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Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day: Cancer Risk Soars with Common Genetic Condition
Women at UK Champion Cultural Understanding in Healthcare
Reducing Racial Injustice in Canada’s Justice System
Nearly Half of Parents Believe They Could Spot Vaping in Kids
UH Health Center Gets $1.3M for Child Mental Health Programs
ECornell, nonprofit partners tackle economic mobility
Migrants in Tunisia: IOM Statement
UW Impact 307 Launches Uinta County Start-Up Challenge
Tonsillectomy Complications Higher for Delayed Development in Kids
U.S. Air Force Expands Access to Reproductive Health Care
USAF Issues Guidelines for COVID-Related Punishments, Religious Exceptions
Comfort Care: Making Most of Briefest Lives
UW’s IMPACT 307 SEWYIL Application Period Open
Pathway Cuts Opioid Use in Urethral Repair Surgery
UConn Offers New Gen. Counseling Masters Degree Program
Research Refines Marker for Aggressive Meningioma Recurrence Risk
Depression common following stroke impacting 1/3 of survivors
Could Two Catastrophic Earthquakes in Turkey, Syria Have Been Predicted?
Team Led by BGI Genomics Creates CardioGen for Diagnosing Cardiovascular Diseases
Researchers center experiences of Black women in counseling
FSU remembers first cheerleader and top dance supporter Maggie Allesee
Biden Expands Access to Small Business Support and Capital
Educators Feel Strain, Meditation Offers Relief After Pandemic
International students take mock Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Psilocybin First-in-Kind Trials Look to Aid Substance Misuse
Managing Diabetes for 2
Randomized Trial Finds Therapies Improve Spine Pain Outcomes, No Change in Spending
Culture-Informed Mental Health Screenings Enhance Schools, Communities
FedNor Provides $8.1M to Boost Northern Ontario Small Businesses
ACMG: Noninvasive Prenatal Screening Standard for All Pregnant People
Research: Walnuts May Help University Students Cope with Stress
Drinking Habits Linked to Urinary Incontinence Risk
Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer Soars under New Program
Study: dietary education leads to healthier lives
Neuroendocrine Cancer Patients, Doctors Disagree on Treatment Goals
Urban, Rural Physicians Differ in HIV Prevention Efforts
Boeing Donates $300,000 to Assist Indonesian Earthquake Relief Efforts
Tobacco use, incidence of adverse oral health outcomes
Research reveals non-heavy alcohol use linked to liver fibrosis
Domestic Violence Law Not Protecting Women in Tunisia
How Caregivers of People With Dementia Can Navigate Holidays
Direct-to-consumer online platforms expand access, but often fail to convey risks of testosterone treatment
Researchers Identify Potential Genetic Variants Linked to Increased Cancer Risk in Children with Birth Defects
Scientists investigating why patients don’t follow up with their doctors after receiving positive colorectal cancer test
Why housing alone is not enough for some homeless moms
Review provides new perspective on grieving loss of pet
Neonatal partnerships deliver care to more premature babies
Nation’s health care organizations call for vaccination and treatment against Covid and influenza