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Researchers kick-start magnetic spin waves at nanoscale in pursuit of low energy computing
Scientists Invent New Information Storage and Processing Device
Ultracold transistors serve as their own memory devices
Ultracold transistors serve as their own memory device
Q-CTRL and University of Sydney announce machine learning technique to pinpoint quantum errors
Dark mode may not save your phone’s battery life as much as you think, but there are few silver linings
First papers publish in Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering – IOP Publishing’s new open access journal
Keylime security software is deployed to IBM cloud
New initiative to springboard Novocastrians into the new world of digital skills
Oyster project to use new technology for environmental monitoring
Researchers Create Powerful Quantum Source with Meta-lens Array
Buzz about thermoelectrics heats up with promising new magnesium-based materials
Team streamlines neural networks to be more adept at computing on encrypted data
Registrations ongoing for virtual forum on industrial machine learning applications
Gaming graphics card allows faster, more precise control of fusion energy experiments
Origami comes to life with new shape-changing materials
“Magic-angle” trilayer graphene may be a rare, magnet-proof superconductor
Nanoparticles create heat from light to manipulate electrical activity in neurons
Microbially produced fibers: stronger than steel, tougher than Kevlar
New £375 million scheme to drive investment in innovative firms of future opens for applications
Woven Planet Holdings, Subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, Closes Acquisition of Lyft’s Level 5 Division
Researchers adopt deep learning for multi-object tracking
An extensive search for cation substitution in lithium-ion batteries
Era of single-spin color centers in silicon carbide is approaching
£2m grant to boost supercomputing
Dstl commences Newcastle recruitment
Scientists take first snapshots of ultrafast switching in quantum electronic device
UW Trustees Give Green Light to Development of School of Computing
FSU reseachers develop new model of flow properties for class of polymers
Computerised image analysis identifies new subtype of debilitating lung disease
Seven Degrees from One Trillion Species of Microbes
Driving commuters toward sustainable options
DOE funds 13 new High Performance Computing for Energy Innovation projects
Phasecraft reveals a more efficient method for modelling electrons in materials
Quantum phase transition discovered in a quasi-2D system consisting purely of spins
Midgard – a paradigm shift in data center technology
Scientists observe a new type of topological defect in chiral magnets for first time
DTU researchers tighten grip on quantum computer
NSF funds work on flagging bad online behavior
SLICES added to ESFRI 2021 Roadmap
Macadamia industry grant makes new markets easier to crack
Researchers bring attack-proof quantum communication two steps forward
Researchers showcase work at prestigious global conference
A more robust memory device for artificial intelligence systems
Machine learning tool sorts nuances of quantum data
Air flow study in Science Advances
A specific protein complex from plant stem cells regulates their division and response to stress
U.S. Air Force releases cardio and strength fitness assessment alternatives, new online capabilities