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Curtin health research boosted with $6m NHMRC funding
Super Antioxidant Ergothioneine Achieves GRAS Status from FDA
Low grip strength linked to impaired cognition, memory loss in older Americans
Doctors, parents warned of risks to children from low-level lead exposure
Genes linked to Alzheimer’s risk, resilience ID’d
Greater Blood Pressure Control Linked to Better Brain Health
Researcher discusses mystery of why we sleep
Measuring Brain’s Amyloid Buildup Less Effective in Identifying Severity, Progression of Alzehimer’s Disease Compared to Other Imaging Methods
Police charge man over sexual and indecent assaults of two teenage girls in care
$47 million grant to explore how a healthy lifestyle changes aging brain
Over-the-counter supplement could be key to protecting babies’ brains
Beyond finding a gene
AAIC 2019 Highlights New Research Showing Healthy Lifestyle May Offset Environmental
HIV DNA that lingers in spinal fluid may be linked to cognitive problems
HIV Persists in Spinal Fluid, Linked to Cognition Problems
Major donation to accelerate neurodegenerative disease research at Imperial
Darwin conference calls for services to stop revolving door of prison
New toolkit guides health-care professionals to assess dementia in a new way
Antioxidant puts up fight
Dementia Australia calls for people living with dementia to be a focus this World Elder
Home exercise program reduces rate of falling in at-risk seniors
A Stronger Prison System To Keep People Safe
Virtual reality can spot navigation problems in early Alzheimer’s disease
Humanizing speech in deaf-blind community
New approach to ‘thinking errors’