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Engineers design a heated face mask to filter and inactivate coronaviruses
Medical device using Northwestern-invented biomaterial receives FDA clearance
Unravelling prehistoric fire use: ‘Variation in fire conditions equals variation in human behaviour’
A new way of looking at Earth’s interior
New study shows how complex metabolism may have self-assembled from simple precursors
Plant defense layer has unexpected effect on volatile compounds, study finds
Highly selective membranes
Service station scares for Hamilton CFA
Expressions of Interest – Chairperson – State Fire Commission
This Red Light Means ‘Go’ for Medical Discoveries
New insight brings sustainable hydrogen one step closer
Investing in foundation industries help to back innovators
DNA-peptide interactions create complex behaviours which may have helped shape biology
How to make perfect edges in 2D-materials
Registrations now open to Detox Your Home for free
Engineered Developmental Signals Could Illuminate Regenerative Medicine
Calcium bursts kill drug-resistant tumor cells
A controllable membrane to pull carbon dioxide out of exhaust streams
Seven new members at Eindhoven Young Academy of Engineering
Ground-breaking project to use plasma jets to decontaminate essential medical equipment exposed to Covid-19 virus
Five new women-led startups tackle global challenges
In beginning, there was sugar
TU/e at Dutch Design Week 2020 all set to go online
Zeptoseconds: New world record in short time measurement
Why we need small fish
New Test Can Target and Capture Most Lethal Cells in Fatal Brain Cancer
Skin-care product based on University research donated to health-care workers battling COVID-19
Pediatric cancers share stalled gene-managing enzyme
New study reveals how nervous system mutes or boosts sensory information to make behavioral decisions
Soak up sunlight and swim in dark
Insects provide strategy for sustainable food production
IN2UB team designs a molecule to implement a quantum error correction code
Poisoned by plastics? Turtle study seeks answers
Maintain grain quality with hygiene essentials
Landholders join fight against invasive species
Clues to Brain Development and Disease Emerge from 3D Epigenome Study
Machine learning model helps characterize compounds for drug discovery
Research demonstrates a molecular dance that keeps your heart beating
Plant roots grow towards soil fungi
Plant roots ‘smell’ fungi in soil
Goethe University partner in US$ 7.2 million research project on Parkinson’s disease
Volcanic eruptions may explain Denmark’s giant mystery crystals
EPA fines company over sludge at Sunshine West
EPA grants Steritech Works Approval
Hurricanes, heavy rain critical for Oʻahu’s groundwater supply
Opening Black Box of Neural Networks
A Billion Tiny Pendulums Could Detect Universe’s Missing Mass
Synthetic shuttlecock on its way to world cup