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Algorithm uses mass spectrometry data to predict identity of molecules
Uncovering mysteries of milk
Movies, music and pictures can train synthetic brain
Plants start their day faster than first thought, scientists find
CMU Team develops machine learning platform that mines nature for new drugs
Evolutionary fates of supergenes unmasked
New view of species interactions offers clues to preserve threatened ecosystems
Inhaled Nanobodies Protect Hamsters from COVID-19
Bioinformatician elected to Australian Academy of Science
Scientists reveal structural details of how SARS-CoV-2 variants escape immune response
Research suggests fly brains make predictions, possibly using universal design principles
New AI-based tool can find rare cell populations in large single-cell datasets
Protein simulation, experiments unveil clues on origins of Parkinson’s disease
Hale Family to Accelerate Pancreatic Cancer Research and Care with One of Largest Single Gifts Ever to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
A comprehensive map of SARS-CoV-2 genome
Researchers speed identification of DNA regions that regulate gene expression
$8M Grant Aims to Better Understand Disease Mechanisms of Schizophrenia
Awards & Accolades 6 May
Uniting strengths to expand research
Victorian scientist wins international wheat award
New algorithm reveals birdsong features that may be key for courtship
Artificial intelligence model developed by Finnish researchers predicts which key of immune system opens locks of coronavirus
From diabetes to Covid-19, Better World showcases MIT research in action
Mathematical technique creates synthetic hearts to identify how heart shape is possibly linked to disease
Mathematical technique creates synthetic hearts to identify how heart shape is possible linked to disease
Genetic diversity within tumors suggests continuous evolution
Seeking cellular mechanisms of disease, with help from machine learning
A Swiss Army Knife for Genomic Data
Whisker simulation gives insight into mammals’ sense of touch
‘Sweat sticker’ diagnoses cystic fibrosis on skin in real time
Penn Medicine Researcher Awarded $1 Million to Expand COVID-19 Treatment Discovery Platform
Oak Ridge National Laboratory joins ATOM Consortium to Accelerate Drug Discovery
Sea makes S$50 million gift to advance cutting edge research and education at NUS School of Computing
McGill leads in urgent virus variant research network
New sequencing approach finds triple-negative breast cancers continue accumulating genetic changes during tumor growth
Deluge of DNA changes drives progression of fatal melanomas
Pain hides in our data
Delay of second doses of COVID-19 vaccines has epidemiological benefits, but long-term effects depend on strength of immunity
Atkinsons’ $30M gift to name multidisciplinary building
Duke Starts Sequencing Covid Genes, Finds Two Known Variants
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers to lead Northeast Ohio initiative to increase prostate cancer screening
Metabolic mutations help bacteria resist drug treatment
Study reveals mutations that drive therapy-related myeloid neoplasms in children
Stanford model accounts for behavioral changes during epidemics
Weill Cornell researchers detect key flaw in brain modeling
New research studies “domino effects” and synchrony in brain activity
MethylationToActivity: a deep learning framework for epigenetic research
New computational tool reliably differentiates between cancer and normal cells from single-cell RNA-sequencing data