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Prioritising Oxygen Use After Depressurisation Incident
Research Initiative Aims to Improve Brain Health in Aging Populations
Canada Invests $38.3M in Brain Health Research
Brain white matter declines for years after stroke
Monash Receives $53M in MRFF Funding for Medical Research
World first: risk of dementia linked to high cholesterol
Practicing Yoga May Prevent Frailty in Aging Adults
Diabetes and Toothlessness Together Worsen Cognitive Decline
Hormone Replacement Therapy May Shield Heart and Brain Post-Menopause
T cells’ role in Alzheimer’s suggests new treatment plan
T Cells’ Role in Alzheimer’s Suggests New Treatment
Adult day care centers partner for better dementia care
Stress linked to cognitive function in seniors
Iron intake during pregnancy may impact neurodevelopment
Bedtime or nighttime insomnia may increase dementia risk
Can You Really Trust AI?
Research Finds NFL Concussions Impact Players Decades After Retirement
Skilled Nursing Facilities Provide Quality Care During Pandemic
Eye Damage Linked to Alzheimer’s Discovered
Blind Navigate using New Tech, Challenges Nobel Theory and Hope for Dementia
NFL Retirees Show Lasting Cognitive Impairment from Concussions
Screening Tool Assesses Cognition in Elderly: Cleveland Clinic
Long COVID Tied to Low Brain Oxygen, Cognitive Issues
Identifying inflammatory cells behind chemo brain
Vitamin D May Reduce Risk of Dementia: Study
Long COVID Linked to Brain Oxygen & Mental Health Issues
Football Legends Aid Southampton Injury Study
Discrimination Linked to Dementia Risk: Study
Inflammatory Cells Linked to Chemo Brain Discovered
Fusion Party nominates tech entrepreneur Owen Miller for 2023 Aston by-election
4 Pain Trajectories Found in Nursing Home Residents: Study
What is delirium?
Supplements Linked to Lower Alzheimer’s Biomarkers in Brain
Digital Markers Accurately Predict Dementia
Biomarker Found for Diagnosing Vascular Dementia
Exercise Can Boost Brain Function Later in Life: Study
Chronic Pain Linked to Dementia: Chinese Academy of Sciences Study
5 Key Things We’ve Learned About Long COVID
Research Reveals Financial Challenges for People with Dementia
Why Women More Prone to Alzheimer’s: New Study Explores
Tool to support long-distance caregivers gets funding boost
Drug Reverses Key Schizophrenia Symptoms in Mice
NIH RECOVER research identifies potential long COVID disparities
Alcohol Use in Pregnancy Linked to Child Facial Changes
Hope for first treatment for strokes linked to dementia
Small Vessel Stroke: Drugs Tolerated by Patients
Factors of Cognitive Decline with Age Still Unclear
Dual-Phase Imaging Cuts Costs, Radiation for Cognitively Impaired