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Wearable brain scanner research to examine elderly drivers
Police charge man over aggravated sexual assault – Ultimo
Is night shift really helping you sleep better?
Sum of incentives dictate efforts
Study evaluates biomarker criteria for assessing Alzheimer’s risk
What Parkinson’s disease patients reveal about how art is experienced and valued
Researchers identify predictive factors of delirium in Sub-Saharan Africa
Connecting Dots Between Engagement and Learning
Verbal fluency deficits in multiple sclerosis may reflect impaired language ability
FSU researcher awarded $2.2M NIH grant to study impact of Alzheimer’s disease on sleep-related brain function
Researchers identify potential subtype of PTSD
Australian-first clinical trial shows brain stimulation can treat severe OCD
Consumers make decisions based on how and why products are recommended online
Study highlights role of physical, mental health in cognitive impairment
Light up your mind: A novel light-based treatment for neurodegenerative diseases
Mind matters: A new approach to consciousness and contemplation
Mayo study differentiates what blood-based proteins indicate about brain cell loss
Kids aren’t racist, are they? Code of silence at schools stunts long-term racial literacy
UZH Researchers Find New Measure to Predict Stress Resilience
Cross-party support for fundamental reforms to address First Nations deaths in custody
How do animals solve problems?
Women more affected by Zoom fatigue
Joyful Screams Perceived More Strongly than Screams of Fear or Anger
NIH experts discuss post-acute COVID-19
Study links structural brain changes to behavioral problems in children who snore
Scientists put stopwatch on cannabis intoxication
Brain disease transmitted by tick bites may be treatable
Fighting dementia with play
Research to investigate promising exercise program for Parkinson’s disease
For severe COVID-19 illness, inpatient rehab helps but functional deficits remain for many
Truth about doublespeak: Is it lying or just being persuasive?
Diabetes drug could prevent brain damage in children receiving radiation for tumours
One in ten have long-term effects 8 months following mild COVID-19
Exciting space tech on show at joint UK/US held demo-day
Breast Cancer Survivors’ Fear of Cancer Returning Linked to Genomic Test Results, Psychological Factors
For COVID-19 Long-Haulers, Few Answers, But Meditation and Peer Support Offer Some Relief
Cancer survivors need compassion to cope with ‘cancer-brain’
Glaucoma linked to increased risk of dementia
Giving people with autism a voice in future research
Disrupted biochemical pathway in brain linked to bipolar disorder
Mimes Help Us ‘See’ Objects That Don’t Exist
Autism and ageing
Virtual reality to help patients speak up
Gene therapy research repairs nerve transport systems damaged by glaucoma and dementia
Attention and working memory: Two sides of same neural coin?
Mice naturally engage in physical distancing, study finds
Cannabis use in adolescence leads to poorer school performance, lower socioeconomic attainment, study suggests
Neuroscientists show planning ahead is key for controlling movement on and off court