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Scientists find trigger that sets off metastasis in pancreatic cancer
How did vertebrates first develop jaws?
New approach to treatment of deadly kidney cancer
Columbia Scientists Join Consortium to Develop New Antivirals for SARS-CoV-2 and Emerging Viruses
Researchers identify molecular mechanisms behind learning and memory, may open door to new therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer’s
Research Snapshot: New aging-related molecular pathway discovered
Researchers identify, test novel drug that may stop heart failure progression
Study in mice describes how different cell types in brain work together to suppress nausea
Getting tough on tuft cell lung cancer
First patient in Netherlands successfully treated with stem cell gene therapy
Deletion of ‘Wt1’ gene produces alterations in reproductive organs of mice
Philanthropy accelerates stroke trials
Cell biology discovery opens doors for brain disease research
An Experimental Treatment Failed in Mice, and Researchers Did Right Thing: They Published About It
Your Identity is an Asset: Spotlight on Dr. Jeffrey Maloy
New post-bac program in neuroscience provides research experience, professional development
Engineer ing team develops novel photonic chipscope for label-free monitoring of live cell activities
New approach to anatomy challenges antiquated terms, adopts inclusive lens
Nearly $3 Million Awarded to Study Sickle Cell Disease at UConn Health
Black box behind embryonic development
Mechanotransduction: nuclear mechanics to understand health and diseases
Puzzling out structure of molecular giant
How Cells Navigate in Messy Environments
Unique insight into inner workings of our cellular powerplants
Stem cells either overproduce or underproduce brain cells in autism patients
Cultural Barriers to Use of Genetic Testing
Nano-sensor detects pesticides on fruit in minutes
Stress Protein in Fibroblasts May Be Good Target for Future Cancer Drugs, Penn Study Finds
Molecules found in mucus can thwart fungal infection
Genetics: How harmless environmental bacterium became dreaded hospital germ Acinetobacter baumannii
New type of pneumococcal vaccine developed by KI scientists
Researchers unravel cellular mystery related to salmonella
Paired perils of breast cancer and diabetes
T cell warriors need their R & R
Genetic roots of 3 mitochondrial diseases ID’d via new approach
Jennifer Morrell-Falvey: Revealing secret lives of plants and microbes
Protein protects cells from stressful forces, and diseases such as muscular dystrophy, by forming ‘nanoclusters’
Chloride ion channel ASOR is required for vesicle shrinkage
On trail of urinary tract infections
New protein structures to aid rational drug design
Protein linked to intellectual disability has complex role
Study links Protein to intellectual disability has complex role
New evidence on how adults’ large bone injuries repair
For large bone injuries, it’s Sonic hedgehog to rescue
CUIMC Marathon Teams Set Records at Armory
VP&S Academy of Clinical Excellence Inducts Fifth Class
Repair program for heart
Scientists Detect Common Fungicide in Pregnant Women and Children