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Chen Institute Celebrates Five Years and New Program in Data Science and AI
Plant pathogen evades immune system by targeting microbiome
New tool predicts where coronavirus binds to human proteins
Coronavirus researcher Cameron Myhrvold is using ‘spectacular’ new technologies to seek and destroy viral pathogens
WATCH: Virtual reality tool to be used in fight against disease
Georgia State researchers develop rapid computer software to track pandemics as they happen
Nascent Polypeptides Stabilize Ribosomes for Uninterrupted Translation, Tokyo Tech Scientists Show
Six new convergence environments will address major societal challenges in life sciences
Collaboration on Data and Computational Sciences Announces Next Round of Projects to Advance Cancer Breakthroughs
Safety concerns raised for neuroblastoma candidate drug
Researcher develops program to read any genome sequence and decipher its genetic code
Carrie Eckert: Tackling big problems using tiny organisms
Mitra wins grant to expand opportunities for underrepresented students
More strategic Covid testing could prevent distancing and shutdowns
HMS launching major efforts to find and deliver medicines of future
CMU CompBio Researchers Take Leading Roles in NIH SenNet Program
King’s academics receive National Physics Laboratory’s most prestigious award
New model leveraging flu data generates highly accurate prediction of Covid spread
Machine learning offers high-definition glimpse of how genomes organize in single cells
Mapping Millions of Cells in Mouse Brain
Seven from MIT receive National Institutes of Health awards
Research may help explain immune response to Covid in children
$6.2 million NIH grant to support UCLA study of how Covid causes multiple organ failure
Computational biology researcher at Brown wins prestigious early-career NIH award
Increased infectiousness of coronavirus variants explained
Turing Fellowships for over 30 Oxford academics
Computational virologist named MacArthur Fellow
NIH awards Brown $10.8M to expand data-informed research to fight human disease
Researchers to expand investigation into genetics of age-related macular degeneration 29 September
Five startups to watch from University of Toronto Engineering’s 2021 virtual Demo Day event
PhenoTips, University of Toronto-SickKids genetic software startup, raises $2.5 million: Betakit
Decoding birds’ brain signals into syllables of song
New investigators named to Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Statistical model defines ketamine anesthesia’s effects on brain
Interdisciplinary research collaboration puts climate-resilient crops in sight
Researchers to expand investigation into genetics of age-related macular degeneration
Scientists model how coronavirus attaches itself to human cells
New model helps determine optimal strategies for combining vaccines and social distancing
Mayo, Google Research develop new AI algorithm to improve brain stimulation devices to treat disease
Statistical model defines ketamine anesthesia’s effects on brain
Distilling 70 years’ worth of data
Dual-action breast cancer compounds aim to overcome common drug-resistance issues
AI helps to spot single diseased cells
‘ASCENT’ makes it easier to study electrical stimulation of nerves
MOGONET provides more holistic view of biological processes underlying disease
UPMC Launches Novasenta to Develop Targeted Immunotherapy Drugs for Cancer
New study uncovers evolutionary forces in aging of blood system and increased risk of cancer
CPRIT awards nearly $13 million in support of MD Anderson research