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Parliamentary Secretary Oliphant concludes trip to North Africa
Italy assumes command of NATO Mission Iraq
Parliamentary Secretary Oliphant to travel to Egypt and Morocco
Quint statement on eleventh anniversary of Syrian uprising
Continuing our efforts to combat global terrorist threats
Fate of Hundreds of Boys Trapped in Siege Unknown: Northeast Syria
Concerned over civilian deaths, UN Spokesperson welcomes ‘any successes’ against ISIL terror group
Responding to emerging challenges in North East Syria
Ongoing efforts to facilitate sustainable resolution to conflict in Syria
RAF Typhoon Destroys Terrorist Drone in Syria
Climate change ‘aggravating factor for terrorism’: UN chief
Farewell to ‘Classic’ era for air combat capability
Permanent location of National Cyber Force campus announced
Iraqi President warns against complacency in fight against terrorism
British troops in Mali help investigate massacre
Our steadfast commitment to global fight against terrorism
UN chief underlines commitment to justice for Iraq’s Yazidi community
Remarks by President Biden and Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi of Republic of Iraq Before Bilateral Meeting
Chief of Defence Staff Hosts Dragon Group with Gulf Partners
Counter-Daesh ministerial meeting, 28 June 2021 Foreign Secretary’s remarks
NATO Secretary General participates in Global Coalition ministerial meeting in Rome
Foreign Secretary warns of growing threat of terrorism in Africa
Minister Garneau speaks with Italian counterpart
Minister of Foreign Affairs to travel to Italy, Middle East, and Lithuania
Stealth jets fight Daesh in first combat missions from HMS Queen Elizabeth
Foreign Secretary signs UK-Iraq Strategic Partnership on visit
New Commander for Joint Task Force IMPACT – Task Force Central
UK troops seize Daesh arms cache in Mali peacekeeping operation
A pivotal year for Iraq and potential for a step towards increased stability
Seeking justice and supporting victims of Daesh atrocities
ISIL crimes against Yazidis constitute genocide, UN investigation team finds
Denmark reaffirms its commitment to command NATO Mission Iraq
Foreign Secretary meeting with Luigi Di Maio, Italian Foreign Minister, 4 May
F-35B jets to join fight against Daesh from Carrier Strike Group
UK sanctions 22 individuals involved in serious international corruption
Turkish Defence Minister hosted on board HMS Prince of Wales
RAF clears Daesh stronghold in Iraq in support of an Iraqi Security Force operation
Minister Garneau announces funding for stabilization projects in Iraq and Syria
Canada’s stabilization projects in Iraq and Syria
Canada expands efforts to welcome more Yazidi refugees and other survivors of Daesh
Canada renews its military contribution to support stability in Middle East
NATO Secretary General joins meeting of Foreign Ministers of Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS
Growing Daesh threat across Africa highlighted by Global Coalition Ministers
Foreign Secretary Oral statement Update on Counter Daesh
Shining a light on human rights violations in Syria
Delivering free and fair elections, combatting terrorism and building back better in Iraq
UK donates 100 vehicles to stop terrorists crossing into Lebanon
Canada lists 13 new groups as terrorist entities and completes review of seven others