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Lu named Association for Computing Machinery Fellow
Bigger synapse, stronger signals
Size of Connections between Nerve Cells Determines their Signaling Strength
New metamaterial offers reprogrammable properties
U.S. Air Force Acquisition Executive unveils next e-Plane, publishes digital engineering guidebook
Turbulence model could help design aircraft capable of handling extreme scenarios
LIDA announces partnership with Sainsbury’s
Modeling – Mapping flood
Mitsubishi Electric and Tokyo Tech Develop Blockchain Technology to Optimize P2P Energy Trading For more flexible trading
Excess x-rays from neutron stars could lead to discovery of new particle
Research Week Features Hot Topics and New Tools
Stanford engineers find a way to control chemical catalysts with sculpted light
New system to advance predictions in engineering
Defence scientists ramp up their support to Covid-19 pandemic
Optical computing at sub-picosecond speeds developed at Vanderbilt
New way to control electrical charge in 2D materials: Put a flake on it
From IoT to cloud computing: Dunhuang murals can “live” for another millennium
Building a Giant 2D Map of Universe to Prepare for Largest 3D Map
FSU computational mathematician recognized among world’s most influential researchers
Shine On: Avalanching Nanoparticles Break Barriers to Imaging Cells in Real Time
£4.3m for Nottingham quantum projects to solve universe’s mysteries
Case Western Reserve University teams with Boehringer Ingelheim on artificial intelligence solutions for precision medicine
Two Berkeley Lab Scientists Honored with Lawrence Award
Munich Quantum Valley – a leap forward for quantum science and technology
Connected Moments for Quantum Computing
Sinopoli named IEEE Fellow
White House Launches National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office
Discovery of quantum behavior in insulators suggests possible new particle
Study helps unlock secrets of star formation
Climate change has caused billions of dollars in flood damages, according to Stanford researchers
St. Jude researchers develop tool to ‘paint’ cancer genome and reveal tumor secrets
We Wouldn’t Be Able to Control Superintelligent Machines
COVID-19 genome sequencing project gets major upgrade
Australia-India cyber partnership: New grants program kicks off
Neural Networks Playing Video Games Teach Us About Our Own Brains
Swinburne-led research team demonstrates worlds fastest optical neuromorphic processor
Insights Through Atomic Simulation
‘Virtual biopsies’ could replace tissue biopsies in future thanks to technique developed by Cambridge scientists
Initiative to employ AI in behavioral health monitoring
Optimizing Hydropower for Water and Energy
Desalination Breakthrough Could Lead to Cheaper Water Filtration
Scientists develop computational tool to help design safer devices
ITU launches open research group on autonomous networks
Doubling tropical cyclone risk to Hawaiʻi possible
High-five or thumbs-up? New device detects which hand gesture you want to make
NWA funding for communications research on quantum computing
How University of Southern California researchers advanced science in 2020 – even during a pandemic
Multiparty entanglement: when everything is connected