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Researchers identify predictive factors of delirium in Sub-Saharan Africa
FSU researcher awarded $2.2M NIH grant to study impact of Alzheimer’s disease on sleep-related brain function
Researchers identify potential subtype of PTSD
Study highlights role of physical, mental health in cognitive impairment
Dementia care is personal… It’s about all of us
Fighting dementia with play
Chronic sinus inflammation appears to alter brain activity
Glaucoma linked to increased risk of dementia
Disrupted biochemical pathway in brain linked to bipolar disorder
GlyNAC improves strength and cognition in older humans
Community Safety at Centre of Forensic Mental Health Reforms
UBCO professor questions World Health Organization
Researchers discover how to improve zinc content in plants
TSU laboratory will study how diabetes occurs
Playing Virtual Reality Video Game May Boost Seniors’ Memory
People with dementia need more support for decision-making
Public transport upgrades sparking accessibility, jobs
Physician-scholar continues to play key role in most significant Alzheimer’s research
Construction Set To Start On Women’s Prison Upgrade
Can changes in driving habits predict cognitive decline in older adults?
To Keep a Sharp Mind, Start Thinking of Heart Health in Your 20s
Hard of hearing over-70s report memory loss and mental health problems in lockdown
Dementia seen but not yet heard
Psychology professor plays a key role in a new study of severe COVID-19 cases in Quebec long-term care facilities
Funding Success in Dementia Australia Research Foundation Grants
Cognitive impairment research project to help improve lives by increasing contact with nature
100,000th Cancer Survivor Receives Survivorship Plan Through Penn Medicine’s OncoLink
World Hearing Day: Dementia link brings call for screening overhaul
People impacted by dementia demand a commitment to quality dementia care
£18.5 million to tackle long COVID through research
Increasing Glutathione Levels Lowers Alzheimer’s Pathology and Improves Cognitive Decline
Walking patterns could predict type of cognitive decline
Additional reform to protect older Australians in care
New approach to creating Alzheimer’s drugs helps identify two potential treatment leads
Improving Social Health for People Living with Dementia
WHO launches free training on rehabilitation for COVID-19
Self-Reported Hearing Loss Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia
Obesity may exacerbate effects of Alzheimer’s disease, new study shows
Rethinking Care for Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia
New gene variant linked to stroke
Can Fluid-Filled Spaces in Brain Help Us Predict Who Will Develop Dementia?
Abnormal hyperactivation in brain may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s
Clamping down on abuse of Powers of Attorney
Extension to dementia program delivery welcomed
COVID-19 restrictions may be even harder on people in assisted living than those in long-term care
Effect of COVID-19 Greatest on People Living with Dementia
Testing memory over four weeks could predict Alzheimer’s disease risk
Aged care elevation to cabinet sends strong message to Australians