogen Initiative
Gov’t Launches Soil Carbon Challenge: Round 2 Grants Open
Climate’s Carbon Stores Threatened by ‘Spiral’ – Study
Excess Nutrients Lead to Ecosystem Changes in Waquoit Bay: Warning for Estuaries Worldwide
Machine Learning Model Boosts Amazon Carbon Storage Estimate
Agricultural Erosion: Carbon Sink or Source Debate Settled
Soils’ Carbon Sequestration Enabled by Moisture: OSU Study
Tech Firm to Aid Farmers in Drought Resistance
Tech Firm to Aid Ag Drought Resilience in Regions
Indigenous Management of Land Exempted in New Study on Farm Productivity
Indigenous Land Management Found to Preserve Natural Areas: Study
Second chance to protect wetlands
Reduce Pesticide Pollution to Boost Crop Yield, Mitigate Climate Change
Forest Management Outshines Climate Change in Ecosystem Service Supply
Canada’s Climate Strategy to Incorporate Natural Carbon Sinks
Lifestyles of fast and slow (bacteria): in wild, most live in slow lane
Federal Budget to Boost Gas Supply, Cut Emissions: Report
Carbon data for double benefit
Biting truth: red meat’s sustainability success story
Air Pollution Taints Soil, Releases Carbon
Rapid Plant Evolution Could Change Coastal Marsh Adaptability
Whales could be key to reducing carbon dioxide
Grassland Ecosystems Become More Resilient with Age
No ‘One-Size’ Solution for Protecting Carbon-Rich Peatlands
Sierra Nevada Fires Reach Record High Intensity
Grassland ecosystems become more resilient with age
New Levers Found to Control Plant Biochemistry: Study
Fossil Pollen Implicates Ozone Depletion in Mass Extinction
Fossil Plants Reveal UV Radiation Responsible for Mass Extinctions
Fossil Pollen Uncovers Ozone Depletion Role in Mass Extinction
Ancient Ocean ‘Dead Zones’ Mapped: Predict Future Impacts
How do tidal marshes store carbon?
UK woodlands could store almost twice as much carbon as previously estimated