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Science fiction becomes fact to create live musical performance
Eight projects awarded funding for AI research to mitigate COVID-19
A new view of microscopic interactions
High-tech lab delivers critical services during pandemic
Andreas Burg: taming imperfect chips
Now is time for a learning revolution
EMBL boosts national and international sharing of genomic data
Artificial Intelligence works out problem of seed germination tests
Electrochemical reaction powers new drug discoveries
Artificial intelligence identifies, locates seizures in real-time
Computing collaboration reveals global ripple effect of shifting monsoons
Human Brain Project announces new phase
New scan method turns object inside out at high speed
Penn State-IBM partnership accelerates search for elusive neutrinos
Summer program aims to lower barriers for CS majors
Lockdown doesn’t hinder annual Data Science Challenge
PolyU’s newest research on metalens-array-based high-dimensional and multi-photon quantum source published
Process for ‘two-faced’ nanomaterials may aid energy, information tech
EPFL lab develops method for designing lower-power circuits
Ground-breaking research uncovers genetic causes of rare diseases
Building a bright Digital Future for Tasmania
New laboratory to advance research in 3D brain modelling
Simple process for ‘two-faced’ nanomaterials may aid energy, information tech
Tackling COVID-19: Dr Sharath Srinivasan
Scientists develop new tool to design better fusion devices
MD Anderson and UT Austin Create Unique Data-Driven Collaboration to Eliminate Cancer Using Novel Mathematical
NASA Names Headquarters After ‘Hidden Figure’ Mary W. Jackson
Apple announces Mac transition to Apple silicon
Researchers building cyber-physical system to monitor crops, drive decisions, boost yields
Manufacturing, energy initiative to fund 11 new projects
Lab breaks ground for exascale facility upgrades
Design method may boost semiconductor performance by better handling heat
New protections for UK businesses key to national security and fight against coronavirus
Particle physicists update strategy for future of field in Europe
Measuring a Tiny Quasiparticle Is a Major Step Forward for Semiconductor Technology
Two-electron qubit points way to scaling up quantum computers
Matthew Kunz, Princeton and PPPL astrophysicist, receives prestigious NSF dual-purpose award
Matthew Kunz, Princeton and PPPL astrophysicist, receives NSF prestigious dual-purpose award
Manipulating tiny skyrmions with small electric currents
New STEM degree track helps global organizations during COVID-19 and beyond
Deep learning-based surrogate models outperform simulators and could hasten scientific discoveries
Brainsourcing automatically identifies human preferences
Bruce Wilson elevated to senior member of ACM
Donation of CERN computing equipment to Egypt
Combining magnetic data storage and logic
AI reduces ‘communication gap’ for nonverbal people by as much as half
Excitons form superfluid in certain 2D combos
5 Reasons Why Startups Choose Oracle