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Researchers identify new relevant target for PARP inhibitor talazoparib
Mechanism that triggers brain neuron response revealed
Study examines role of deep-sea microbial predators at hydrothermal vents
High-performance Perovskite Solar Cell Achieved by Combining Chemical and Energetic Passivation
Single-phase Covalent Organic Frameworks Membranes Make CO2-selective Separation Possible
Worker poisoned – basic health and safety obligations not met
Geologists take Earth’s inner temperature using erupted sea glass
Paving way for UV-enabled flexible wearable tech
Common floral bacteria can induce pollen germination
University of Toronto prof’s AI startup, Deep Genomics, raises US$180 million: Globe and Mail
From quantum gravity to strange metals
Hybrid cars are twice as vulnerable to supply chain issues as gas-powered models
Improving battery efficiency to drive electric vehicle revolution
Smoking-gun evidence for neutrinos’ role in supernova explosions
Oxygen-vacancy-mediated Catalysis Boosts Direct Methanation of Biomass
EPA lays charges over Torquay chemical incident
Turning diapers into sticky notes: Using chemical recycling to prevent millions of tons of waste
Stained glass present at murder of Thomas Becket could be oldest existing in England
Scientists Unveil Potential Dependence in Nitric Oxide Electroreduction to Ammonia
African Olive Pathways Focus for Local Councils and Local Land Services
How does sunscreen work? Can it really prevent wrinkles and cancer?
Naturally inspired, reusable system that purifies water and builds itself
Moon to engineer microbes to control heat production
‘Feel good’ brain messenger can be willfully controlled
Cascaded metasurfaces for dynamic control of THz wavefronts
Scientists uncover fatal flaw in green pigmented concrete
Topology in biology
Surrey builds AI to find anti-aging chemical compounds
Tips to protect your skin this summer
Silicon with two-dimensional structure
Characterized drugs show unexpected effects
Infrared held in pincer
Microstructure Morphology Fine-tuning of Active Layer Film Boosts Organic Solar Cell Efficiency
Successful 2021 Household Chemical Cleanout Event
Still time to get involved in Plastic Free July
Integrating neuronal perspectives for richer results
Sandia designs better batteries for grid-scale energy storage
Novel method for rapid repair of peripheral nerve injuries
Microbes play role in corn ‘hybrid vigor’
Zero-dimensional molecular sieve membranes enhance gas separation selectivity
Synthesizing aryl sulfides from non-smelling, nontoxic compounds
Print perovskite solar cells
Coal mining waste material more than 90 per cent effective at removing heavy metal
Tiny organisms shed big light on ocean nutrients
University of Canterbury and KidsFest explore power of science
Radical Chemistry Enables Straightforward Synthesis of Ethers
EPA online videos help small and medium business
New discoveries reveal how acute myeloid leukemia walks line between growth and cell death