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Funding boost to scope zero-carbon hub for plant and microbial science
Virus that causes COVID-19 can find alternate route to infect cells
Studies reveal key process needed for cells to recover from stress
Researchers Find Adhesions that Build Brain’s Networks
Scientists Discover Key Player in Brain Development, Cell Communication
Study finds common protein in blood enables human fertilization and fighting infection
Researchers discover how intestinal epithelium folds and moves by measuring forces
Five McGill teams awarded funding in new Genomic Integration program
Stopping muscles fatigue
Sweet Sorghum: Sweet Promise for Environment
Predicting resistance to anticancer drugs
Slowed cell division causes microcephaly
MD Anderson research highlights for June 16, 2021
Purdue plant biologists solve major cell puzzle on path to leaf engineering
Newly revealed potential treatment target for Alzheimer’s could help with late-stage disease
Understanding what drives a liver cell to be a liver cell and not another cell type
How cells measure themselves
Researcher Working to Uncover Key to Cellular Mechanisms in Parasite
Understanding skin’s defense system
Genetic base editing treats sickle cell disease in mice
Scherrer Earns Three Grants for Innovative Pain, Opioid Research
Tiniest of Moments Proves Key for Baby’s Healthy Brain
Atlas of malaria parasite gene activity provides targets for drugs and vaccines
Alzheimer’s: New Treatment Idea Targets Tau
Rebecca Wu’s Beckman Scholarship Will Aid Her Research
Inhaled Nanobodies Protect Hamsters from COVID-19
Bioinformatician elected to Australian Academy of Science
New findings to boost IVF success rates
New mechanism to control tomato ripening discovered
NWO grant for research facility into impact of environmental factors on health
NIST, Collaborators Develop New Method to Better Study Microscopic Plastics in Ocean
A path to aggressive breast cancer
A new polarized fluorescent probe for revealing architectural dynamics of living cells
Shaping future of structural biology and X-ray imaging at EMBL Hamburg
Microneedle patch delivers antibiotics locally in skin
A Global Study Led by CU Medicine and HKUMed Discovers a Hepatitis C Virus Drug as Potent Treatment for COVID-19
Silver Nanoclusters Inhibit DNA Replication
New mechanism of cancer escape from immunity via EGFR-GSK3α-ARIH1 signaling
Molecular analysis identifies key differences in lungs of cystic fibrosis patients
Scientists identify small-molecule cocktail to improve stem cell use in research and disease treatments
World’s first fiber-optic ultrasonic imaging probe for future nanoscale disease diagnostics
World’s first fibre-optic ultrasonic imaging probe for future nanoscale disease diagnostics
Preparing for next pandemic
Study shows how meningitis-causing bacteria may sense fever to avoid immune killing
Ohio State Researchers Examine How Fibrosis Affects Heart’s Natural Pacemaker
New cell atlas of COVID lungs reveals why SARS-CoV-2 is deadly and different
Wageningen Scientist Dolf Weijers to join KNAW
New mouse model provides first platform to study late-onset Alzheimer’s disease