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Human Ecology researchers work to improve protective gear
New research exposes highly variable microplastic concentrations in UK rivers
Numbers on Connecticut’s Newest Crop: Hemp
Most diets lead to similar modest weight loss and lower blood pressure
Technique reveals how crystals form on surfaces
Physical force alone spurs gene expression, study reveals
Oldest ever human genetic evidence clarifies dispute over our ancestors
A map of reactions helps control molecular properties
How can unpleasant odours be prevented?
Co-occurring contaminants may increase North Carolina groundwater risks
Plants respond to light within fraction of a second
Social distancing in place at Whyte’s Gully – Wollongong
New Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Production with Enhanced Faradaic Efficiency
New blood test can detect wide range of cancers, now available to
“Living drug factories” might treat diabetes and other diseases
UH Researchers Donate Protective Equipment to Health Care Workers on Front Lines
New drug could potentially offer better treatment for chronic heart failure
Quantum Effect Triggers Unusual Material Expansion
Double-walled nanotubes have electro-optical advantages
Better, safer batteries
New Electrolyte Additives Enable EV Batteries Travel Longer Distances on A Single Charge
Just add salt to enhance spatial resolution of single-molecule Raman spectroscopy
Moyhu Group at VEMTC Wangaratta
Two men charged after more than 9kg of illicit drugs seized
Cornell linked to three 51 Pegasi b astronomy postdocs
Police charge two men after more than 9kg of illicit drugs seized – Eastern Suburbs
New Fabrication Approach Paves Way to Low Cost Mid-Infrared Lasers Useful for Sensing
Scientists electrify aluminum to speed up important process
How do you roll after soil amelioration?
Research team races to develop COVID-19 vaccine and treatments
Computational human cell reveals new insight on genetic information processing
Volker Deckert Named Recipient of 2020 Ellis R. Lippincott Award
New imaging method sheds light on Alzheimer’s disease
Self-sanitizing face mask project receives NSF RAPID grant
Engineers model mutations causing drug resistance
Peak district grasslands hold key to global plant diversity
Advanced “Super-Planckian” Material Exhibits LED-Like Light When Heated
NTU scientists transform ultra-tough pollen into flexible material
Optical Society Names Tony F. Heinz 2020 William F. Meggers Award Recipient
How and Where to Allocate Stockpiled Ventilators During a Pandemic
Containment efforts appear to step COVID-19 spread down from exponential norm
How to get conductive gels to stick when wet
UN fast tracks $10 million loan to help scale up FAO action to fight Desert Locusts
How fungis knack for networking boosts ecological recovery after bushfires
COVID-19 working group gears up
With Ritalin and similar medications, brain focuses on benefits instead of costs of work
A chemical factory for all cases
City of Parramatta Council action in response to COVID-19