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Top Tech Students Find Future at Naval Supply Systems Command Business Systems Center
Data Science for Social Good Programme helps Ofsted and World Bank
A Brain Mechanism underlying “Vision” in Blind is Revealed
3D Bioprinted Heart Provides New Tool for Surgeons
Adoption of French Model Code mixed
CREATE Lab Launches Project That Helps Renters Avoid Evictions
Cynical Hostility Presents Potential Pathway to Cardiovascular Disease, Baylor University Study Finds
System brings deep learning to “internet of things” devices
$1 million grant awarded to additive manufacturing researchers
Algorithm reduces use of riskier antibiotics for UTIs
Guide Helps Startups Incorporate Ethics Into Business Plans
Misperceptions About Southeast Tornado Risk
Virtual spaces for realistic learning
An interdisciplinary approach to sustainable PPE
Leveraging a 3D printer “defect” to create a new quasi-textile
Even Our Language Is Polarized
Duke to Lead Center to Develop U.S. Air Force Wireless Communications Protocols
3D hand pose estimation using a wrist-worn camera
Fischhoff Recruited to Help Devise COVID Vaccine Distribution Plan
Carnegie Mellon Heads New Center for Studying Structure of Cell Nucleus
NASA’s James Webb Telescopes will reveal hidden galaxies
Blinded by light no more: simulations show NASA’s James Webb Telescope will reveal hidden galaxies
Data Is A Journey, Not A Destination
Berkeley Lab Technologies Honored With 7 R&D 100 Awards
AMD Providing Computing Resources To Support CBD’s COVID-19 Research
Joanna Ellis-Monaghan appointed professor of Discrete Mathematics
Busy Pictures Hinder Reading Ability in Children
Artificial Intelligence Detects Arthritis Before it Develops
Virtual symposium on design thinking to be held
Pandemic Spawns ‘Infodemic’ in Scientific Literature
Altgold Helps Build Silk Scaffolding for Tissue
SURF Study Explores Question: What Makes Someone Attractive?
100 Maps From CMU’s EarthTime Chart Humanity’s Greatest Challenges
Researchers set sights on theory of deep learning
CMU Researchers Train Autonomous Drones Using Cross-Modal Simulated Data
Miller ICA Hosts “Get Out Vote: Empowering Women’s Vote”
Signature Course: Building Virtual Worlds
President Emeritus Arnold Weber passes
Sounds of Action: Using Ears, Not Just Eyes, Improves Robot Perception
If Shoe Fits: CSAFE Study Improves Shoe Print Forensics
Warwick Hosts another year of Data Science for Social Good programme
AI in classroom: Maximising spatial design and improving learning outcomes
Blood-thinner with no bleeding side-effects is here
Carnegie Mellon University and CCDC Army Research Laboratory Announce Cooperative Agreement for $25 Million
Ad Blockers May Benefit Websites, Users, and Market at Large
Self-Isolation May Increase Susceptibility to COVID-19
New Intelligent Science Stations Change Maker Spaces
Research Offers View Into Window Installations Using Robots