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Research reveals that weekly markets in Catalonia are space for creativity and diversity
New project open to citizens to raise awareness on use of containers
UAB study determines that Catalonia¿s anchovies are healthy and Anisakis-free
UB team collaborates in recovery of 74 war artefacts buried during Spanish Civil War
Mechanotransduction: nuclear mechanics to understand health and diseases
GeoDebates: minerals, economy and energy transition
Polyphenol-rich diet prevents inflammation in older people
New project to improve connection between migrants and municipalities
Influence of remarkable Hispanic women honoured though major historical project
Cloud computing to unveil enigmas of our galaxy
New strategy proposal to improve impact of European research
Mini-kidneys help understand link between diabetes and severe Covid
Citizen science study detects vast amount of microplastics in Catalan bathing areas
MAGIC telescopes detect vampire star nuclear explosion
UAB ranks first among generalist universities in Catalonia and Spain for Horizon 2020 funding
Stop ghost fishing: more than 100 extraction operations of lost fishing gears in Catalan coasts
UAB host meeting with One Health specialists
Study reveals decisive role of PDK1 enzyme in acute myeloid leukaemia
GreenSCENT: empowering citizens to achieve European Green Deal
Sniffing out pollution with £2M award
International meeting to boost collaborations between universities and their surroundings
Searching for drivers of devastating Down Syndrome condition
High pollen levels expected in spring, with normal values returning in summer
New spin-off Nimble Diagnostics to commercialize technology for monitoring stents and identifying heart conditions
Cell fusion ‘awakens’ regenerative potential of human retina
Living near green areas reduces risk of suffering stroke by 16%
Patented molecules that counteract effect of most common anticoagulant drug
Lack of cellular prion protein might cause symptoms of epilepsy and learning deficits
UNM Archaeologists’ work highlighted in research journal
Droughts and rising sea levels are impacts of climate change that will most affect Mediterranean basin
Zero-carbon refrigeration spin-out sets its sights on environmentally-friendly heating systems
Light could boost performance of fuel cells, lithium batteries, and other devices
Salinization of river and lake ecosystems: research agenda for global threat
Mediterranean diet associated with lower risk of mortality in older adults
INPhINIT and Junior Leader grants at UB
Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument DESI creates largest three-dimensional map of cosmos
Reconstruction of Cretaceous fossil water plant found in Catalonia using its plant organs
Diet rich in plant-based products reduces risk of cognitive impairment in elderly
New system for analysing thoracic CT scans with deep learning enables Covid lesion detection
Research associates regular vigorous physical activity with improved cardiac response to exercise
First World Sports Tourism Congress: Role of Sport for Tourism Recovery and its Contribution to 2030 Agenda
Air pollution does not increase risk of getting infected but does increase risk of getting sick from Covid
“Catalonia’s Veterinary Heritage” on exhibit
Annual flu shot campaign underway
Tissue physics plays key role in tumor growth
Depression and anxiety rife among doctors during first and second wave of Covid pandemic
Global project empowers 80 states and regions to plan for net zero future
Twisted bilayer graphene dances with light