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CMU To Lead NASA Space Technology Research Institute
CMU Researchers Create Wearable Device to Control Mobile Robots
NASA Awards for 3D Printing, Quantum Tech to Study Climate
Macrophages Key to Invasive Breast Cancer: Study
Carnegie Mellon Unveils Soft Robot Capable of Land and Sea Movement
Astronauts Can Create Exploration Bots on Moon with Mix-and-Match Kit
Lab Work Makes For Easier Class Work
Honesty Framework Goes Beyond Not Lying
Engineering breakthrough in softbotics
Perfectly Secure Digital Communications Achieved
Ti-6Al-4V Surface Morphology Generated Virtually via AI
New breakthrough enables perfectly secure digital communications
Doctoral Research Reaches Public in 3MT Championship
Robot armies duke it out in Battlecode’s epic on-screen battles
Triplet Quasar is Most Massive Object in Universe
High-powered processor for cutting-edge encryption
Increasing Transmission Efficiency Would Cut Air Pollution
Extreme Reality Telemetry for First Responders
Author Proposes Model to Show AI Fairness: Explanations Explored
How Sandwich is Transforming Electronics
Spinal Cord Stimulation Allows Woman To Move Her Arm Again
Arm Mobility Instantly Enhanced by Spinal Cord Stimulation After Stroke
US Hydroelectric Dams Show Decreasing Local Benefits with Transmission Upgrades
Engineered Magic: Wooden Seeds Mimic Self-Burying
Engineered Magic: Wooden Seed Carriers Mimic Burial of Seeds
Tina Kahniashvili Uncovers Universe’s Origin Story
Movement Information Offers Critical Visual Cues
Carnegie Mellon’s FRIDA Robot Creates Art with Human Collaboration
Grad Students Cope with Stress by Reaching Out to Each Other
Women’s Energy/Water Seminar to Feature Kutchko on Feb. 9
Biden Names Members to White House Security Panel
Staying Course
Mouse Models Accurately Mimic Human Disease, Statistics Show
Mouse Models Accurately Mimic Human Disease: Statistics Show
Senior Folds Machine Learning into DNA Origami Research
Prototype Particle Detectors Project Smashes Milestone
Fresh look at restoring power to grid
CMU President Jahanian Joins Gov. Shapiro at Announcement of New Office
Kaufman Foundation Honors Singh with New Investigator Grant
Visual Cues Provided by Movement Info: Critical Insight
E-commerce Retailers: Cut Costs by Avoiding Pick Failures
Machine Learning Enhances Cell Identity Knowledge
LTI Project Aims To Expand Language Technologies
Team Projects Two Out of Three Glaciers Could Be Lost by 2100
Project Aims to Expand Language Technology
UVA Team Detects 3D Printing Defects in Real Time
Transformation of Coal-Like Material to Graphite, Nanotubes via Simulation
Private High Schools in Rural India Cause Gender, Income Stratification