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Leader effectiveness may depend on emotional expression
New investment to support young people at risk of serious violence
People Have Poor Self-awareness for Highly-practiced Motor Skill, Scientists Say
Brain fingerprints help doctors detect neurological disease
Brain’s “memory center” is needed to recognize image sequences, but not single sights
Brain’s ‘memory center’ needed to recognize image sequences but not single sights
Over 65 and Lonely? Don’t Talk to Your Doctor About Another Prescription
WHO and Angry Birds Friends encourage communities to stay active during Covid
Parks Popping up in Halls Gap and Stawell
Families across England to receive better support to adopt
‘Feel good’ brain messenger can be willfully controlled
Neuroscientists posit that brain region is key locus of learning
Handwriting Beats Typing and Watching Videos for Learning to Read
Team Find Brain Mechanism That Automatically Links Objects in Our Minds
Researchers find new insight into how brain decides to act
Better healthcare management can reduce risk of delirium among older adults
Grow tall, my son: How inheritance laws affect child height in India
Active breaks help children think better and manage their behaviour
Possible link between late-term births and better academic outcomes
UCLH begins clinical trial of Alzheimer’s drug developed at UCL
New Quebec study evaluates long-term complications of COVID-19
Older people are worse at learning to self-help, but just as good learning to help others
Cognitive decline may help predict future fracture risk in w
Smartphone gaming can be harmful for some seeking relief from boredom
Recognising disability to improve care
Exercise, mindfulness help children with ADHD
FSU research associate working as sport psychologist with USA Track & Field team at Tokyo Olympics
FSU research associate working as sport psychologist with USA Track & Field team at Toyko Olympics
Following ‘wisdom of crowds’ can stifle diversity
Curtin neurological disease research awarded MSWA funding boost
How science of wellbeing can help build resilience
Smithsonian: UC biologist explains jumping spider vision
New metric for designing safer streets
Scientists on scent of flavor enhancement
Art exhibition gives insight into commercial life with disability
First-Year Writing Program Grant Centers Metacognitive Approach to Writing
Long Covid: UCL leads £8m studies into treatments and diagnosis
Appearance related anxiety – and tool which is helping people post-lockdown
Innovative solutions for fairer justice
Direct genetic link to autism spectrum disorders
How micro-circuits in brain regulate fear
Head and heart
Dstl commences Newcastle recruitment
Emotion and locomotion crucial from an early age
Importance of engagement for people living with dementia during lockdowns
First-round registrations for three-year-old kindergarten ending soon
Naval Special Warfare Welcomes CQT Class 115; First Woman Operator
Bats keep chit-chat simple in air