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Legume Locus Boosts Soil Bacteria Interaction
Geminivirus βC1 Activates UPR, Alters bZIP60 Genes to Aid Infection
NSW to Cut Emissions 70% by 2035, Aiding Farmers
UC esports lab shares ideas from classics to cult favorites
Blackberry weed control to commence on roadsides and public land
NATO Reaps Success in 2022 Honey Harvest
Ord water channel upgrades to spur agriculture in north
Ballarat Botanical Gardens trials sustainable gardening alternatives
Flowers show their true colors
UW’s Sheridan R&E Center Donates Nearly 1,600 Pounds of Beans to Food Bank of Wyoming
Grants for flood affected farmers
State’s chance to fulfill Christmas wish
Canadian Grain Commission extends Harvest Sample Program deadline 24 November
NET locus regulates both flavor quality and accumulation of nutrient metabolites in rice
Research Provides Insights into How Microbiome Community and Metabolic Functions may Couple with Fig-wasp Mutualism
CFA warns farmers to protect crops from fire
McGowan Government extends support for potash projects
Borsak Warns Coles Supermarket – “Pay our farmers or risk losing them”
Wild weather prompts milk dumping
Connectivity funding win for bush
CFA warns hay producers of high moisture levels in fodder
CSHL groundcherry research bears new fruits
Research explores how well-timed cover crops can suppress weeds in California orchards
Synthetic genetic circuits reprogram plant roots
New Project Will Reveal True Cost of India’s Food Subsidies
Higher rainfall in 2020-21 leads to increased water consumption: Australia
Limiting Glyphosate is possible
Weeds assessment process to support pastoral diversification
11 October 2022, Cr Anna De Villiers- Advertiser
Study Reveals Factors Relating to Hybrid Rice Eating Quality
Pick pumpkin at WSU organic farm
Wild about peanuts – using crop wild relatives to improve today’s crops
Hairy solution to urban farming: growing salad out of human hair
Why isn’t weed killer working anymore?
Additional humanitarian assistance in response to Pakistan floods
Warmer Earth could see smaller butterflies that struggle to fly, affecting food systems
How silent environmentalists could help protect biodiversity
Researchers Find Multiple-source Characteristics of Water Use Strategy of Crops in Hyper-arid Regions
Third wet summer would be ‘devastating’ says farmer
Cr Bob Redden welcomed to HRCC
New Dawson River water release to boost jobs and services in CQ
WFP working to expand food aid as deadly flooding continues
Pretreating soil with ethanol protects plants from drought
Rare resurrection plant may hold clues for drought tolerant crops
NATO headquarters hive of activity after another successful honey harvest
What are drain tiles?
Labor denies industry workforce it urgently needs
RIPE researchers prove bioengineering better photosynthesis increases yields in food crops for first time ever