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How AI found words to kill cancer cells
Awards & Accolades 3 December
Junior Studies Genetics and Sleep In Dream Research Project
Scientists alter fentanyl, aim to make it less lethal, less addictive
New research centre to accelerate ocean conservation
In search of principles of life
Artificial neural networks learn better when they spend time not learning at all
Will Black Panther: Wakanda Forever help make science more diverse?
Highly Cited Researchers 2022
Genome sequencing supports Nile rat animal model for diabetes research
Researchers boost potential of new cancer-fighting drugs
Discovery by Scripps Research scientists boosts potential of new cancer-fighting drugs
Two Alzheimer’s drugs tested head-to-head in first-ever virtual clinical trial
Sites in brain where RNA is edited could help to better understand neurodevelopment and disease, researchers have found
MedTips: Awards and announcements 1 November
Scripps Research scientists map key protein structure of Hepatitis C virus
Mona Lisa effect: How eyespots deter predators that approach from different directions
Interdisciplinary journey through living machines
Reliably estimating proportion of vaccinated populations in wildlife
Seed funding reflects how data science, AR/VR transform research at Rochester
Protein IDs, drug candidates, show promise for COVID science
Awards & Accolades 15 October
Drug discovery method finds naturally occurring metabolite that converts ‘bad’ fat to ‘good’ fat
Fighting malaria and chronic bowel disease: $2.5 million CSL Centenary Fellowships awarded
Researchers build understanding of virus universe using metatranscriptome mining
How does social behavior lead to clusters of vaccine hesitancy?
First-of-its-kind study reveals single-cell changes in metabolic tissues
Honeycrisp genome will help scientists breed better apples
2023 CSL Centenary Fellowships awarded
Study of over 5 million people’s DNA reveals genetic links to height
AI model reveals how body’s defence system recognises skin cancer
Microorganisms in Tumors May Help Identify New Approaches for Treating Pancreatic Cancer
Covid virus-human protein network provides new tools and strategies for screening host-targeting therapies
Scientists find tumor microbiome interactions may identify new approaches for pancreatic cancer treatment
Which is more important for determining how we age?
Exercise and obesity have opposite impact on muscle, fat tissues, researchers demonstrate
Research offers powerful computer-modeling approach to cell simulations
National Institutes of Health awards $15.75M to research team led by Case Western Reserve University and Duke University
Biomarkers used to track benefits of anti-aging therapies can be misleading, suggests ‘Lifespan Machine’
Clarifying chaos of narwhal behavior
Pittsburgh Project to Pave Way for Technology to Revolutionize Treatment of Fatal Brain Diseases
Could monoclonal antibodies replace opioids for chronic pain?
Data science finds universal rules shaping cells’ power stations
Covid mutations are accelerated by virus-fighting enzyme in human cells
UVA’s Exploration of New Frontier in Cancer Research Nets $12M Award
Scientists at Case Western Reserve University show that all Covid infections include wide mix of Covid virus variants
Scientists expand and upgrade 1000 Genomes Project resource using high-coverage whole-genome sequencing and improved analytic
To wipe childhood cancer off map, scientists must chart its genomic landscape