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‘Political will, responsible leadership” needed, to end 7-year war
Giving birth at 40+ increasingly common
Mask up indoors
Pregnant women living near fracking sites face higher risk of hypertension, OSU study finds
Immune system can detect disease during pregnancy
Poor women in rural India still denied safe hospital births, with maternal deaths at “alarmingly high” levels
Veski Fellowship to give POP researcher international experience boosting 3D Bioprinted clinical construct
Green Party celebrates better support for birth injuries
Kiwis set to gain better and fairer access to ACC
Financial hardship prevalent during and after pregnancy
Earned Income Tax Credit affects intergenerational marriage and childbirth decisions, says U
NIH announces $1 million prize competition to develop new maternal health diagnostics
FACT SHEET: Vice President Kamala Harris Announces Call to Action to Reduce Maternal Mortality and Morbidity
Bright futures ahead for teen mums after graduation
Maternal Depression Associated with Long-Term Economic Instability
Clinician peer networks remove race and gender bias
Girls at increasing risk of child marriage
Cannabis use disorder during pregnancy on rise
Research excellence recognised nationally
£3 million more to reduce brain injuries at birth
2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices Addenda on Reproductive Rights
Pharmaceutical start up named WA Innovator of Year 2021
Cannabis use disorder rising significantly during pregnancy
Urgent need for vaccine to prevent deadly Group B streptococcus
‘Promising’ new way to predict older mums’ pregnancy risks revealed
UN commits to long-term support for Afghan mothers and newborns: Najaba’s story
Plymouth women suffering from pelvic girdle pain following childbirth invited to trial support shorts
King’s research group awarded funds to investigate origins of preterm labour and birth
Canada should limit use of forceps in childbirth to prevent lifelong injuries to women: study
Are mums safe at wheel?
CHOP-led Study Finds Healthy Newborns Had Shorter Hospital Stays During Covid Pandemic with No Change
Sex matters when it comes to immune responses against infection and disease, study shows
Research reveals healthy newborns had shorter hospital stays during Covid pandemic with no change in readmissions
UPMC Hotline Provides Information on Services for Maternity and Newborn Care
New global targets to prevent maternal deaths
Slow progress on AIDS-related deaths among adolescents
WFP resumes nutritional support for refugee mothers and their children in Egypt with funds from Japan
Government delivers on improving health and equity outcomes for women
Government should cover all birth injuries and trauma
Increased risk of depression for young people if their mothers experienced depression during or after pregnancy
UNFPA calls for urgent funding for health and safety of 1.5 million Yemeni women and girls at risk
WHO asks for commitments on maternal and newborn health
Safe and respectful childbirth theme for 2021 World Patient Safety Day
New guide published to support mental health in maternity and neonatal settings
Youth and students across Africa take action for girls’ education through UNESCO’s campaign
Providing Better Health Care to Women Who Have Been Incarcerated
Sibling’s likelihood of autism diagnosis impacted by age gap, study finds
Online, video-based exercise program can help with postpartum abdominal bulge and back pain