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Quantum computing at nanoscale
Flinders targets COVID-19 vaccine
‘CoronaCheck’ website combats spread of misinformation
COVID-19 contact tracing apps: 8 privacy questions governments should ask
IFAE coordinates project AVaQus to develop new quantum computing technologies
NERSC, ESnet Continue to Deliver Supercomputing, Networking Support for Nation’s Scientists during Pandemic
Researchers awarded European Research Council funding
Nature’s lethal shape-shifter
Plant disease primarily spreads via roadsides
Cybersecurity tips for remote working
Pandemic Model Shows Importance of Social Distancing in 22 Texas Cities
24/7 Cornell-wide effort rushes 3D-printed gear to Weill
Researchers create interactive map of COVID cases in Texas
Tips to make most of NBN, internet services
A new explanation for sudden collapses of heat in plasmas can help create fusion energy on Earth
New, real-time COVID-19 diagnostic tests in development by IU and IU Health research collaboration
UVA Finds Way to Improve Cancer Outcomes by Examining Patients’ Genes
Lab will begin limited return to work for Reduced Mission-Critical Operations
Discerning texture of urban resilience
Optimizing complex decision-making
ORNL scientists tap into AI to put a new spin on neutron experiments
Research shows evidence of broken time-reversal symmetry in superconducting UPt3
Double-walled nanotubes have electro-optical advantages
COVID-19 Should Be Wake-Up Call for Robotics Research
A self-adaptive invisibility cloak developed in ZJU
Skyrmions seen in a kagome lattice
New Technique Looks for Dark Matter Traces in Dark Places
A New Texas COVID-19 Pandemic Toolkit Shows Importance of Social Distancing
Researchers look for dark matter close to home
Designing lightweight glass for efficient cars, wind turbines
Solving a 50-year-old puzzle in signal processing, part two
Supply chain outlook: timing of slowdown
Finnish researchers join forces to investigate airborne transmission of coronavirus
Georgia Tech Professor Uses Virtual Reality to Move Major Conference Online
Lab antibody, anti-viral research aids COVID-19 response
VERA nuclear reactor simulation software licensed commercially for first time
MIT joins White House supercomputing effort to speed up search for Covid-19 solutions
New partnership to unleash U.S. supercomputing resources in fight against COVID-19
Growth of an organism rides on a pattern of waves
X-ray imaging Reveals Insights into a Natural Mosquito-Killing Compound
Driving forward energy-efficient electronics
Stanford device brings silicon computing power to brain research and prosthetics
Berkeley Lab Cosmologists Are Top Contenders in Machine Learning Challenge
Chip-Based Devices Improve Practicality of Quantum-Secured Communication
HPC4Energy Innovation Program issues special solicitation for American manufacturers
Oracle Cloud Powers New Video, Gaming, and Sports Streaming Services
World Intellectual Property Organization receives Archer’s international patent application
A new method can provide tailor-made vaccines