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Oregon State University part of $20M effort to develop artificial intelligence for agriculture
CMU Puts AI To Work in New NSF-funded Institutes
David Sholl: Driving decarbonized energy system
Could residential heat pumps be part of climate solution?
UVA Biocomplexity Institute Developing Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture
Washington State University to lead national AI research institute for agriculture
University of Missouri plays crucial role in new NSF artificial intelligence institute
$20 million federal grant launches AI institute for better crops, agricultural production
Oregon State University part of $20M effort to develop AI to help elderly live at home
Twin win at Google’s Waymo autonomous driving competition
Exploring Silk’s Full Potential
Dynamic heart model mimics hemodynamic loads, advances engineered heart tissue technology
Fang, Sandholm Honored for Significant Contributions to AI
Integrating neuronal perspectives for richer results
New algorithm may help autonomous vehicles navigate narrow, crowded streets
Music Streaming Consumption Fell During COVID-19 Lockdowns
Getting dressed with help from robots
Study Finds Support for India During COVID-19 Surge
New Study Looks at Effects of Clean Air Act on Power Plants
Researchers Develop Fabric-friendly Sensors
Tenured engineers of 2021
AI Allows Legged Robots To Adapt in Real-Time to Changing Conditions
Wearable Tech Aids Freedivers, Cardiac Patients
Ethics of split liver transplantation: Analyzing case studies to make right decision
Attack of self-driving cars
Divers beat seals during deep dives
CMU Spinoff Marinus Analytics Awarded AI XPRIZE Third Place
Artificial intelligence speeds forecasts to control fusion experiments
Significant Otter Helps Couples Communicate From Heart
Algorithm uses mass spectrometry data to predict identity of molecules
Resetting Travelers’ Circadian Clocks
Using DNA For Tiny Tech
One Thing Leads to Another
What causes deep Earth’s most mysterious earthquakes?
Should Ships In India Switch to Shore Power?
University of Toronto deep learning pioneer Geoffrey Hinton receives honorary degree
Study shows how rudeness leads to anchoring, including in medical diagnoses
Mastermind of active machine learning
CMU Team develops machine learning platform that mines nature for new drugs
Without requiring vaccines, filled stadiums are unsafe
Books on health, economic inequalities in Latin America, Caribbean shed light on content, impact of health policies
Dark Energy Survey releases most precise look at universe’s evolution
Significant otter helps couples communicate from heart
Focused Ultrasound Enables Precise Noninvasive Therapy
What’s Left Out of Energy Models? You
Global study of glacier debris shows impact on melt rate
CMU, R.K. Mellon Foundation Announce Historic Partnership
Delphi Research Group, Collaborators Honored for COVIDcast