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Government delivers ACC change to support 28,000 parents
Screening for pregnancy anxiety in first and third trimesters can help reduce early births
Shedding light on happy hormone
Changes in gut microbiota have long-term effects on children’s health
Best Start, Best Life Means Billions For Victoria’s Economy
Pessaries are still a taboo topic – but these ancient devices help many women
No difference in sexual well-being regardless of mode of delivery after 18 years
Sri Lanka’s economic crisis pushes health system to brink of collapse
How COVID spawned surge in superbugs-and what we can do about it
UNFPA appeals for $10.7 million to meet urgent needs of 2 million women and girls affected by economic crisis
Remarks by Vice President Harris in Roundtable with Disability Advocates
‘Cuddle hormone’ oxytocin strongly affects male mice on becoming fathers
Open-source tech enables 3D-printed surgical table
Spain responsible for obstetric violence – UN women’s rights committee finds
Increasing maternal age, obesity and Cesarean section rates could be reasons why maternal mortality is no longer falling
Congenital syphilis linked to socioeconomic factors in small/medium California counties
Congenital syphillinked to socioeconomic factors in small/medium California counties
Yemen: Women and girls struggle to access essential healthcare
Adolescent childbirth remains linked to poor outcomes for both mother and child in Cote d’Ivoire
Motherhood is equal to partner absence as cause of economic disadvantage in single mothers
Men have pelvic floors too – and can benefit when they exercise them regularly
Social impact entrepreneurship projects award
Black people in U.S. twice as likely to face coercion, unconsented procedures during birth
Attitudes around older motherhood too often emphasize risk and pregnancy timing, Concordia researcher says
Remarks by Vice President Harris in Press Call on Improving Maternal Health Outcomes
Covid vaccination during pregnancy could protect against Covid infection in infants
After 100 days of war, UN works to free up vital food and fertilizer exports
Midwives want continuity for pregnant people
Mums needed for early motherhood online self-care study
Playing games with your pelvic floor could be a useful exercise for urinary incontinence
Preeclampsia During Pregnancy: Your Questions Answered
Pelvic organ prolapse prevention and cure
UNFPA launches “2 Hours to Life” with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Top five reasons why midwives stay in job
Researchers fear career breaks risk future funding success
Complex Human Childbirth and Cognitive Abilities Result of Walking Upright
Proclamation on Mother’s Day, 2022
Paid leave mandates reduce likelihood of decreasing paid work hours after spouse’s health shock
Covid affects mental health of pregnant women
Beyond numbers: database brings to light quality of care for women and their babies at national scale
How support group for Black mothers is changing lives for better
Case for companionship in labour
Hispanic women face inequities affecting maternal health outcomes
Postpartum insurance loss decreased during Covid pandemic, study finds
New Specialty Helps Women Get Back Quality of Life
Making Game of It: Contests Help New Moms Increase Their Steps
Women’s earnings drop after childbirth
Women in England had predominantly negative experiences of childbirth during pandemic in 2020, survey finds