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Treating sleep apnoea can improve memory in people with cognitive decline
Quality dementia care must be an ongoing priority
Early detection of Alzheimer’s possible – research
Choroid plexus volume linked to Alzheimer’s
Combination of “feelings” and measurements suggest Alzheimer’s in early stage
HKUST Pushes Forward Research on Early Diagnostics and Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Researchers use AI to prompt older adults’ participation in research
Poor eyesight unfairly mistaken for brain decline
Accumulation of amyloid-beta and tau proteins can disrupt brain connectivity years before Alzheimer
Half million Australians live with dementia. That figure is expected to triple by 2050
Hearing and vision impairment linked to serious cognitive impairment in older adults
Lasting brain impacts of severe Covid equivalent to 20 years of ageing
Cognitive impairment from severe Covid equivalent to 20 years of ageing, study finds
Brain connectivity changes revealed in individuals with pre-clinical Alzheimer’s
Invasive Group B Strep in early infancy associated with higher risk of neurodevelopmental impairment in later life
Dana-Farber nurses present research and evidence-based practice projects at 2022 Oncology Nursing Society Congress
In reality, escapist fiction could be what doctor orders
Talk therapy may alleviate depression and improve quality of life for people with dementia
Shedding light on ‘Asian dementia’
Research of more than 2,000 patients after hospitalization with Covid reveals only around 1
Race of people given Alzheimer’s blood tests may affect interpretation of results
Study finds new iron supplement may limit debilitating side effects
Risky driving behaviors increase as common sleep disorder worsens
Metabolic ‘fingerprint’ predicts impairment from medical cannabis
Research linking music to brain function could lead to promising therapies: CNN
Small ‘good cholesterol’ particles may have role in preventing Alzheimer’s
Association of subjective memory complaints with structural brain abnormalities, cognitive decline among older adults
Small ‘good cholesterol’ particles may have role in Alzheimer’s prevention
Gray matter volume could inform treatment decisions for developing mental health disorders
Research finds therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s, revealing strategy for preventing or slowing disease progression
Sense of purpose is linked to reduced risk of dementia
Study identifies therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease, revealing strategy for preventing or slowing disease progression
Certain personality traits linked to cognitive functioning late in life
We need to protect all athletes from CTE, say Greens
Link between dementia and atrial fibrillation
As number of ICU survivors increase, study validates first tool to utilize caregiver input to assess post-ICU syndrome symptoms
Combination of biomarkers can identify common cognitive disease 5 April
Digital questionnaire helps to diagnose dementia earlier
Identification of 75 genetic risk factors brings new insights for Alzheimer’s
Combination of biomarkers can identify common cognitive disease
Dementia Australia acknowledges Opposition’s commitment to aged care
High rate of diabetes, high blood pressure in Puerto Ricans linked to brain changes
Family donation supports Otago University research on World Bipolar Day
Researchers Redefine Mechanisms of Dravet Syndrome
Identifying risk factors following ICH strokes
Little understood brain region linked to how we perceive pain
Blood biomarker predicts dementia risk in Mexican Americans
Researchers Reveal Similarity and Heterogeneity of Cognitive Impairment