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Complex geometric models made simple
Could Your Computer Please Be More Polite? Thank you
Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre appoints CEO to lead A3C…
Pandemic Safety Officers Step Up to Help Out
Shaping Research That Informs Inclusive Policy
Zazzle Using MHCI Capstone Ideas To Create New Products
Research reveals racism challenges in human-computer interaction
MIT, guided by open access principles, ends Elsevier negotiations
First Impressions Can Sway Financial Professionals’ Forecasts of Firms for up to Six Years
Carnegie Mellon Tool Automatically Turns Math Into Pictures
Self-Healing Devices Gain or Regain Function After Being Cut
Nearly Half of Twitter Accounts Discussing ‘Reopening America’ May Be Bots
Prescribed Burns May Introduce New Atmospheric Toxins
Enrichment Programs Help Children Build Knowledge
Online Labs for Online Learning
Shining Light on Smog
Readout from Vice President’s Discussion with Higher Education Leaders
Scientists Solve Mystery of Spontaneous Smog Formation
Carnegie Mellon, Pitt Researchers Launch Ventilator Project
New AI Enables Teachers to Rapidly Develop Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Sawyer Series: “Bread and Water,” Food Insecurity and Sickness
A Big Comeback for a Little Switch
FitByte Uses Sensors on Eyeglasses To Automatically Monitor Diet
Study on Firms’ Return Policies Offers Guidance on Pricing, Returns, Refunds
New Device Simulates Feel of Walls, Solid Objects in Virtual Reality
COVID-19 Treatments: A Call for Rigorous Clinical Research
Carnegie Mellon Unveils Five Interactive COVID-19 Maps
CMU Dashboard Will Help Inform State Decision-Makers During Pandemic
FIU researchers are developing solutions for smart city infrastructures, autonomous vehicles
Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Pittsburgh’s Food System
Creativity Would Allow More Americans to Return to Work, Soon
Contact Tracing App Warns of COVID-19 Exposure While Protecting Privacy
Smartphone Videos Produce Highly Realistic 3D Face Reconstructions
Future of AI is Female
NSF RAPID grant backs Princeton research to track and contain pandemic
‘I saw you were online’: How online status indicators shape our behavior
Best Practices For Working Remotely
CMU-Developed Microneedle Patches Ready for COVID-19 Fight
Dr. Naresh Kumar appointed to lead Atmospheric Sciences at Desert Research Institute
Facebook and Carnegie Mellon Team Up to Gather COVID-19 Symptom Data
Facebook and Carnegie Mellon Team Up to Gather COVID-19 Symptom Data
Carefully Cataloguing Coronavirus
Solidarity During Coronavirus Crisis
Understanding Research on How People Develop Trust in AI Can Inform Its Use
Alice Offers Creative Entry Into Coding
Desire for Information: Blissful Ignorance or Painful Truth?
Data for Social Good is More Important Than Ever
Prisoners, Police and Pandemic