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Unlocking Secrets of Brain
Machine Learning Gets Smarter To Speed Up Drug Discovery
Is diversity key to collaboration? New AI research suggests so
Helping hand for robotic manipulator design
Carnegie Mellon Roboticists go off road to compile data that could train self-driving ATVs
Carnegie Mellon researchers develop algorithm to divvy up tasks for human-robot teams
Towards having your privacy, security and exchanging crypto too
Research offers recommendations for policymakers considering integrating autonomous driving tech into public transportation
DEI&B Thought Leadership: Rosalind M. Chow
CMU and Columbia researchers magnify hidden biological structures with MAGNIFIERS
Research chronicles presence of chronic frames of race, gender, and wealth inequality
Crossroads for Data
Breakthrough tech enables seizure localization in minutes
Collaboration Shapes Extracellular Vesicle Retention Strategy
Women working for apps like Uber and Doordash often ‘brush off’ harassment
Sanjay Sarma to step down as vice president for open learning
Over lips, through gums, look out gamers, here it comes – or so it seems
Professors Charles Nichols, PhD and Peter Hendricks, PhD Appointed Co-Editors-in-Chief of Psychedelic Medicine
Inclusive design and research methods will lead to more innovative, intelligent technology
No Club: Bringing Gender Equity to Workplace
Precise control of atomic arrangement may mean less waste in producing plastic
RAMPS Grant Will Democratize Entry to NSF High-Performance Computers
Reinforcement Learning Bolsters Automated Detection of Concrete Cracks
Your Eyes Control Your Smartphone Via New Gaze-Tracking Tool
Robot hands with soft touch
Widespread Brain Receptor Hides Surprising Mechanism of Action
Sensing Signals in Paralyzed Muscles
Illumination of immune checkpoint LAG3 ‘black box’ could yield new cancer and autoimmune therapies
Flexible way to grab items with feeling
Co-offenders likely to violently turn on one another, UK crime gang study shows
CMU, University of Washington Use NASA Funding To Investigate Folding Space Structures
Semiconductor technology startup wins 2022 Rice Business Plan Competition
Adding AI to Museum exhibits increases learning, keeps kids engaged longer
Gene deletion behind anomaly in blood cancer cells
Solving challenges of robotic pizza-making
Disentangling Interactions Across Brain Areas
Scientists reviewed process and development of space intelligent robot technology?
Jahanian Emphasizes Importance of Universities to U.S. Innovation Ecosystem
Penn State Smeal’s Liechty to lead team in DARPA-funded project
Wind, solar could replace coal power in Texas
Early pandemic’s effect on engineering students’ learning
New U-M study assesses impact of automation on long-haul trucking
SMASH Lab Uses Wearables To Train New Privacy-Preserving Sensors
CMU-Q Explores Qatari Dialects, Draws Interactive Map To Preserve Heritage
Disentangling interactions across brain areas
NASA Selects Futuristic Space Technology Concepts for Early Study
Rice Business Plan Competition announces 2022 teams
Analysis highlights role of Chili’s feminist movement in push for social and political progress