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Anticipation of future reward shapes self-controlled choice
Researchers find value in comparison of multiple strategies for mathematics teaching and learning
Growing up in bilingual home has lasting benefits
MRI helps unravel mysteries of sleep
Registrations to open for funded three-year-old kindergarten
Study examines keys to success for contact tracing
Abnormal hyperactivation in brain may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s
Maternal mental health amid pandemic
Precise mapping shows how brain injuries inflict long-term damage
Even a small amount of gender bias in hiring can be costly to employers, study finds
Neuroscience team wins grant to explore cognitive flexibility
Machine learning helps retrace evolution of classical music
Researchers Find No Benefit to Higher Red Cell Transfusions in Preterm Infants
Roediger honored for leadership, research contributions
Irrelevant Information Interferes With Making Decisions, New Research Reveals
Using play to “school” children’s emotions
Using a video game to understand origin of emotions
Risk of dyslexia can already be detected in infant’s brain – brain research provides ways to identify dyslexia risk
Concern for missing man Ronald Pamplona
Identifying structure and function of a brain hub
Technique from new cars helps with surgery selection Parkinson’s disease
Researchers from UBICS study how multilayers that form human brain interact at different resolutions
Spontaneous release of neurotransmitters in brain identified as a culprit of developmental disorders
Women’s refs have it tough
Butterflies in Brain
Presidential Message on Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, 2020
Behavioural clue may pave way for new treatment of rare eye disorder Visual Snow Syndrome
OVPR Announces Scholarship Facilitation Fund Awards
Concern for missing woman Branka Dennis
Scrum enhances learning in chemistry education
How much do our genes restrict free will?
Revamped Logan facility supports people with disability
IIS provides Pressure Cookers for six UvA programmes
Take time to support people living with dementia
One in seven medical diagnosis incorrect
To keep pain in check, count down
Thicker nerve fibres enable faster reactions in mice
Evaluation of changes to supervision of offenders in community – Practice Guide for Intervention
Supreme Court finds Bentley Hospital negligent after heartbreaking birth leads to lifelong injuries
New model explains when brain becomes aware of information
New Fathering Report shows impact dads have on a child’s education and mental wellness
Fathering report shows impact dads have on a child’s education and mental wellness
New diagnostic criteria shine light on early dementia mimics
GI symptoms linked to behavioral problems in children, especially those with autism
Ending pyjama paralysis
Special Warfare career fields update entry requirements
Keeping Safe During COVID -19 social story
Green Party strengthens bill that empowers teachers to de-escalate struggling kids